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Help! / Help with Time Sig Transitions
October 04, 2015, 07:38:54 PM
Hey guys!

So, I'm arranging a medley of 3 Christmas songs for my steel drum band. They are Welcome Christmas (from the Grinch), Christmas Time is Here, and Hark the Herald Angels Sing. It's early for Christmas, I know. Bear with me. Anyway, since the songs go in that order, the time signature will go from 4/4->3/4->4/4. Anyone know how I would go about making these transitions? I can provide more info and the sheet if necessary.
Help! / All Time Signature Templates for Notepad Users
September 28, 2015, 07:55:24 PM
There has been some discussion recently regarding the template. Namely, Notepad users cannot open the .ftm file format, nor are they able to adjust the time signature. Therefore, I have created a Dropbox folder with multiple different time signature combinations that should cover almost any scenario. The list will be below; let me know if I should add more. Also, I think this one could probably use a sticky.

Note: Notepad users are able to change the key signature; make sure you change it before you begin inputting notes, otherwise they will be transposed. Also, if your song changes keys or time signatures, you can request a file with the appropriate changes here.

Folder of Time Signature Templates

Current Folder Includes:

-Common time (4/4)
-4/4 (with Swing)
-Cut time (2/2)
-2/2 (with Swing)

Now, if you've got your time signature down, but you need a proper tempo marking for said time signature, check out this thread! Thanks to Th3Gavst3r for providing additional help for Notepad users!

Olimar12345: Editing the OP to include this post:

I've upgraded this thread so that solo piano template files include all of the tempo markings from Th3Gavst3r's thread. I also threw in the following useful expressions:

-con pedale
-senza pedale
-Swing 8s
-Jazz 8s
-Straight 8s
-Swing 16s
-Straight 16s

Additionally, I have created these templates for both types of piano duet: four hands and two pianos.

[Folder of Time Signature Templates No. 2 (Solo Piano)] [Direct Download ALL as .Zip]
[Folder of Time Signature Templates No. 2 (Four Hands)] [Direct Download ALL as .Zip]
[Folder of Time Signature Templates No. 2 (Two Pianos)] [Direct Download ALL as .Zip]

All folders include the following time signature templates:

-Common time (4/4)
-4/4 (with Swing)
-Cut time (2/2)
-Cut time (2/2) (with Swing)

ALSO, if you have already started arranging and need to add a tempo mark to your already-created file, you can load [this library] to your file via the File menu and it will add all 900 of Th3Gavst3r's tempo markings to your file.
Self-explanatory. Probably not necessary yet, but just in case.
And the story is off! All BBCoded up, too. Font and everything. That's how good it will be. There's still time to be a character! PM or Skype me with character details and the gaming franchise you want to represent! Hurry, before it is too late!

Remember: Only comment in the separate COMMENTS for TheMarioPianist's Story #1 thread. I want to keep this thread for the story only. If you post here, I will politely ask you to remove it before taking more drastic measures.

Another warning: I am generally a clean person, but the occasional swear word may show up in this story. There will not be any inappropriate scenes in this story, but sometimes, as a writer, I must convey emotion. And saying "What the fruit happened to your darn head?" just doesn't capture emotion the same way. Granted, these words will be few and far between, and the most vulgar words will probably never appear. But if you cannot handle a story with true emotion, please just don't read it, ok? I think most of us here are mature enough to handle a story without censoring. This one would barely need it anyway. Just a fair warning. I promise you, the swearing that appears in Chapter One is not how the rest of the book will appear. You will understand why it is that way. It fits the situation.
Hey guys, just wanted to get your guys opinions on this. Of course, video game music would remain a top priority. However, I wanted to see if anyone would be interested in me doing other types of arrangements, such as TV show themes or even Pop/Top 40 type songs. If there are any non-video game songs you'd like me to arrange, request them right here. I will honor all of them. If there is no interest, I probably won't do any.
TheMarioPianist's Performance Submissions

Well, what could be better than arranging tunes for the Internet than performing them? At least, that's my opinion. Hopefully my videos aren't terrible. I know my video and audio quality aren't at the highest level, but I think they should suffice. My main concern is my playing quality. I tend to screw up a lot in front of the camera. Its normal, sure, but as a perfectionist I always think my stuff sounds really bad. Hopefully your comments will assure me that is not the case!

