The Easy VGM Sheets Playlist! :) (always open for suggestions ^^)

Started by daj, July 31, 2017, 07:13:25 AM

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Quote from: braixen1264 on August 13, 2017, 12:23:45 AMShouldn't these videos be set to Unlisted so we can see them? Or did you mean to set it to Private?

They're scheduled! ^^ I do need to keep up a constant stream of content, ahaha, so no one should know that I did 17 videos in advance even though it is blatantly obvious that I did.

This one is just a little thing that I really need to do because Youtube is Youtube, derp. ^^; That said, all the sheets (and scans) are ready for access in the folder if you'd like to check those out :)


Right! I'd just like to recommend Yug Guy's "Summers" (EB) sheet to you guys and sell it a little, hehe ^^

I think I'll be doing this for some of the lesser-known sheets that aren't that tough. Music is better appreciated with guidance and context, you know ;)

"Summers, Eternal Tourist Trap"
arr. Yug Guy

Biggest technical challenges:
- A bunch of huge leaps that have to be done in tempo
- That intricate-ish dyad passage at the last line
- 1/1 jumps in the left hand in swing, and catching chords with 5432 fingering

Biggest musical challenges:
- counting the swing rhythm: rather, feeling the swing rhythm.
- actually having fun, because come on this sheet is so full of swag


I won't lie - I played this with basically zero context. I played Earthbound, but didn't really like the combat system and gave up at the Moonside quest.

What I do know about this piece is the nature of Earthbound music: quirky, playful, kinda unrefined (mostly). Which makes an arrangement as lively as this one ultra fun to play if you just let go and play by feel :)

I think, if you'd like to significantly reduce the technical difficulty of this sheet, cut notes from the first chord of each bar from the third line onwards. It still sounds okay ^^

But this is one of those sheets that I wanted to play for like, ten whole repeats on end. It's so fun haha. Give it a shot, you won't be disappointed :)

And thank you Yug Guy for the sheet! ^^


Quote from: daj on August 14, 2017, 07:13:14 PMAnd thank you Yug Guy for the sheet! ^^
No, thank you for playing it! You did a fantastic job!


Alright, so i've compiled a list of the arrangements that I've decided not to include in this playlist - so far, all the suggestions you've sent in are wonderful sheets that I love to read as a performer (good engraving and formatting and all, got to love nsm for that), but some of them aren't technically simple enough, or not structurally substantial enough. Which is a pity, but I really hope this doesn't discourage anyone from making suggestions! At most, I'd just like to give you guys a better idea of what I think the target audience would not appreciate seeing in an easy playlist too much ^^


Suggestions that didn't make it :(
(to 220817)
"Rainy Day" from Animal Crossing GCN
Those jumps are tough if you're not trained in jazz - plus this one feels a little too ambient and non-devloping. Basically, I don't think it's substantial enough as a standalone piece - great for ambience, not so much for playing ^^;

"Princess Zelda's Rescue" from Zelda: ALttP
That opening fanfare - the harmony is done in such a way that you can only write legato 6ths in the right-hand, which is a pretty advanced technique. The rest of the piece is just Zelda's Theme, which some other version should have in its entirety ^^

"Time of the Falling Rain" from Zelda: ALttP
There's no substantial melody part, making it better for ambience than performance. Really nice arrangement though, great track too~

"Gritzy Desert" from Mario and Luigi: PiT
Tough left-hand part which you must execute without looking at some points, and some pretty tough bits in the right hand like mordents for octaves. I think I'd find this quite tough at tempo, but I really like this one haiz :(

"Ballad of the Wind Fish" from Link's Awakening
Legato 6ths and middle-voice melodies are tough. Beautiful arrangement though.

"Mystic Lake" from Wario Land 4
It's rhythmically tough. Polyrhythms, tough rhythms to count in general, as well as a tempo that would expose those rhythms. I think it's okay, but this would intimidate someone who's looking for an easy, lazy-learning piece. :p

"Temmie Village" from Undertale
yug i swear haha i'll definitely play this though <3

"Paula's Theme" from Earthbound.
It's not really that tough. But to play this right you have to play the middle voice melody legato, and for that to be a thing you're basically playing legato chords throughout. So this is musically challenging, I believe - but I like this arrangement, probably will use it for some illustration some day :)

"Quiet Water" from Undertale
I don't think it's substantial enough, especially since the "Ruins" melody does recur throughout a fair portion of the OST. ^^;

"Stage (Picross)" from Pokemon Picross
There's a safe tempo, but I think passing a middle-part that's rhythmic in nature is quite tough, especially since you still need to sound the melody.

"Zelda's Theme" from Zelda: OoT
It's that intro again haha. I think I'll just do one version with the main lullaby xD

"Combat Preparations" from FE8
While I absolutely love this one, those dyads are actually quite tough. Leaving it out for now~

"You" from Hirugashi When They Cry
Five flats and some slightly tough jumps from chords to runs. Slight pity, though, it's quite beautiful~

"Frantic Factory" from DK64
Cut this out after trying to play it. Semiquaver octaves are quite tough - octave melodies in general at 110BPM are around moderate-tough difficulty, especially if you want to bring it to recording standard.

"Kraid's Lair" from Metroid
For the amount of effort you need to put in to get the arpeggios right, I don't think this track is extensive enough to make for a satisfying performance. But that's just my personal opinion haha and I'm kinda biased against Metroid, not even going to deny it xD

"Cinnabar Island" from Pokemon HGSS
It doesn't feel substantial for some reason...maybe there's not enough rhythmic identity in the left hand? Hmm.

"Id-Serenity" from FE: Awakening
I didn't have much trouble reading this, but it is a terribly intimidating score to look at, and there's a bit too many uncomfortable left-hand jumps for a beginner-to-intermediate-level pianist.


Feel free to ask for clarifications, and once again, there's really no harm done in suggesting sheets - thank you so much for all your suggestions so far, please keep them coming <3


Before I sleep, I'll post a few more arrangements I compiled (that are hopefully much easier to learn than the last ones I suggested):

2 AM from Animal Crossing: Wild World
Sad Song from Super Mario RPG
Piranha Plant's Lullaby from Super Mario 64


Now that they're submitted and accepted

Hollow Knight:
   Hollow Knight
   Resting Grounds

You can grab them right now from the submission page. I'm working on getting it on my arrangement page, but it might even end up on the site before that.
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