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Interested in The Werewolf Game?(TWG)

Started by Nakah, July 12, 2008, 06:00:26 PM

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   If anyone here has ever played mafia, this is a game with the same concept. I've played it and still do many times on other sites I've been to and would like to bring it here and see how interesting it would be to play with all of you musicians. This game is based in the forum.

   The game works like this: There are X amount of players per game(depending on the style of the TWG and the amount of people available). The standard is say, 12-15 players(forum users) that have signed up. Each user is PM'd their role for the game. The roles go as follows: Humans, Wolves.

   The humans(users who got pm'd with the role of human(also known as green)) do not know the roles of the other players, they want to try and eliminate the wolves who are usually around 3-5 players out of the humans(also known as red).

   So the players want to try and figure out who the wolves are and eliminate them by lynching, which occurs by voting the name of the user they want to lynch. The game is separated into phases. Day and Night phase. Lynches occur at the end of each Day phase. Then at night the wolves send in a pm to the host of the game in order to wolf a human. The wolves want to eliminate the humans through wolfing.

   In order to win, the humans must successfully lynch all of the wolves. For the wolves to win, they must wolf all of the humans or come equivalent to the number of humans.

   During the Night phase, special roles(blue) can send in their PM's in order to use a special skill. Special roles are:

   Guardian: Sends in a PM to the host during the Night phase in order to guard a player from being wolfed during the Night.

   Psychic: Sends in a Pm to the host during the Night in order to find out how many reds remain.

   Seer: Sends in a PM for a specific player to be seer'd, resulting in the seer finding out that player's color.(It will come back as red, blue, or green)


   The pm's are answered with another PM by the host at the end of each phase. The results of the wolfing are posted also at the end of each phase.

   This is a game that involves intellectual strategy and a lot of thinking. I would enjoy playing this game in this forum with you guys and would like to know what you think. If any of you are up for it, I would very much like to host the first game for all of you. I would give an explanation of the specific game's rules and features(roles included), then make a sign up thread for everyone to sign up in and join. Is anyone interested?

    Edit* Also, in order to make discussions easier, aim is commonly used outside of the thread for the game in order to discuss things and draw conclusions, suspicions, etc. about other players in the game.

   This is all.

Concerto No.20 in D minor


In which forum would I put the actual game thread though for this if enough people are interested? I would think here. Is it fine here?


I'll join. I've got nothing else better to do. ::)

AIM: dudejrulz
But I'm usually never on...

Concerto No.20 in D minor


I think I'll make this thread the official sign ups thread. Excluding Dude and Concerto, if you're interested could you please write somewhere in your post "in" so that it makes it easy to find who wants to try and who does not. I'll stop signups whenever 12 people sign up, or at Tuesday the 15th at 9:00p.m.

   Current player list: Screen names
   1. Concerto No. 20 in D minor
   2. Dude-dudejrulz
   3. EnR-RyanFFR
   4. Brawler4Ever
   5. DaveytheRebel-DaveyHauffe
   6. Jamaha
   7. Dekudude-DaDekudude
   8. Pump_Heart-pumpyheart
   9. Sirus
   10. HugoMeister
   11. HungryDragon

   Also, if you could post your aim screen name in your post somewhere for me to add to the list. If you don't have a screen name I strongly advise you create one for this purpose. It's easy and free, I don't see why you wouldn't do it.



Sounds fun. I don't think that I have an AIM screenname though...
Even when everyone else has gone,
I will punch the punching bag until a game comes on. XD

10 years later. Still Brawling!



   It'll be very difficult to communicate outside of the thread though without it. A lot of the game takes place on aim, where suspicions grow, plans formulate, alliances form, etc. Things you don't want to publically say to the thread are usually said to people over aim for whatever reasons(how would the wolves contact one another?)

So I strongly suggest getting one, at least for this purpose. It's free, why not.

Also, my screen name= Nakah92



I'll do it.

DaveyHauffe is AIM.
If we decide on using something else then
Hauffed is YIM is hotmail and myspace IM.

and bumping doesn't work on smf.


Count me in.

Also, AIM? What for? We've got an IRC network at our disposal.


And you can talk specifically to one person, so there's really no need to use any IM service.

me irl


You should also make your own channel and register it so you can mute people that talk out of term or fuck everything up by not playing correctly or giving out names or generally speaking out of term.


Quote from: DaveyTheRebel on July 14, 2008, 10:10:20 AMYou should also make your own channel and register it so you can mute people that talk out of term or fuck everything up by not playing correctly or giving out names or generally speaking out of term.

   If the irc chat works fine for privately talking to one specific person(say you a wolf and so is player X, you want to be able to talk to player X privately away from the rest of the players so that you can decide what to do as wolves). Same goes for humans wanting to discuss suspicions and formulate plans without having everyone know.

   If this works then I suppose aim is optional. I'm worried about the amount of activity though for this game if everyone uses the chat, because then everyone would have to be in the chat a lot. On aim you can leave or whatever for the day and come back to see people were talking to you. In the irc chat you have to actually be there to be talking. So it'd require a lot more commitment for everyone. Nevertheless, if it works, then it's fine with me for this game.