Submission List
1. "Captain Toad Goes Forth!" Super Mario 3D World [Wii U]
2. "Astral Observatory" The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask [N64]
Hey guys,

Not doing a real fancy OP here yet (mainly because I don't have any videos yet) but just figured I'd at least give myself a head start in terms of subscribers (hopefully :)). Based on my YouTube name (TheMarioPianist), you'll probably assume that most of the arrangements that I'll choose to do will be Super Mario songs. And you'll probably be right. Not that I won't do anything else; I'll push myself out of my comfort zone of Mario music eventually. But anyway, any recommendations for a first video? I don't want to do something insanely difficult, but at the same time, I'd like to do something complex enough to establish myself as at least a fairly decent pianist. Oh yea, and I'll just get this out of the way now for anyone who might ask: No, my name was not in any way inspired by Video Game PianistTM

My Channel

Dang, why didn't I name myself TheMarioPianist on this site? So much better than cqk328...I guess I can at least change my arranger name to that...
The Super Mario 3D World Unofficial Arrangement Project

Hey guys, cqk328 here. Since I realized that doing an entire OST is a long, large, project, mariolegofan and I have decided that this UNOFFICIAL project needs a thread of its own.

Songs play in order. Watch on YouTube; exact times are in description.

The Songs

1. Title-Claimed by Yug_Guy.
2. World 1-Arranged by mariolegofan. [.mus] [.musx]
3. Super Bell Hill-Submitted
4. Cave-Claimed by Yug_Guy.
5. Switch Scramble Circus-Arranged by mariolegofan. [.mus] [.musx]
6. Course Clear-Arranged by mayastarr041. [.mus] [.musx]
7. World 2-Same as World 1.
8. Inside the Mystery House
9. Mystery House Melee
10. Shifty Boo Mansion-Submitted by E. Gadd Industries [.mus] [.musx]
11. Captain Toad Goes Forth-Already arranged by Maelstrom (ON SITE)
12. Blockade!
13. World 3
14. Chain-Link Charge-Claimed by Yug_Guy.Partial Sheet (.mus)
15. Challenge! Color Panel
16. Color Panel de Mario
17. Pre-Battle
18. Hisstocrat-Claimed by SlowPokemon.
19. World Clear-Claimed by mayastarr041.
20. World 4-Claimed by ThatGamer
21. Sprawling Savannah
22. Beep Block Skyway
23. Fuzzy Time Mine
24. Sprixies' Theme
25. Fort Fire Bros.-Claimed by mariolegofan.
26. Highway Showdown-Claimed (possibly) by Maelstrom.
27. World 5
28. Double Cherry Pass-Claimed by TheMarioPianist
29. One to One! Super Star
30. Footlight Lane
31. The Bullet Bill Express
32. Road to The Great Tower
33. Meowser
34. Battle on the Great Tower 1
35. Battle on the Great Tower 2
36. Meowser's Last Stand
37. Finale
38. Staff Roll-Claimed by TheMarioPianist. COMPLETE(ish)![.mus]
39. Startup-Claimed by mayastarr041.
40. To the Sprixie Kingdom
41. Conkdor Canyon-Claimed by ThatGamer
42. Mount Must Dash-Super Mario Kart-Mario Circuit [SNES]
43. To the Next World!
44. World 6
45. Snowball Park
46. Toad House
47. Hands-On Hall
48. Captain Toad Plays Peek-a-Boo-Claimed by mariolegofan.
49. Green Stars Collected!
50. Sunshine Seaside ~ Underwater-NEW! Arranged by TheMarioPianist Melody and bass complete. [.mus] [.musx]
51. Bowser Land Theme
52. World Castle
53. The Bullet Bill Brigade-Claimed by ThatGamer
54. Pom Pom
55. Piranha Creeper Creek-Claimed by ThatGamer.
56. Mega Mario-This song hasn't really changed. Probably no real reason to do it.
57. Lucky House
58. Lava Lake
59. Chasing Bowser!
60. World Bowser
61. Bowser's Lava Lake Keep
62. Boom Boom
63. Plessie
64. Plunging Falls
65. Miss!
66. Motley Bossblob
67. Victory March-Claimed by Magic Mole.
68. Course Clear (Short Version)-Arranged by mayastarr041. [.mus] [.musx]
69. Emergency! Beyond the Sky
70. World Star-Already arranged by mastersuperfan (ON SITE)
71. Rainbow Run
72. Color Panel de Link
73. Super Block Land-Claimed by Magic Mole.
74. World Mushroom ~ Flower
75. Captain Toad's Fiery Finale
76. Champion's Road-Basically Gusty Garden Galaxy Remix. So probably not necessary.
77. Theme of Super Mario 3D World-Claimed by TheMarioPianist.

