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So I'm trying to play songs submitted on the site like K.K. Disco and Gerudo Valley. I can play both hands separately, but I can't put them together because I'm terrible at rhythm. I decided to download this sight-reading software (Home Concert) to help with since it's well reviewed and there was a 50% sale going on.

However, when I load a MIDI file, all the notes are just mashed up into one staff. It's probably because there's only one channel in the file. It seems the TimeWarp had a Keyboard Split Utility in the past that could resolve this, but they removed it.

This is incredibly frustrating; I've been trying out different software to try and split the MIDI channels into two. I tried using Reaper, but that's just a whole mess since I'm having more and more issues the more I delve into it.

Anybody know of a free software that can easily edit MIDIs?
Music / Piano games similar to Synthesia?
January 16, 2015, 10:47:40 AM
I was vacuuming the behind my electric piano and I found out it had a USB to Host port. I downloaded the trial version of Synthesia, but it wasn't really for me--I can only read staves.

I was curious if there's any piano games you've tried by hooking up your keyboard to a computer. Is there software like Synthesia that uses staves instead of Guitar Hero-esque notes, just like how the Finale playback runs?
I imported an awesome game called Daigasso! Band Bros. P, and it's a Nintendo game that's sort of like Guitar Hero/Rock Band. The main difference is that the song list is all instrumental and all user-made.

I'm not into J-Pop, so I want to transcribe American pop songs into the game. Though, I'm not sure where to look. I'd need sheet music that contains all parts of the original song.
So far, I transcribed American Author's Best Day of My Life because I used Finale NotePad to convert a MIDI into sheet music. There are no other friendly MIDI files that Finale can open.

Anyway, I guess what I'm asking is, where can I get sheet music for popular songs that have all the instrument parts? Is there a term for that (searching "band sheet music" just leads me to high school bands)?
Is there a program that can recognize MIDI files and outputs a better sheet than Finale or MuseScore?
Help! / MuseScore users
February 14, 2014, 04:43:06 PM
I've been looking for this lovely certain song for ages, and I learned of a wonderful program called MuseScore (not as friendly as Finale, but it's hella great). Through it, I converted a MIDI file to a full blown sheet.
Of course, it's incredibly glitchy, so only those with good music theory skills can fix it up. I cleaned it up immensely for a piano solo and an optional violin harmony if my sister would like to play, but is still clearly unfinished.

I need help with some nasty messes or any other things that look wrong (I'm still working on rhythm notation). It'll be evident where they are in the sheet. Just any tips to keep the melody intact while actually being physically able to play and clearly read.

Oh, I'm not sure if I'm able to state what the title of the song is, considering that's the reason there's no damn sheet music for it anywhere outside Japan.
The measures in need are:
25, 36-37, 63-72, 89-92
Help! / Classical music
February 01, 2013, 08:02:46 PM
I remember not too long ago somebody made arrangements for classical music because it was in Brain Age. I don't think they tried for submission.

If there's classical music in a videogame, is it available for submission?
The game that I'm transcribing from has arrangements of classical music but with a modern twist to them, such as Pachelbel's Canon with rock elements.
Since I have no arranging skills at all, I thought I could transcribe some of WarioWare D.I.Y. records. So far, I'm getting the hang of Finale Notepad already. Until I have the skills to learn notes by ear, I'll just transcribe some of the songs.

WarioWare D.I.Y.
9-Volt's records:
"A. Crossing" - "Animal Crossing on the piano!"
Jimmy's Records:
"Melancholy" (Rough Draft) - "Fiery tango with a dash of heartbreak"
Easy Breezy - "Kick back in the bossa-nova lounge."

The only problem I have is the rhythm groupings. I have no idea whether to use a dotted note, or to tie notes together.
Help! / Finale Notepad (New Q)
January 30, 2013, 06:20:20 PM
Before I try actually arranging, I wanted to get around Finale Notepad so I can use it effectively in the future. WarioWare: D.I.Y. is a lot like Mario Paint, and has pre-loaded songs in which I can transcribe into Notepad.

The problem is that I realized this is a watered down version of Finale, which makes sense, so I can't do all the things that I need to transcribe. I can't switch octaves, not all layers play during playback, expressions/dynamics won't play during playback, and all that stuff. The template provides all the symbols, but it doesn't do anything for playback.

Does everyone here actually use Finale Notepad? If you do, are there ways around this? I'd like to buy a better version, but I have no way to purchase anything online, not like I have the money anyway.
Music / How do you guys recognize notes so easily?
October 04, 2012, 07:27:49 PM
I don't want to sound like a moron, but how do guys do it? You guys can just listen to an excerpt of a simple piece of music and write it down.

Everything was going great in music theory until we got to ear training. So far, I can only recognize major/perfect intervals in C major.

It's upsetting; I really want to recognize notes, but it's just really difficult. I can't even recognize a note that's played by itself.
The only note that I can probably notice is C3, since that's the octave I imagine C in my head. If I heard a C4 I'd probably understand it also, but other Cs are lost to me.

