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oh god I clicked on the original sheet augh my eyes why

- Regarding composer text, was there ever any rule about using or not using the Oxford comma around here? I'm sure it doesn't matter but I'm always a strong advocate for using it...
- Might be nice to have (half note = 132) in parentheses at the end of the tempo marking since lots of metronomes don't go as high as 264.
- You could consider adding slurs to the trumpet part in places like m5/12/13/16 where there are consecutive eighth notes, to distinguish it from the more bouncy, synth-y melody in the next section.
- The G on beat 4 of m32 RH should probably have a staccato since it's part of the chord that the LH is playing (at least, I think that's where you got it from).
- I don't think the glissando at the end of m46 LH fits the style all that well. I think the original bassline would be better approximated with a two swung eighth notes, G followed by A. Feel free to agree or disagree.

Good stuff.

Really good stuff.

Minor things:
- Mega nitpicky but maybe you could move the "con pedale" in m1 a little over to the left. Same goes for the "con pedale" in m34... especially because that one is visibly further right than the "dim." above."
- The sixteenth note on beat 2 of m16 RH would probably be better as a grace note to the A#.
- I would move the "dim." in m34 down slightly so that it's not so close to the rest above.
- On beat 1 of m35/36 RH, I would move the dotted quarters very slightly to the right so that they're a little bit more spaced from the half note.
- The arpeggio line in m41 should be moved a little to the left so it's not clashing with the sharp.
- In m49, the crescendo should extend a little more to the end of the bar.
- In m56, the mp should be moved a little to the right to be further from the barline.
- Ultra nitpicky but bringing this up since particular placement seems to be important here: assuming the "senza pedale" in m64 is meant to take effect at the start of beat 4, I would move it slightly left so that the left edge of the text aligns with the left edge of the notes above.
- The rest in m68 RH is misplaced.
- An ending dynamic would be nice in m77 so that the pianist knows how soft to end. You'd have to spread the staves apart a bit more for this.

And a couple bigger things:
- You have "senza pedale" for the staccatos in m43-46, but those intervals are also not playable for the LH without pedal. You'll have to compromise somehow else here.
- I seem to be getting something totally different from both of you for m17-20 LH... I'm not even hearing any sixteenth notes in m19 or m20:


EDIT: I missed some notes in m20. Here's what I'm getting for m20 (m17-19 above are still the same for me):



- m59 RH: I don't hear that D# on beat 4.75.

I am actually still hearing the D# there. It's soft, but it's there.


- Extra mf in m13 leftover from copy/paste.
- Except for beat 3.25 in m20/m22, the notes in m19-22 sound short to me, like the rhythm you wrote in m1-3.
- In m24/28 RH, the second grace note sounds like a G instead of an F# to me... although I guess having a G grace note there might be a bit awkward since the held note is G.
- Maybe a courtesy Fn in m26 RH?
- Sounds like there are harmonies under the RH melody note at the end of m29, just like the notes in m30.
- First slur in m34 is touching the sharp.
- In m38 RH, sounds to me like there should be a sixteenth rest on beat 3 instead of a tied note.
- The length of the first note in m40 sounds like the same length as in m35-36 and m43-44. I could see it being either a quarter or a dotted quarter, but I would be consistent with between all of those measures.
- Above point also applies to m64.
- Perhaps add a grace note on second note of m44 RH?
- In m58 RH, I would use a bracket to explicitly indicate which notes belong to the triplet.
- For consistency, the grace note in m60 RH should be an eighth note instead of a sixteenth.
- In m61 RH, grace note sharp is clashing with the sixteenth note before it.
- m62 RH beat 2 should have Bb instead of a quarter rest—unless that was omitted for playability, but the whole measure still seems incredibly difficult anyway.
- m63 RH, it sounds like the A might be re-articulated on beat 2.75? Not sure.
- For grace notes that connect to chords, you might want to consider adjusting the slurs so that they end on the top note of the chord, or on the beam of the chord whenever possible. It might look a bit weird, but I've heard that slurs should follow the upward contour of the grace note to the principal note. It's up to you.

Submissions / Re: [PS2] Final Fantasy X - "A Fleeting Dream" by Libera
« on: March 30, 2020, 06:45:45 AM »
Nice. I still hear those measures the way I described them, but if you're hearing them your way I won't push it further. Just a few remaining details:
- It might be worth moving the Layer 1 eighth note on beat 1 of m6 a few pixels to the left. Not enough to de-align them significantly, but just so it's visibly clearer which note belongs to which layer.
- I'm not super fond of the major second on beat 1 of m31 RH. You might consider inverting the G down an octave, but that would result in a bigger chord that pianists without big hands would have to roll. Your call.

After that, I approve.

The staccato in m2 RH would probably look better if it were moved below the notehead.

The rests in m22 RH are oddly high for some reason.

If you want, you could opt to change the quarter notes in m21-22 RH to eighth notes to be consistent with the rhythm in m5-13.

That is all.

Well, now I think that the first slur could be flattened a tiny bit, but then this is just me being overly nitpicky. So, I approve.