The Arrangers

1. TheMarioPianist (Unofficial Project Founder)
2. mariolegofan (Unofficial Project Co-Founder)
3. Yug_Guy
4. SlowPokemon
5. Magic Mole
6. mayastarr041
7. mastersuperfan*
8. E. Gadd Industries*
9. Maelstrom*
To be continued... (*= has arranged a song for the game, but is not currently on the project team)

If anyone wants to help, reply here or PM me. I'll gladly let you work on any of these. Well, almost any of them. The only one I probably won't give up is the Staff Roll. That's going to be my solo masterpiece to arrange. But anything else is fine. This is probably one of the best soundtracks in Super Mario history (although SMG and SMG2 are pretty hard to beat), and that is why these need to get on the site ASAP. Pianists need to learn songs like these.

Don't know a time or key signature? Look here!
Time and Key Signatures
1. Title- E major (4 sharps), 4/4
2. World 1- Db major (5 flats), 4/4
3. Super Bell Hill- F major (1 flat), 4/4
4. Cave- Bb major (2 flats), 4/4
5. Switch Scramble Circus- F major (1 flat), 4/4
6. Course Clear- F major (1 flat), 4/4
7. World 2- Db major (5 flats), 4/4
8. Inside the Mystery House- C major (shifts keys too much for 1 to be any key), 4/4
9. Mystery House Melee- starts in D major (2 sharps), goes up a half step every 4 measures, 4/4
10. Shifty Boo Mansion- G# minor (5 sharps), later switches to E minor (1 sharp), 3/4
11. Captain Toad Goes Forth- F major (1 flat), 4/4
12. Blockade!- C minor? (3 flats), 4/4
13. World 3- E major (4 sharps), 4/4
14. Chain-Link Charge- Eb major (3 flats), 4/4
15. Challenge! Color Panel- shifts between C major and D major, Eb major at the end, 4/4
16. Color Panel de Mario- Eb major (3 flats), 4/4
17. Pre-Battle- C# minor? (4 sharps), 4/4
18. Hisstocrat- G minor (2 flats), 4/4
19. World Clear- F major (1 flat), 4/4
20. World 4- C major, 4/4
21. Sprawling Savannah- A major (3 sharps), 4/4
22. Beep Block Skyway- F# major (6 sharps), 4/4
23. Fuzzy Time Mine- D minor (1 flat), 4/4
24. Sprixies' Theme- Bb major (2 flats), 4/4
25. Fort Fire Bros.- E major (4 sharps), 4/4
26. Highway Showdown- Bb minor (5 flats), 4/4
27. World 5- Ab major (4 flats), 6/8 or 12/8?
28. Double Cherry Pass- D major (2 sharps), 4/4
29. One to One! Super Star- C major, 4/4
30. Footlight Lane- Eb major (3 flats), 6/8 or 12/8?
31. The Bullet Bill Express- Eb major (3 flats)?, 4/4
32. Road to The Great Tower- C# minor (4 sharps), 4/4
33. Meowser- Eb/D# minor (6 sharps/flats) I think? 4/4
34. Battle on the Great Tower 1- D minor (1 flat), 4/4
35. Battle on the Great Tower 2- B major (5 sharps), 4/4
36. Meowser's Last Stand- D major (2 sharps), 4/4
37. Finale- E major (4 sharps), 4/4
38. Staff Roll- G major (1 sharp), later F minor (4 flats) then G# minor (5 sharps), 4/4
39. Startup- D major (2 sharps), 4/4
40. To the Sprixie Kingdom- Bb major (2 flats), then C minor (3 flats), 4/4
41. Conkdor Canyon- A major (3 sharps), 4/4
42. Mount Must Dash-Super Mario Kart-Mario Circuit [SNES]
43. To the Next World!- Bb major (2 flats) then B major (5 sharps), 4/4
44. World 6- G major (1 sharp), 4/4
45. Snowball Park- C major, 4/4
46. Toad House- multiple keys, (Eb major, F major, F# major, Ab major), 4/4
47. Hands-On Hall- C# minor (4 sharps), 4/4
48. Captain Toad Plays Peek-a-Boo- C minor (3 flats), 6/8
49. Green Stars Collected!- F major (1 flat), 4/4 (literally 1 measure...)
50. Sunshine Seaside ~ Underwater- C Major, then Db major (5 flats), 4/4
51. Bowser Land Theme- E minor (1 sharp), 4/4
52. World Castle- C minor (3 flats), 6/8
53. The Bullet Bill Brigade- D minor (1 flat), 4/4
54. Pom Pom- A minor, 4/4
55. Piranha Creeper Creek- E major (4 sharps), 4/4
56. Mega Mario- multiple keys, 4/4
57. Lucky House- Db major (5 flats), 4/4
58. Lava Lake- E major (4 sharps), 4/4
59. Chasing Bowser!- D minor? (1 flat), 4/4
60. World Bowser- E minor (1 sharp), 4/4
61. Bowser's Lava Lake Keep- F minor? (4 flats), 6/4
62. Boom Boom- E major (4 sharps), 4/4
63. Plessie- E major (4 sharps), 4/4 (possibly 8/4?)
64. Plunging Falls- A major (3 sharps), 4/4
65. Miss!- C major, 4/4?
66. Motley Bossblob- E minor (1 sharp), 4/4
67. Victory March- C major, 4/4
68. Course Clear (Short Version)- F major (1 flat), 4/4
69. Emergency! Beyond the Sky- many keys and is very rubato, 4/4
70. World Star-Already arranged by mastersuperfan (ON SITE)
71. Rainbow Run- F major (1 flat), 4/4
72. Color Panel de Link- Eb major (3 flats), 4/4
73. Super Block Land- Bb major (2 flats), 4/4
74. World Mushroom ~ Flower- E major (4 sharps), 4/4
75. Captain Toad's Fiery Finale- D minor (1 flat), 6/8
76. Champion's Road-Basically Gusty Garden Galaxy Remix. So probably not necessary.
77. Theme of Super Mario 3D World- F major (1 flat), then Bb major (2 flats), 4/4

