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TWG 60: 2fool4skool

Started by Bird, October 10, 2013, 10:51:49 AM

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TWG: 2fool4skool

Effect 1: Every phase, the number of green and red players remaining is revealed.
Effect 2: The most active player gets a sonnet written about them in the post-game.

1. Wolf
2. Wolf

3. Human
4. Human
5. Human
6. Human
7. Human
8. Human
9. Human
10. Human

11. Fool
- Doesn't count for humans or wolves. Wins independently when he's killed. If all three fools are killed, the game ends.
12. Fool - Doesn't count for humans or wolves. Wins independently when he's killed.  If all three fools are killed, the game ends.
13. Fool - Doesn't count for humans or wolves. Wins independently when he's killed.  If all three fools are killed, the game ends.


1. FSM-Reapr
2. MaestroUGC
3. vermilionvermin
4. Waddle Bro
5. The_Subjective_Thought
6. davy
7. The Boy Who Cried Wolf
8. fank009
9. Mashi
10. Bubbles
11. Olimar12345
12. Greg
13. BlackDragonSlayer


Wolf PM (BCC)
QuoteWolf: [name]
Also a wolf: [name]

Kill some humans, try not to kill too many fools. Good luck, guys!

Fool PM (BCC)
QuoteYou're a fool.

You win when you die. If all three fools die, the game ends early! Good luck!

Human PM (BCC)
QuoteYou're a human. Kill some wolves, try not to kill too many fools!

Chatroom Link (Thanks Mashi)

Day 1
Night 2
Day 2
Night 3
Day 3
Night 4
Day 4
Night 5
Game End


Inactivity will result in a warning, further inactivity will result in you being replaced. Just make at least one decent post/vote per day phase and you'll be fine!

It is now Night 1. Night 1 ends Friday, October 11th at 8:00 PM CST. Alternatively, it ends in about 31 hours and 9 minutes from the time this post was made. 8 greens and 5 reds remain. Good luck and have fun!
(2:19:33 AM) Tutan: i don't know how to twg anymore
(2:19:46 AM) bird: its easy you just yell at someone til they die


Can all the fools please claim, I don't want to lynch you guys.


yes let's do it i'm a fool k


oh no i lied i really am going to lynch you guys


I am the Please.

And you should all claim to me.
My powers will allow everyone to win.

How, you ask?
Under my Role enlists a series of powers which I have.
Many of which would be considered OP, but I am the Please, so whatever!!!
And one of those powers allows me to let everyone win if I guess their Roles.
Now everyone, claim to me!!!


But Mashi, I though you were a lover... with everyone  :(
Quote from: NocturneOfShadow
[davy]'s in a way different time zone so basically he pops in at like 2 AM and posts 500 words and wins the game


I can be your Lover when you want me to be. ;)


Hello you all.

I claim fool.

Because I am such a gentle soul, I'll reveal my hand to you. Instead of just acting humanish, hoping I'd get wolfed, I consider that as the more "mainstream" way for me to play my role.

Instead, I'll challenge myself. I will help the humans with all of my might, daring the wolves to wolf me knowing I am a threat to them.

So come at me. Come at me with all you have got.



Foolish fools foolishly claim fool thinking its a good idea to foolishly claim fool.
I come for the sheet music but stay for the ...


Fool! What have you done?!?
Try to do everything; you're bound to succeed with at least one.


It seems more useful to a human or wolf to claim to be a fool, rather than an actual fool. Jus sayin' :P
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Waddle Bro

me and fsm have this bet of that the first person to die has to buy the other person a croissant, wolfed or lynched

the situation is in his favor


Okay, if I actually had just PM'd Bird what my Wolf strategy would have been had I been a wolf, and if FSM is a wolf, he is following it.

But now I can't tell if that is what FSM wants us to think.

WiFoM ftw.


Actually, after doing a poo and thinking over stuff I've came to the conclusion that FSM is probably a Fool.

As a wolf I would have expected FSM to act Fool-ish, as a Fool I would have expected FSM to act Wolf-ish. He wanted to claim weakly to make us think that he was a wolf, had he been a Wolf he would have claimed strongly to look like a Fool.

My plan I had thought of before the game started was to claim Fool, side with the humans and provide reasons why I should do such a thing. Explain why it is of their and my advantage to team up on the exception that on the last day they lynch me. I'd hope to get screwed over by the human's though and they'd go lynch someone else.
So anyway, that's my thoughts when I had the mindset of a wolf in my head, but FSM has the mindset of a Fool right now and I don't think he's telling lies. I hope I've got this right, and I hope that FSM's plan failed.


Also, Bird, what happens if we lynch all the Wolves? Then the game won't end until we lynch all the Fools?