- Maybe move the Layer 2 rests in m2, m24, and m25 down a little bit, particularly the ones close to the Layer 1 notes (the one in m25 is directly clashing with Layer 1).
- RH eighth notes on beats 2.25 and 3.25 in m2/4—you might consider making those sixteenth notes followed by a sixteenth rest, or putting staccatos on them.
- I would make the Layer 2 notes from m5-13 staccato'd, but I can tell that that would get pretty cluttered. It's fine as is (especially if you omitted them stylistically), but you might also consider doing something like putting staccatos on the Layer 2 notes in m5 and then "simile" in m6.
- I would also consider turning the Layer 2 beat 4 quarter notes into eighth notes, particularly because in m6 and m10, the Layer 2 quarter note and the Layer 1 sixteenth notes kind of look like they're part of the same line, which looks ambiguous. I think having a Layer 2 eighth rest under the Layer 1 sixteenth notes would be clearer.
- In m5/7/9/11, RH Layer 2 also has a G-B dyad on beat 1, where you currently have a rest. If you wanted, you could add the dyad in full in m7/11 and simply add a G to Layer 2 beat 1 in m5/9 (since Layer 2 is already playing a B).
- You might consider moving the bottom notes of the dyad to Layer 2 in m14-15 RH, since I think the dyad at the end of m15 (one note tied, one note not) looks a little awkward. I tend not to write things like that unless adding layers would be a significant hindrance, but here it might be easier just to use another layer.
- The interval on m21 RH beat 1 can't really be played by the RH alone... however, the low F can be played with the LH. I would consider either putting a bracket around the F with "L.H.", or moving the F down to a separate layer on the LH staff and using a dashed line to connect m20 RH beat 4 to m21 LH beat 1.


- You might consider changing the quarter notes in the LH to eighth notes to replicate the original. I figured the quarter notes were a stylistic choice, but I thought I'd at least mention it.

- The first slur in the RH looks a little, er... lopsided? I assumed you adjusted it a bit so that it wasn't too close to the beam on the right. Perhaps you could adjust it so that it's more rounded and symmetrical? i.e.:

- I think the second and third slurs in the RH could be combined into a single slur; that sounds more like one continuous line to me.
- The first LH slur should include the tied note at the beginning of m2.
- Perhaps combine the second and third LH slurs as well? I think it's technically okay to have slurs ending and starting on the same note but IMO it's a bit ambiguous and is complicating the phrasing more than it needs to.

(Also, console has been changed to Genesis as requested.)

- The tempo is dotted quarter = 89 (instead of 88) at m3, and then it actually increases to dotted quarter = 100 at m35.
- I wonder if the dotted quarter rests in m24/32 LH Layer 2 would look better if moved down onto the staff.
- Any particular reason why the RH isn't doubled to fill the Layer 2 eighth rests in m19/21/23/etc.? The lack of a continuous line (with seconds being replaced by ninths) makes those parts of the sheet sound a bit strange to me.

That's all I'm seeing at the moment. I'll offer up some further thoughts regarding the time signature once everything else looks good and one or two others give their opinions.

I love this track's bassline so much.

- m1 RH second half, the D should be a dotted quarter followed by two D sixteenth notes on beat 4.5.
- You have a hidden 8vb at the end of m3 for playback, but those notes are actually in the correct octave as written (which is, I assume, why you only started the "Play L.H. one octave lower than written" at m4). You might instead consider starting an "8vb sempre" at the end of m3 and writing those sixteenth notes an octave higher to remove any ambiguity about those two notes, but I think it's also fine as is.
- m21 RH beat 1, the eighth rest in Layer 1 is clashing with the eighth note in Layer 2.
- Missing quarter rest on beat 4 of m12 RH Layer 2.
- Overall, you might consider lowering all the Layer 2 rests a little bit, since they get pretty close to Layer 1 at some points (m8, m16, m18, etc.). I also just don't like rests that are barely touching (or close to barely touching) the staves in the first place.

I think that's all I have. Great sheet.

These things still hold (as well as the suggestion to include a tremolo in m20 but that's up to your discretion):
- I think m6 and m10 should use E# instead of Fn.
- Third note (beat 2.5) in m22 RH should be F# instead of E.

>- First two notes in m21 RH should be E and F# (higher than the third note C#).
Cannot hear this for the life of me. I hear what I had written.

>- Beat 2.5-4 in m24 RH should be an octave lower.
see above

Odd, because that's definitely still how I hear it. I can't hear the A and B on beat 1 of m21 at all.

Other things:

- m19: I like my crescendos vertically aligned between the two staves when possible.

- You might consider adding some harmonies to the RH octaves in m13/15/17 like so:

- Here's what I'm getting for the echo notes in the RH (they last for the whole measure; I cut them off arbitrarily):
(The C# is less pronounced after the first four measures, so if you want to keep m5+ simpler and less dissonant, you can keep the same Layer 2 rhythm you currently have in the RH from m5 onward, but change the low Bs to Ds.)

- "Senza pedale" is currently capitalized but "con pedale" is not—I'd pick one and make them both consistent.