   Also, I was talking to dekudude on aim earlier, and here is pretty much a more in-depth explanation of the game: (4:14:29 PM) Nakah92: No it's actually a common game that's played throughout many sites on the internet
(4:14:33 PM) Nakah92: it works if everyone's active
(4:14:36 PM) Nakah92: I wanted to bring it here
(4:15:02 PM) Nakah92: It's usually played through aim though, but most people on the site seem to rather play through the irc
(4:15:13 PM) Nakah92: which makes the talking to people privately part kind of difficult
(4:15:18 PM) Nakah92: when aim would be infinitely easier
(4:15:26 PM) Da Dekudude: Hmm
(4:15:30 PM) Da Dekudude: so let me get the rules strait:
(4:15:33 PM) Da Dekudude: *Straight:
(4:15:42 PM) Da Dekudude: Basically, there are two groups of players, Wolves and Humans
(4:15:49 PM) Nakah92: mhm
(4:15:50 PM) Da Dekudude: Wolves need to turn humans into Wolves
(4:15:52 PM) Da Dekudude: and vice versa
(4:15:58 PM) Da Dekudude: how do we do that?
(4:16:01 PM) Nakah92: No, the wolves wolf the humans, kill them
(4:16:03 PM) Nakah92: the player dies
(4:16:12 PM) Nakah92: the wolves want to kill off all of the humans
(4:16:20 PM) Da Dekudude: And the humans kill the wolves?
(4:16:34 PM) Nakah92: or become equal to the amount of humans(in example: 3 wolves alive, 3 humans alive, wolves win)
(4:16:44 PM) Nakah92: the humans want to try and lynch who they think the wolves are
(4:16:49 PM) Nakah92: but no one knows each other's roles
(4:16:53 PM) Da Dekudude: So if I thought you were a wolf
(4:16:54 PM) Nakah92: so it's all suspicon
(4:16:57 PM) Da Dekudude: and I am a human
(4:17:08 PM) Da Dekudude: I have to PM the host, and say "Nakah is a wolf!"
(4:17:11 PM) Da Dekudude: And what does that do to you/
(4:17:12 PM) Da Dekudude: *?
(4:17:36 PM) Nakah92: No, humans aren't able to find out the other roles.
(4:17:39 PM) Nakah92: Alright,
(4:17:52 PM) Da Dekudude: They guess though, right?
(4:18:02 PM) Nakah92: If you were human, then you would have to talk to people, try and find suspicions to who you think is a wolf based on your conversation with them
(4:18:05 PM) Nakah92: then vote them in the thread
(4:18:16 PM) Nakah92: the player with the most votes by everyone at the end of the day gets lynched
(4:18:18 PM) Nakah92: killed
(4:18:21 PM) Nakah92: out of the game
(4:18:23 PM) Da Dekudude: Ohhh
(4:18:32 PM) Da Dekudude: So you basically just talk in the thread about whatever
(4:18:36 PM) Nakah92: The wolves want to try and disguise themselves so taht you the human can't tell they're a wolf
(4:18:46 PM) Nakah92: Well, that's why aim is so important
(4:18:49 PM) Da Dekudude: hmmm
(4:18:53 PM) Da Dekudude: keep talking, I'll brb :P
(4:19:29 PM) Nakah92: If you're a human and you're in an alliance with another human(basically you're trusting one another that each other is human based off of your conversations and feeling), you want to be able to talk to this human without everyone seeing it
(4:19:41 PM) Nakah92: so aim becomes vital in order to discuss privately
(4:19:45 PM) Nakah92: formulate ideas
(4:19:47 PM) Nakah92: alliances
(4:19:47 PM) Nakah92: etc
(4:20:10 PM) Nakah92: For the wolves, how can they communicate without aim secretly in order to wolf players?
(4:20:22 PM) Da Dekudude: Keep talking: I might be a little while.. I need to break down a bunch of cardboard boxes...
(4:20:32 PM) Nakah92: alright
(4:24:01 PM) Nakah92: It's like this for the game concept: The game is divided into phases. Day phase, and Night phase. During the Day phase, the humans discuss with other humans and try to figure out who they think are wolves, then they submit a vote in the thread for who they think is a wolf(and why they think so, of course, not doing so would be make them seem like a wolf), so eventually at the end of the phase, the person with the most votes gets lynched, meaning I say they're dead and it is now Night. During Night, the wolves secretly PM the host who they want to wolf, it's decided through communication and what not. There's always reasons to vote certain people(say you were a wolf and you wanted to wolf off Jamaha because he had a feeling you were a wolf and wanted to incriminate you of this publically in the thread), so you would discuss with your wolf team mates(the wolves know who the other wolves are), and send in the vote for Jamaha, or whatever person you decide on.
(4:24:20 PM) Nakah92: hahaha, huge text,
(4:24:21 PM) Nakah92: anyways
(4:24:26 PM) Nakah92: that's the concept pretty much
(4:24:31 PM) Nakah92: it gets a lot more in depth as you play
(4:24:37 PM) Nakah92: and a lot more interesting
(4:24:41 PM) Nakah92: because wolves lie