Yeah, this just shows how much I suck. Did you guys have problems with recognizing notes when you first started? How'd you overcome it?
Since NotePad is free again, I thought I should try and learn how to use it before my music theory/compositions class starts. The thing is, I can't listen listen to music and then convert it to notes.

I was thinking I could "arrange" some music from WarioWare D.I.Y.,a game similar to Mario Paint. The game has pre-loaded records composed by the game's composers, and it wouldn't be too hard to copy the records into Finale (of course, I would need to familiarize myself first).

If I copied the music into Finale, would the arrangements be acceptable for submissions? I'm just curious since I'm arranging using my eyes instead of my ears, which isn't typical for NinSheetMusic's arrangements.
Request / [Wii] Rhythm Heaven Fever - "Bossa Nova"
April 28, 2012, 05:45:51 PM
If you've ever played Bossa Nova on Rhythm Heaven Fever, you should know that it's one of the most relaxing pieces in the game.

It would really be amazing if it was on the piano. I really love this song. If someone could arrange this, I would be extremely grateful. Bossa is just great.

MP3 (MediaFire)

Thank you so much guys!
Nintendo / Rhythm Heaven Fever
March 01, 2012, 04:17:15 PM
This game is amazing. If you have spare cash, spend it on this.

Don't be fooled by its flamboyant and childish cover, the game really is awesome.

The songs are catchy, especially the vocals. There'll be songs that will just be stuck in your head, and force you to play just so you can play into the rhythm! The downside is that the game is short. Only 50 minigames, few of them being sequels to other ones. Although it's short, you can be guaranteed that you'll be heading to unlock other minigames and songs by getting a perfect  rating on challenging minigames that give you anxiety and immense pressure!

Do I sound like a salesperson? Well, I just want to spread the love of Rhythm Heaven. Hardly anyone on NSM even know what Rhythm Heaven is D:
If anyone's familiar with WarioWare Mega Microgames, then you should know this song. I was playing this game on the 3DS, and it reminded me of the first time I played it...

I would be grateful if someone would actually made an arrangement upon this request. It looks difficult to arrange, though.

Feedback / Love is in the Air
November 30, 2011, 05:29:53 PM
I was looking through the Super Mario section to look for some Yoshi songs to play.

I could've sworn that there was a song for the Tall, Tall Tower. Was that song in this site?
Nintendo / Animal Crossing
October 28, 2011, 05:16:31 PM
I really love Animal Crossing. I'm not sure if anyone here plays it, so I'm just curious.

I have all of the US Animal Crossing games, and also Doubutsu no Mori e+. So far, Doubutsu no Mori e+ is the best. I'm hoping the upcoming game will top the rest.

Who else loves the series?
Sorry for being a burden for the arrangers taking requests.

I really love rag, and I also love Animal Crossing. It would be awesome to play K.K. Ragtime.

I appreciate it :)

I finally found an MP3 of a song that I really love... I'm sure other people would find this song amazing if they heard it.
It's called Iris, from Professor Layton. It's amazing, and sad at the same time. I just love this song.

Sorry for being so needy. I have no talent in arranging, or playing by ear, so I can only ask the kind people of NSM for these requests.
Completed and on site

This song is so catchy, it just sounds nostalgic to players who've played it a long time ago.
I'd be extremely grateful if someone would arrange this song. Thank you :)

EDIT: The link is always changing, resulting in a bad link.
That's the link to the download.
Feedback / Main website
October 14, 2010, 04:09:43 PM
I'm not sure if I'm the only who has this problem, or if this is a server problem, but the main website can't display links properly.
Feedback / Cerulean City/3 Earthbound sections
September 25, 2010, 03:58:05 PM
When you click on Cerulean City, the arrangement says it's Celadon City.

EDIT: I've noticed that Earthbound has three sections (not because it's a trilogy).
I really like these songs. Can some one please arrange them?


[GCN- Animal Crossing] Animal Island Ignore the door slam and ocean waves
[GCN- Animal Crossing] Christmas Eve (Toy Day)
[NDS- Animal Crossing Wild World] Title Screen
[NES- Yoshi's Cookie] Versus Music A
[NES- Yoshi's Cookie] Versus Music B
[NDS- Mario & Luigi Parters in Time] Holli Jolli Village
[NDS- WarioWare: Touched] Ashley's Theme
[GBA- WarioWare: TWISTED!] Mona Pizza
[GBA- WarioWare: TWISTED!] Wario de Mambo

I think these songs would be amazing arrangements for the site, but I also would like to play all of these. The top things on this list I'd like is:
Wario de Mambo

Please go to:
[GBA/NDS] WarioWare: Twisted!/Touched! - Multiple Songs - Taser9090
[NES] Yoshi's Cookie - Multiple Songs - Taser9090
[GCN/NDS] Animal Crossing - Multiple Songs - Taser9090

Nintendo / The new DSi XL
March 06, 2010, 03:19:38 PM
I'm sure that you guys heard of the new DSi. It's a hassle to always keep up with Nintendo's products... I always want the newest of their products :p

It's going to be released on 3/28/2010, the same date WarioWare D.I.Y. is released.

I'm going to get the new DSi, but not immediately. I want WarioWare D.I.Y. even more.