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Sunny's Arrangements ~ New "rain" Arrangements - 8/20

Started by sunnydelight18, April 08, 2013, 07:40:48 PM

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Songwriter is a twat and thinks the timing also has to be the staff name. And if I delete it, it also deletes the timing.  :P



Thank you! (:

Updated Folklore "The End of Memories".



You're just pumping out Animal Crossing arrangements, aren't you? XD

Great job, just remember that quality > quantity and to make sure that all your sheets meet the requirements before making a ton of them.

I actually didn't look at the sheets, that's not within my abilities to critique them. Just a reminder.  :D
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One of the main reasons I started arranging was so that I could play more AC songs. xD

No worries. I'm sure you get lots of people posting half-assed arrangements. I follow the sheet guidelines, and make sure my sheets are as accurate as I think I can get them before posting. :)


Naw, your arrangements are great sunny!

The only one you said you need help on is 11:00 am, but I'm scared of jazz.  :-\
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straight from the department of redundancy department


Aw, thank you! I do feel like I'm improving at least a little.

It's actually not too bad. I think I've got all of it, it's just the ending that needs to be fixedcompletely redone. I feel like a couple chords are a bit off as well, but I haven't even tried it on my piano yet. When I do I should be able to fix that easily.


Quote from: sunnydelight18 on June 25, 2013, 09:57:17 AMAw, thank you! I do feel like I'm improving at least a little a lot.


Can't wait to see more arrangements/updates!
Quote from: Dudeman on January 23, 2017, 05:35:59 PM
straight from the department of redundancy department


Well, until school starts back up, I expect to keep adding arrangements at this pace.

Added Kingdom Hearts: 368/2 "Xion's Theme".


Added Animal Crossing: City Folk/New Leaf arrangement "Stale Cupcakes(Live)"


What happened to your New Leaf arrangements? The URLs seem to be broken.

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For the love of all that is holy...

They were working. Fixed them now, hopefully.


Added unfinished arrangement The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess "Dangoro".


ahhh more zelda songs

Sunny will you be my gf

I'll help you out with this one.  I don't have Finale, so I'm not in a position to make changes for you, but here are some things that should help:

First off, I would put that series of eigth notes as an upbeat, rather than starting the first measure with them.

Bar 3-4: Beef up the chords a little more.  I hear suspension, so that means in the right hand, change that half note dot to to a quarter E-A-D.  At least I think that's suspension.  After that, an eigth note F#-B-E, another eigth note Eb-Ab-Db, and then your triplet, which is E-A-D (all natural) , G#-C#-F#, and A-D-G.  The fermata'd chord it ends on is Bb-Eb-Ab (or A#-D#-G#, not sure which).  Now the left hand.  Crap, I need screenshots for this.


Yeah, that should help a little.  Let me know if you need me to be clearer.

Bar 5-6: Those C octaves should be Eb-Ab-Db.

Bar 13-14: That should be this.  In the right hand.

I'm exhausted, and that's all I have energy for right now, but a couple things.  One: Spit already claimed a song very similar to this.  Yours is technically different, so it'll be nice to compare them when he's done.

Also: is a great place to check for MIDIs before arranging, and they happen to have one for this song.  I would recommend checking with that for accuracy, they're quite good.

Good luck! Finish it if you can!