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The Easy VGM Sheets Playlist! :) (always open for suggestions ^^)

Started by daj, July 31, 2017, 07:13:25 AM

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Quote from: daj on July 31, 2017, 04:33:35 PMYes, we're all at different standards of performance, but a sheet is easy more because it is pianistic than it is technically simple.
Totally agreed! It's often the case that a sheet that looks easy to play actually isn't... quite... because of certain things that might not be immediately obvious when looking. For instance, Lavender Town looks sparse, but it takes concentration to achieve the voice independence demanded. And idk if it's just me, but the LH of Midna's Lament is deceptively awkward to play.

Not to discount other people's suggestions, though! I'd make a list, but I'm short on time, so I'll mention a few sheets I regularly turn to when I'm feeling lazy but wanna play something nice sounding xD These are ones I never practice per se, but rather just pick up and am able to pretty much just read at full speed instantly:
- "Home" from Undertale (since you asked for "my" sheet!)
- "Kakariko Village" - specifically the LttP version, it's really easy but is still near the top of my favorite things that I like to listen to myself play!
- "Dire, Dire Docks" from Super Mario 64 - classic :P aside from the extra voice in m. 51-62, it's all smooth sailing.
- "Pokémon League" from Pokémin Diamond and Pearl <3

Definitely more that I'm missing, but those are a few of my go-to sheets.
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Alright, loving all those suggestions! ^^ And glad you're on board Lat haha you're the man <3


Thought of a cool idea! I'll be compiling the playlist with whatever Youtube videos there are from NSM members out there, just as planned - so if you have youtube videos please drop me some links, I'll put it up :)

Along wth that, I'll also record compilations of these easy arrangements from time to time, because that's just fun haha. This week, I'll try to release my first one:
"Midna's Lament" from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess,
arr. Erich Goeckeritz

"Summers, Eternal Tourist Trap" from Earthbound,
arr. Yug Guy

"Wet Hands" from Minecraft,
arr. Sebastian

"The Light at the End: Another Rain" from Halo 3: ODST,
arr. Zunawe

"Title Screen" from Kirby's Epic Yarn,
arr. Latios212

"Pokemon League" from Pokemon DPPt,
arr. QWERTYkid911

(in that order too haha)

So by mixing up super popular arrangements with lesser-known ones, I'm hoping to help increase everyone's exposure, both to other franchises and new arrangers! ^^ Plus, this is just so fun for me that I can't turn this idea down :p

I'm also considering doing a follow-up video for each compilation that quickly discusses the technical aspects of each sheet I played. For example, for "Midna's Lament", it will help immensely if you make clear the left-hand fingering as 5-4-3-1-2-1 and encourage the 9th stretch rather than a leap. From there, the arrangement falls into two patterns that can be picked up fast. ^^ And as another quick example, this technique applies to "Wet Hands" too :)

If anyone has any cooler ideas I'm open! Hoping to include and benefit as many people as possible :)


Yay. The more people hear how great ODST's soundtrack is, the better.

Small suggestion, people tend to want to watch a single video per cover. Somebody looking for an easy arrangement of "Pokémon League" isn't gonna want to sift through a 30-minute video. You could make a weekly playlist to group stuff and list the others from that week at the end of the video? I'm not an expert content creator, just somebody who watches a lot of YouTube.
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Yeah, not a huge fan of putting all these songs in the same video. Maybe have them all in separate videos, but uploaded on the same day?


Quote from: Yug_Guy on August 01, 2017, 03:31:57 PMYeah, not a huge fan of putting all these songs in the same video. Maybe have them all in separate videos, but uploaded on the same day?

If we're allowed to submit non-nsm sheets, I learned this one fast:


I'm working on this one at the moment and it shouldn't be too hard


Some other fairly easy-to-learn sheets I've played from NSM that haven't been mentioned include:

- Load Game, Save Game, & Rainy Day from Animal Crossing (GCN) & 2AM from Animal Crossing: Wild World
- Kraid's Lair and Norfair from Metroid 1
- Triforce Chamber, Princess Zelda's Rescue, & Time of Falling Rain from A Link to the Past
- Koopaseum from Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time
- Mario Raceway from Mario Kart 64
- Crystal Palace Crawl form Paper Mario

As far as easy sheets I made, Gritzy Desert from M&L:PiT, The Day the World Revived from Chrono Trigger, and Cave from Breath of the Wild aren't too bad.


Quote from: NocturneOfShadow on February 11, 2016, 03:00:36 PMthere's also a huge difference in quality between 2000 songs and 2010 songs
Quote from: Latios212 on February 11, 2016, 03:29:24 PMThe difference between 2000 songs and 2010 songs is 10 songs.


Mm, thanks for your suggestions everyone! ^^ I'll go check all these out bit by bit.

Anyway, after a few rounds of thinking through this and a few rounds of drinks, I think I have a cool idea!

The essence is that I want to play ALL THEM SHEETS muahahaha

It's definitely not meant for compilations, you guys are right - that's a terrible idea. What I'm thinking of is basically what you guys suggested: individual videos, live records with sheet music, meant to be played in succession with no breaks.

So there'll be one playlist for sheets only, and another playlist that's just me playing the arrangements with sheet music for reference - standard thumbnail, standard format, consistent viewer experience. Meanwhile I'll gather sheets from here and other suggestions to try to fill the playlists :)

I'll be learning these quite fast and releasing the videos quite frequently, so there should be a nice amount of interest generated in this project! ^^ And I'll definitely credit the arrangers as much as possible, get your names known :)


The goal is to play sheets from as many games and as many arrangers as possible, then present it in an organised way, all without trying that hard! :D

For the arranger side, I believe that hearing your own stuff live is one of the most inspiring things ever - since I have the training and skills to do this at a pretty comfortable pace, I'd like to try to get you all to hear your own music as much as possible ^^

Still open to suggestions, of course! I'm really excited for this and I'd really like this to work out so everyone wins :)


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Recommendation: Mother 3's Love Theme
Fire Emblem Gaiden - Encounter
Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories - Destiny Islands (I usually end it with a rolled C chord, G-C-E like the measure before it)


Yay, more suggestions! ^^ Definitely going to check them out, haha. In fact, I've already checked out all previous suggestions on this thread - there's 31 files in my folder now, and 30 of them are probably going to be played for this playlist! :)
spoiler: the one that isn't is Temmie Village haha I'm saving that for Christmas or April Fools or something. ily yug

In some time I'll do a post on this thread where I list the arrangements that I decided to not do, and my reasoning for each of those. In the meantime though, here's a preview video! Except it's a full video. :p

I've done the first five recordings already, and there's no better arrangement to kick this playlist off than Midna's Lament - possibly the track that I'll set the difficulty limit to. :p This is more or less the format I'm going for in each video: no end cards, not that much break between videos. If you've got suggestions do let me know! ^^


Nice! I take it this video will be public soon? (Currently it's unlisted)

Quote from: daj on August 05, 2017, 06:38:26 AMspoiler: the one that isn't is Temmie Village haha I'm saving that for Christmas or April Fools or something. ily yug