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Author Topic: Creating Legend of Zelda Fanfic, need opinions  (Read 195 times)

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Creating Legend of Zelda Fanfic, need opinions
« on: August 10, 2017, 03:15:54 PM »

I'm creating a FanFiction at the moment and I can use some help in the brainstorming process.

Some Background:

This is to take place 127 years after the events of the Legend Of Zelda, Link is a farmer and a Baker, and is helping prepare for the festival of the Heroes of Hyrule. He had a decision wether he should become a knight or not. While he's at the festival, he comes to a sword wielding contest, and the prize is a roster in the Hyrulian Army without any checkups. He then gets his training clothing, and goes off to train with some me other trainees. He then discovers what talent he has with his Sword skills. Princess Zelda watches him practice one time as he "defeats" two other of the best trainees. Zelda then takes him to a room, where one of the heroes clothes are kept for the next hero. Zelda explains that he is the new hero and he is to defeat Ganondorf.

(Note: he goes to collect the sacred gemstones, then Zelda is kidnapped, and he goes to retrieve the Master Sword)

Here are some opinions I need on:

1. Which versions of the heroes clothes should the heroes clothes look more like? (Later on he does find the clothes of Link from the Legend Of Zelda)

2. What should Ganondorf be after, and what is he doing at Hyrule Castle?

3. After retrieving the Master Sword, what should Link look for that will help him defeat Ganondorf?

Please tell your opinions, and thank you!

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