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Fullmetalgrudo's arrangements

Started by Fullmetalgrudo, April 09, 2024, 04:59:25 AM

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Hi there!  :)

Here is my transcription of Ducktales 2 - Last Stage by Minae Fuji!



I used the .nsf file with NSF Importer running on FamiTracker to read the music and then re-write it to make that sheet music (as I did for my other work on Ducktales' Himalayas which is pending). This way, it should be really close from the original :)

With help from "The NinSheetMusic Formatting Guidelines" and "Replicating Finale with MuseScore 3 & 4" topics, I made the modifications below after making the sheet :

- Changed the fonts for title, subtitle and composer
- Loaded the NSM [MU4] v2.3.A4 style file (which I could have done in the first place!)
- Added my pseudo as the arranger
- Deleted the "Pia." in front of each system
- Added the copyright and the URL
- Ajusted the space between the title and the music

Does it look good enough for the submission process? Or should I still adjust some stuff? And how about those nasty modulations? x)

I use Musescore 4 so the PDF is made by exporting from it. I have Finale NotePad which I'm really not fond of x_x I share the .mus and .mxl files if you are willing to help me modify them: MUS | MXL


After reflexion, I think I should keep the same key signature on measure 17 and write the natural on every A on the bass line every time it's needed. This A major harmony could be a napolitan degree in G sharp minor tonality.

And another thought: the passing from 5 flats to 5 sharps is quite confusing... I could either use 5 flats then 7 flats or 7 sharps then 5 sharps. I think that would be easier to read even if there are more complicated key signature but at least only sharps (or flats) all the way through.

So I changed key signatures starting with 5 flats and then 7 flats on measure 9 until the end (not updated the files though, just waiting for some feedback) :)

Another thought: maybe I should always keep the same number of measures for each system to avoid too tight places? Four for instance (that would make eight systems, five on page 1 and three on page 2).

Well so I did that too. I'll update the files after some feedback. :)


By the way, although it's on the submission process (you can post here about it if you want to), just sharing here the current pdf and mp3 I made for the other Ducktales' tune:

Ducktales - Himalayas