(4:24:50 PM) Nakah92: everyone at first naturally claims that their role is human
(4:25:02 PM) Nakah92: because the wolves do not want to say that they're a wolf, they'd be dead
(4:25:40 PM) Nakah92: Now, it comes to rather important roles called blues, or special players with special abilities.
(4:26:22 PM) Nakah92: There's the Guardian, who gets to send in a PM every Nigh phase  to the host in order to guard someone from being wolfed, this saves the person from being wolved.
(4:26:52 PM) Nakah92: There's the Psychic, the psychic sends in a PM to the host every Night that they wish in ordr to find out how many reds(wolves) remain).
(4:28:09 PM) Nakah92: There's also the Seer, the seer sends in a PM to the host every Night specifying a player that they with to "seer" , their PM will come back at the end of the Night phase by the host(me), with either red(wolf), blue(special player), or green(human).
(4:28:21 PM) Nakah92: All PMs for the blues are answered at the end of Night.
(4:28:38 PM) Nakah92: then It's day again, I say who was wolfed, and the game proceeds
(4:28:54 PM) Nakah92: It'll make a lot more sense when you're actually playing.
(4:29:22 PM) Nakah92: I want people to sign up though so that I can actually show them how it works.
(4:29:38 PM) Nakah92: I might post my explanation of this game in the thread too just so that everyone gets a clear idea of this.
(4:45:25 PM) Da Dekudude: Assuming I were human, and you were also human, but you thought I was a wolf, could you "Lynch", or kill, me?
(4:46:35 PM) Nakah92: yes
(4:46:40 PM) Nakah92: if I believed you were human
(4:46:44 PM) Nakah92: wolf*
(4:46:46 PM) Da Dekudude: So if everyone thinks I'm a wolf, but I'm not, I'd be dead?
(4:46:48 PM) Da Dekudude: And kicked out of the game?
(4:47:17 PM) Nakah92: yeah, which is why it requires a lot of thinking and trust
(4:47:28 PM) Nakah92: Of course you would try to defend yourself and sway people
(4:47:32 PM) Nakah92: 's votes in the thread
(4:47:37 PM) Nakah92: saying you're human
(4:47:55 PM) Da Dekudude: mmmm
(4:48:07 PM) Da Dekudude: How do people get granted special powers?
(4:48:16 PM) Nakah92: but the game is all like "You're a wolf! vote vote vote vote vote dead."
(4:48:34 PM) Nakah92: In the beginning of the game, everyone gets a PM
(4:48:42 PM) Nakah92: it contains their role and it's information
(4:48:51 PM) Da Dekudude: Is there a poll that lists everyone's name?
(4:48:55 PM) Da Dekudude: Or how does the voting work?
(4:49:06 PM) Nakah92: you are not allowed to share pms  by the host AT ALL, I should make that clkear before I start the game in the thread probably
(4:49:20 PM) Nakah92: you just bold the persons name in your post in the game thread
(4:49:23 PM) Nakah92: and I tally them up
(4:49:26 PM) Nakah92: and say who dies
(4:49:33 PM) Nakah92: at the end of the phase
(4:49:42 PM) Da Dekudude: How long is each day/night phase?
(4:50:18 PM) Nakah92: usually Day goes on for a few days at a time to give everyone time with their real Life schedules to actuall play and stuff, to build suspicion etc
(4:50:25 PM) Nakah92: Night's usually a day or so
(4:50:26 PM) Nakah92: 24 hours
(4:50:36 PM) Nakah92: for everyone who can to send in their PMs(reds and blues)
(4:50:44 PM) Da Dekudude: How do you become a red or a blue?
(4:50:50 PM) Nakah92: which is why the game takes course over a few weeks
(4:51:03 PM) Nakah92: you're chosen as it in the beginning of the game
(4:51:18 PM) Da Dekudude: k
(4:51:19 PM) Nakah92: In example, I begin the game, say that PMs are out, everyone checks their private messages
(4:51:51 PM) Nakah92: yours might say "You are a wolf, your wolf friends are: X, y, b", you must eliminate all of the humans
(4:52:09 PM) Da Dekudude: You assign the friends?
(4:52:20 PM) Nakah92: I choose all of the wolves
(4:52:24 PM) Nakah92: the wolves know who the wolves are
(4:52:32 PM) Da Dekudude: But humans don't know who the humans are?
(4:52:36 PM) Nakah92: correct
(4:52:45 PM) Nakah92: blues don't know who anyone is either
(4:52:47 PM) Nakah92: like the humans
(4:52:52 PM) Da Dekudude: So wolves have friends, and humans don't?
(4:53:15 PM) Nakah92: there are usually only 2-3 wolves out of like 10-15 players though
(4:53:18 PM) Nakah92: but yes
(4:53:26 PM) Da Dekudude: Ahhh, okay.
(4:53:38 PM) Nakah92: I think you'll understand a lot more if you sign up.

   So yeah, hopefully this gives everyone a better idea of what this game is about. I want at least 10 people before I begin this game. So if any of you could try and spread word of it to other forum members, I'd greatly appreciate it, and would be able to start the game a lot sooner then.