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Nintendo / Re: Tears of the Kingdom
October 30, 2022, 11:29:57 PM
Yup. 5 of us voted. :D Underground won the vote (2/5)
I'd like to point out that evolution results in multiple species (hence why there are things called "common ancestors"), so it's not completely implausible that Gorons and cookies evolved from a common "living cookie" ancestor.

Hylians - 0
Scientists - 1
Nintendo / Re: Tears of the Kingdom
October 11, 2022, 09:08:55 AM
I'm hoping they have it a bit more focused than BotW. I appreciate open world elements, but I feel like an approach more similar to ALttP would be better, where going through the story gives you items that allow you to explore more. I wasn't a huge fan of the lack of story requirements either, as I think speedruns are most fun to watch when skips are discovered. They found a way to skip some dialogue in the intro, but imagine how much more cool it would be if they had to find work arounds for other sections of the game.
Discussed with Bloop via Discord. All SHOULDTM be taken care of, with the exception of the tempo change in m46. There were other changes made, but as Bloop is the only one reviewing this at the moment and knows about every single one, I don't feel a need to go over them in detail. ;D
Off-Topic / Re: hi
September 29, 2022, 09:41:02 PM
I know you from the time I've spent going through the requests board. Welcome back to the site! Very different from when you left, as far as I know. ;D

And we're back! The files have been updated since the old submission was deleted, so all of Bloop's previous feedback should be taken care of. :D
I do hear m64 RH as it is currently written. Inquiry for Radiak: Is the entire organ part an octave up? It might be that technically it was written an octave up but because of the soundfont sounds more like how Lat and NineLives put it, especially because I can kinda sorta hear all of the notes m62 b3.33 to m65 as an octave up from what they've written.

On an unrelated note, I have a couple points other points of feedback for you two:
 - m7 (and 23) b2 I hear an E right under the A
 - m10 b3.5 I hear another chord (shift from the previous one, not a restrike)
To Mael: It's supposed to. I pushed delete a couple times instead of backspace when trying to get placements correct and I thought I'd caught them all. Apparently not. :P I also changed the LH of m34 to be the same as m26 because apparently I forgot to do that too.  ::)

To Lat: I'll definitely take some help on that. Can't say I was too happy with the spacing, but I also had no clue how to do it better. Thanks for being willing to help me. :D
I agree with your point, Maelstrom. Measures changed are m26, m42, m54, m58, and m62. For m54 and m62, I made b4 the same as b2 was for consistency. Let me know if you think I shouldn't have changed those.

And for Lat, yes I would very much appreciate help with spacing.
Both should be fixed! Thanks (once again) for the feedback!
 - Tempo mark should be fixed
 - m20/21 I read your previous comment on these measures as RH before. LH octave has been added in.
 - m31 Whoops. Should be fixed
 - m25/33 Moved the top note down an octave to make it more playable.
 - m27/35 I actually really like the suggestion to add in the upper harmonies. It has been done.
 - m36/37 Mono audio for the win! After a mention of earbuds making it clear over Discord and then me not noticing a difference when I tried it, I noticed I had mono audio on. Much more comfortable for the ears, much less helpful for arranging. Has been adjusted to what you mentioned before. I'll have to keep that in mind when reviewing too...  :-[

Thanks again for the feedback and patience with me! I think I got it done right this time! ;D
Quote from: Bloop on September 09, 2022, 11:49:07 AM-inkjets back to my own sheet to delete yokota from my sheet-

Stem directions should be fixed! Thanks!
 - m3-8 I hear the B below middle C played throughout these measures. m3 and m5-7 I think it plays on almost every note (I don't hear it on b1.5 or 1.75 but I do hear it on all the others), and m4 and m8 it plays on b1.5. Technically speaking, I believe this pattern continues throughout the whole section, but I support leaving it out of everything after these measures to prevent overclutter.
 - m8 I hear an upper voice like the one in m4: B on 1.5, Cn on 2.5, 3.5, and 4. I also hear a Cn an octave up in the RH on b4 (I'd just adjust the one in the RH and add a new one to the LH.
 - m19 b3.5-4/5 I do believe these 8th notes aren't staccato.
 - m21-23 RH These are the chords you're working with.
You cannot view this attachment.
The bottom note is definitely restruck each time, and it's up to you if you include the other two (cuz I can't hear well enough to know if the notes are/aren't there, lol), but I'd suggest making them consistent (so if you only do the top and bottom note in one measure, do the same in the other two).

I think that's everything I got for ya! I look forward to playing the completed version! ;D
Tempo mark: Interesting. I attempted to fix it, so let me know if it's better?
m1: Funny, I debated doing this when I first arranged it but then decided not to. Seeing as you also think it should be, however, I have gone and added it in.
m2: You right.
m20-21: If you listen close enough, there's an octave above all the notes from m5b4-m21b3. However, that's hard to play for the entire time, so I left them out of all measures for consistency. Let me know if you think I should add them in to m20/21 anyways.
m22 et al: Taken care of.
m23/31: Changed to a quarter
m25/33: All three points taken care of.
m27/35: While I see what you're saying, there is a sudden drop in momentum that occurs when I drop that layer out. As such, I'd prefer to leave the lower layer in.
m36/37: I tried to hear it as you wrote it, and I couldn't. I hear nothing on beat 2 and I hear a G on beats 2.5 and 3. While I don't hear a G on beats 4 or 1, dropping the chords out entirely leads to the final note (m37 b1-3) being VERY bland. I have left it as I had it before for now, but if you come up with any ideas to change that up while not making it resolve poorly, let me know and I'll gladly consider incorporating them.
Composer: As with Falbi's House, I left them as is.

Thanks again for your feedback, Bloop! It's always a nice feeling when you pop on forum and see your sheet has feedback! ;D