Submissions / Re: [PS2] Final Fantasy X - "A Fleeting Dream" by Libera
« on: March 21, 2020, 08:38:28 PM »
Great track, great sheet. A few things:
- m21 LH beat 2 sounds to me like a D instead of a C.
- m23 LH beat s sounds to me like a C instead of a Bb.
- m23 LH beat 3 sounds to me like an A instead of an F.
- m24 LH beat 3 sounds to me like an A (above the staff) instead of an E.
- m25 LH beat 2 sounds to me like an F instead of a G.
- I'm not a huge fan of the spacing on m17 beat 3, particularly how the half notes in Layer 2 are moved slightly to the left to avoid clashing with Layer 3. I think this is a case where it would be neater to just combine the half notes (Layers 1 and 2) into one layer.
- Pedal marking accidentally left unhidden in m7?
- The "molto cresc." in m5 is touching the arpeggio line and should be moved to the left. I would also move it upward to be vertically aligned with the piano marking.
- In m8, was it intentional for the decrescendo to end and the mp to begin at beat ~1.5? It seems like an oddly specific placement.


Grace note slurs got a bit weird with this one...


Long overdue for a replacement...

Also, I changed the on-site title to the actual title on the soundtrack listing.

Forum Games / Re: The NSM Guess-That-Melody Quiz!
« on: March 08, 2020, 06:03:27 AM »
Guess-That-Melody Quiz: MSF Round 26 – Answers and Results!

Guess-That-Melody Quiz: MSF Round 26

#1 (1/10)
"Bowser's Galaxy Generator" – [Wii] Super Mario Galaxy 2

Timestamp: 0:43–0:49

Guessed by:
  • Radiak488417

#2 (3/10)
"Dating Start!" – [PC] Undertale

Timestamp: 1:40–1:44

Guessed by:
  • FlamezofDeath
  • Latios212
  • Radiak488417

#3 (2/10)
"Sky Waltz" – [Wii] Kirby's Return to Dream Land

Timestamp: 0:19–0:22

Guessed by:
  • Latios212
  • Radiak488417

#4 (4/10)
"Eterna Forest" – [NDS] Pokémon Diamond & Pearl Versions

Timestamp: 0:51–0:56

Guessed by:
  • Elu
  • FlamezofDeath
  • Latios212
  • Radiak488417

#5 (1/10)
"Delfino Pier" – [Wii] Mario Kart Wii

Timestamp: 0:48–0:55

Guessed by:
  • Static

#6 (4/10)
"Kakariko Village (Day)" – [WiiU/SW] The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Timestamp: 1:08–1:15

Guessed by:
  • FlamezofDeath
  • Latios212
  • Radiak488417
  • Static

#7 (5/10)
"Kapp'n's Song" – [3DS] Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Timestamp: 0:02–0:10

Also well known from Smash.

Guessed by:
  • braix
  • FlamezofDeath
  • Latios212
  • Radiak488417
  • Static

#8 (2/10)
"Chargestone Cave" – [NDS] Pokémon Black & White Versions

Timestamp: 0:33–0:39

Guessed by:
  • Elu
  • Radiak488417

#9 (6/10)
"Wing Cap" – [N64] Super Mario 64

Timestamp: 0:06–0:14

I forgot that this first appeared in Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island. I accepted that answer as well.

Guessed by:
  • braix
  • FlamezofDeath
  • Latios212
  • Radiak488417
  • ShyYoshiGuy
  • Static

#10 (2/10)
"Lon Lon Ranch" – [N64] The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Timestamp: 0:42–0:59

Guessed by:
  • Latios212
  • Radiak488417

#11 (3/10)
"Eternal Bond" – [Wii] Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn

Timestamp: 0:06–0:14

More famously known as "Ike's Theme" from Super Smash Bros.

Guessed by:
  • FlamezofDeath
  • Maelstrom
  • Radiak488417

#12 (1/10)
"Dark Manor" – [Wii] Kirby's Epic Yarn

Timestamp: 0:42–0:50

Guessed by:
  • Static

#13 (3/10)
"Ghost Gulping" – [N64] Paper Mario

Timestamp: 0:17–0:25

Guessed by:
  • Dekkadeci
  • Finallevel856
  • Static

#14 (0/10)
"Maybe I'm a Lion" – [PS1] Final Fantasy VIII

Timestamp: 1:36–1:40

Guessed by:

#15 (0/10)
"End" – [NDS] Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Trials and Tribulations

Timestamp: 0:51–1:01

Guessed by:


With an amazing score of 10/15!

And congratulations to our runner-up, Latios212, with a score of 7/15!

Score List (out of 15)
Radiak488417 (10)
Latios212 (7)
FlamezofDeath, Static (6)
braix, Elu (2)
Dekkadeci, Finallevel856, Maelstrom, ShyYoshiGuy (1)

Average Score: 3.70

Melody Quiz, 10 New Melodies - Pokemon Main Series and Spinoff Games

DM me on discord at Elu#0001 to check your answers. Good luck!

(I highly suggest checking out some of the other quizzes on here as well besides mine. There are some really good arrangements in them!)

By the way, if you're a Pokémon fan, don't forget to check this out!

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