The Easy VGM Sheets Playlist! :) (always open for suggestions ^^)

Started by daj, July 31, 2017, 07:13:25 AM

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The Easy VGM Sheets Playlist! ^^
because i want to play all them sheets, plus compiling an easy playlist for everyone is cool
and hey, you could get your sheets played live!


let me explain to you in glorious detail what this is about. if you're interested:

Alright, I promise this is cool. ^^

I'm going to start compiling a Youtube playlist of easy VGM sheets that can just be picked up and played for fun! And I'd like this to be a continuous project, so whenever a new easy sheet comes out I hope to add it to this playlist as fast as possible. I think it'll be nice if there was this organised collection of sheets that people could browse through and pick from really fast, so this could be pretty cool! ^^

Here's the playlist as of now, with some of my stuff.

If you have any sheets you've done, or know of, that should be a part of a pick-up-and-go VGM sheet collection, please let me know! :) It's okay if there's no existing Youtube video for it too haha, because...I'll probably end up recording it and doing a live+sheet video on impulse. xD

(so if you have an easy sheet you'd like to hear live please suggest it too, chances are i want to play it ahahahaha)

in case youre interested, here's why i thought of this haha
Anyway, I thought of this idea after being stuck in a bit of a rut this weekend - I really wanted to play something VGM on the piano, but I was also having trouble getting off my ass. So I spent about an hour-plus searching NSM and the web for an arrangement that I could just read for the funsies. And I ended up giving up and taking a long nap instead :p

I think if I wanted to play something in the VGM style, I wouldn't mind playing something from another franchise that I never heard of, if the piece was simple enough. So even if the piece you know/arranged is from some obscure franchise, it'll still work :)

...oh, and no fanfares and jingles please haha. Something of a substantial length that would satisfy the performer by the end of the sheet is preferred ^^
(and that is where vegans come from)


Nice! This seems like a neat idea-- pointing out specific sheets that are relatively easy for performing and even sight-reading. It's also good that people will see them played by a human being rather than a superhuman Finale/midi playback. :P

As for adding to your collection, there are some fun and pretty, and I guess you could say relatively easy, songs of mine that I could point out to you. I'll provide you with a list later today.


Do they have to be on site pieces? If so I've got two easy and fun ones right there


Yeah, I have an easy one on-site. Maybe two, I'm not very good at telling how easy to play a sheet is considering my lack of skill at playing piano.
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Both of my minish cap arrangements are pretty easy

The Deku Trombonist

The ones on my YouTube channel are relatively simple.

Oooh, I've been waiting for this opportunity. Thanks, daj!
Check out my Youtube channel for remixes and original music!'s Remixes

Also check out my piano arrangements here on my PA thread!'s Arrangements


A lot of the animal crossing ones are easy enough to play, but some of my favorites are The Roost and 1:00 A.M. (new leaf). I have other suggestions too, and you can find all of these on site.

- Eight Melodies
[EarthBound Beginnings]
- Mother Earth
- Snowman
[Mother 3]
- Mother 3 Love Theme

[Kirby's Epic Yarn]
- Kirby's Pad
- Title Screen

[Link's Awakening]
- Ballad of the Wind Fish
[Ocarina of Time]
- Hyrule Castle Courtyard
- Kaepora Gaebora's Theme
- Lost Woods
- Windmill Hut
- Title Theme*
- Zora's Domain*

[Majora's Mask]
- Astral Observatory (kinda short)
- Clock Tower
- New Wave Bossa Nova (also kinda short)
- Title Screen

[Wind Waker]
- Aryll's Theme
- Grandma

[Twilight Princess]
- Faron Woods
- Ilia's Theme
- Lake Hylia*
- Midna's Lament*

- Morphogenetic Sorrow [Zero Time Dilemma]*
- Snowy [Undertale]

Sheets I've done:
- K.K. Sonata (Aircheck)
- Opening [Mega Man 2]
- Urbosa's Theme

There are a lot more, so I may edit this post later. My favorites have asterisks next to them


Kirby's Pad lol

and probably others but I'm tired and my brain's dead and I can't really think of any others right now and OH WAIT there's the Reaper sheet that you could play for 30 minutes straight that one's fun
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My mark for this is that I've actually been able to learn these:

Halo 3: ODST
   Light at the End: Another Rain

Shadow of the Colossus:

Other people's stuff that comes to mind:

Super Mario 64:
   Dire Dire Docks

In the OP, you should keep a list of the stuff you've added and a list of stuff that has been suggested but doesn't have a video yet. People might contribute with their own videos. Especially if these are easier pieces.
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DK64 - DK Isle (Snide's HQ) is decently easy, and same with Mario Party - "Let's Play a Minigame!"

Ummm... OH
SM Galaxy - "Drip Drop Galaxy" & LoZ II - "Title Theme"
Those are all I can think of that I've arranged/collab'd, but if I think of any others, I'll tell you!
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Neat idea!

The only sheets of mine I've actually bothered to learn are Monsoon Jungle from Wario Land 4 & Temmie Village, so that's probably a good place to start.

Other on-site songs of mine that you can take a look at:
Mystic Lake - Wario Land 4
Stage (Picross) - Pokemon Picross
Summers, Eternal Tourist Trap - EarthBound
Paula's Theme - EarthBound
Quiet Water - Undertale
Tem Shop - Undertale

And some of my own personal reccomendations:
Frantic Factory - Donkey Kong 64
Lavender Town - Pokemon R/B/Y
Zelda's Theme - Ocarina of Time (i.e. Zelda's Lullaby)
...I would've put more suggestions down, but Zeila & Zunawe stole them already lol

EDIT: Kass' Theme. I forgot Kass' Theme


...whoa, I did not expect such a response haha, thanks for all the suggestions, guys! ^^ I've taken a look through the suggestions (most of zeila's list hehe, thank you <3) and bookmarked some of them to learn myself hehe :)

That said, not every arrangement everyone suggested can be considered pick-up-and-play easy, and if I have time I'll explain why. I think a good gauge is as Zunawe said:

Quote from: Zunawe on July 31, 2017, 10:08:16 AMMy mark for this is that I've actually been able to learn these:

Yes, we're all at different standards of performance, but a sheet is easy more because it is pianistic than it is technically simple. Basically, the more suited your writing is for two human hands on a piano, the more simple it is to learn and execute. For example, scales are quite nice to play at a comfortable tempo, arpeggios less so (left hand would be naturally better-trained in this), right hand parts with too much overlapping between the middle and lead voice are surprisingly hard to learn even if it looks easy. If you can play your sheet without frustration without too much work, chances are it's quite okay - the piano fundamental skills are kinda similar amidst all players ^^


And now, about organising this xD

QuoteIn the OP, you should keep a list of the stuff you've added and a list of stuff that has been suggested but doesn't have a video yet. People might contribute with their own videos. Especially if these are easier pieces.

...the problem with this is that it involves an OP that has to be updated. And the current one is quite cluttered as it is already. And, um, and...I'm not making excuses at all.
(haha i'll get off my ass this weekend to organise the op ^^)

Meanwhile, I'll be scanning through the list to find about ten minutes of music to shotgun this weekend! ^^ I think the way I'll do these on my end is in compilations - gives it the whole browsing/shopping kind of feel i believe~


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