That should be it! If any of these are wrong or you think they might be, let me know ASAP! I did this very quickly and there is a decent chance that I did miss some. Arrangers will probably be using this a lot, so I want it to be accurate!
Piano Arrangements / TMP's Arrangements
July 11, 2015, 03:24:50 PM

[NES] Super Mario Bros. 2

Ground Theme (Edit)
On Site
[N64] Super Mario 64

Super Mario 64 Main Theme
On Site
Title Theme
On Site
Dire, Dire Docks (Edit)
On Site
Complete, Taken Down due to Change on Medley Standards
[N64] Mario Kart 64

Start Grid Fanfare (GP and VS)
On Site
[GCN] Super Mario Sunshine

Delfino Plaza
On Site
[Wii] Super Mario Galaxy

Space Junk Road (Edit)
On Site
[Wii] Wii Sports Resort

Wii Sports Resort Bowling Theme
On Site
[Wii] Super Mario Galaxy 2

World S
On Site
[3DS] Animal Crossing: New Leaf

K. K. Disco
On Site
K. K. Disco (Aircheck)
On Site
K. K. Disco (Music Box)
On Site
K. K. Birthday
On Site
K. K. Birthday (Aircheck)
On Site
K. K. Birthday (Music Box)
On Site
[Wii U] Super Mario 3D World

Super Bell Hill
On Site
Chain-Link Charge
On Site
World Clear
On Site
Course Clear
On Site
Course Clear! (Short Version)
On Site
Sunshine Seaside
In Progress
Staff Roll
In Progress
Grand Finale
On Site
Double Cherry Pass
In Progress

*Note: Currently none of these links are working because if you check, there aren't any actual links here. They are just the filler text from the template by Th3Gavst3r. (Thanks for the great format, and sorry that I'm not creative enough to come up with my own!) In time, this will be a fully functional PAT. I just didn't want to lose what I have done so far. Hopefully, since this is on the third page anyway, no one will actually notice this page while it is in a non-functioning state.