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Started by seyapianist, December 15, 2021, 07:59:05 PM

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Hello! I will be uploading all of my current arrangements for piano here.

My goal is to transcribe as many Genshin Impact songs as I can because it's a very popular but new game, so it hasn't had the database of transcriptions that other games have. Please feel free to check them out & critique them.

Golden Apple Archipelago
Comforting Quietude

Note: Some of my sheets are not formatted properly yet! Sorry about that.


Hiya! Continuing feedback from here

This is pretty solid, I have a few things to bring up for you to adjust. I can help you convert to Finale once you make more edits and we can put it back in submissions if you're ready~

- The tempo marking should use a dotted quarter since this is now in 6/8.
- There's a couple extra notes in the left hand part at the beginning - it doesn't repeat the same pattern exactly. As such, this section should be expanded instead of using a repeat for the first two bars. Other feedback below will use the measure numbers as they currently are, though.
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- I think the last LH note of m. 3 and 5 is actually a C instead of a D.
- I don't think I hear the D grace note at the beginning of m. 5.
- For the syncopated 16th note rhythms in m. 7-10, I would suggest connecting the beams for beats 1-3 and 4-6. For whatever reason MuseScore doesn't do this by default, but I think it makes it a bit easier to see where things line up with the beat and the left hand:
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- The first left hand note in m. 7 should be B instead of G. The highest note (on beat 4) should be an F# instead of G.
- Since this is 6/8 a few rhythms need to be adjusted to show the 4th beat of the measure. Notably, this means that half notes (like in m. 4, 13, 17) shouldn't be used. Also, the right hand part in m. 6 needs to be grouped differently. See if you can adjust the note lengths to make more sense with the arrangement (for instance, the note in the last measure could just fill up the whole measure).

That should cover most of it, but I'll do a final check of everything later in submissions when getting the files finalized. Let me know if you have questions about any of the above :)
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