The Music Theory Discussion Thread

Started by legoenthusiast, March 17, 2021, 08:57:11 AM

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I've been self-studying music theory for some odd months now I wanted to start a discussion on this, since I want to share my knowledge as well as learn what others know.

The aims of this thread:
- For discussing the techniques individual vgm composers use in their songs
- How to apply music theory in your own compositions / applying it to arrangements
- For people who want to learn more about music theory (you can ask me or anyone else who's willing)
- Analyses of songs can be posted here
- Dicussing the design of the soundscape of songs
- Discussing the overall design of soundtracks
- etc. (Anything music-related goes!)

(I am learning how to compose vgm, so most likely the songs I'll talk about are vgm tracks.)


Seems interesting, what did you have planned to start off the discussion? Like are we chatting about video game theory, music theory videos, music theory concepts? Something to start would be great!


Lego are you on the Discord?  There's been some recent talk about doing like sheet workshops or something on there, and while I think the thread idea is great, I could see interactive discussions there reaching a wider audience


Working on song analysis currently...


I did a short essay thingy on leitmotifs

Leitmotifs Part 1

<Insert the most important bits here later>