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Quote from: Latios212 on May 03, 2021, 04:28:28 PMAlrighty! Some feedback to start:

- Playability of the intro - the right hand is really fast and even though everything sticks within an octave range I think the amount of notes makes it tricky to hit all of them easily. I would suggest doing something like removing the notes in the top layer to have the right hand focus on the 16th notes.
- Also watch out for overly large intervals that would be difficult to play at this tempo - like m. 2 LH beat 2, m. 18 RH beta 1, and m. 45 RH beat 4.5. These tenth intervals are difficult/unplayable at this tempo, so consider removing notes in the less important voice accordingly.
- Octave clefs aren't used in piano music. You can use an 8vb line or simply a text performance note (like in the first measure) to indicate that the left hand should be played lower.
- Avoid using staccato'd dotted quarter notes for the rhythm in m. 3 and places like it - just use a staccato quarter + eighth rest instead.
- We can get to formatting in Finale later, but make sure you consult the formatting guidelines for how the composer and arranger info is to be presented. Also make sure the game name matches what we use on site and that the URL has a https instead of http.

I can come back to check the notes at a later time!

okay, i changed the intro for the right hand to make it more playable. i think i fixed all the major formatting problems

for the large intervals, i've just been putting some of the notes in the second part in parenthesis. should i get rid of them altogether instead? (like at the end of measure 45?)
Quote from: Latios212 on May 02, 2021, 04:40:03 PMHey there! Wondering if you might have missed feedback on your previous submission - since all review is done through the forum topics -

This submission looks significantly neater (nice work!), but just wanted to make sure you'll be around to iterate on feedback before I go start checking everything :)

oh yep, my bad. sorry 'bout that
Quote from: Latios212 on December 27, 2020, 01:31:45 PMHey there, welcome to NSM! :D

Couple logistical things real quick - I've updated your arranger name to "The Vulpine Sax" to match your sheet. And you can edit your submissions through the NSM Panel to reupload new files instead of deleting and creating new submissions.

As I skim, a few observations about the arrangement itself before we talk about formatting or anything:
- There shouldn't be any triplets in the piece. The rhythms you've notated as triplets conform to 4/4 time (for the ones like the beginning of m. 3, as dotted eighth + sixteenth notes).
- The arrangement feels a bit empty in some places due to the lack of activity in the lower ranges of the piano. I would recommend including bass notes instead of the upper 16th note runs in the intro. You may want to try out playing fifths instead of just the bass note on page 2.
- The rhythm for the left hand part for the beginning of the second page is incorrect.


I think I fixed the formatting errors. I was still figuring out how to do some of them

I fixed the rhythms, although the right-hand part from measure 15 to 22 is giving me trouble. The part sounds right, but there is probably a better way to notate it that I haven't figured out.