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Topics - Composer #40

Home-Made Compositions / Composer #40 wrote another fugue
November 24, 2010, 11:07:31 AM
Composer #40's works he thinks is ready

Fugue for Wind Quintet.pdf
Fugue for Wind Quintet.mp3

Gohdan - Cannoner of the Gods.pdf ("neutral instrument" copy)
Gohdan - Cannoner of the Gods.mp3 ("neutral instrument" copy)
Gohdan - Cannoner of the Gods.pdf (wind instruments copy)
Gohdan - Cannoner of the Gods.mp3 (wind instruments copy)
Gohdan - Cannoner of the Gods.docx (Program Notes)

March of Ganon's Army.pdf
March of Ganon's Army.mp3
March of Ganon's Army.docx (Program Notes)

It is my first attempt at writing a fugue and my professor says it is very successful. Before anyone starts, a fugue is normally in four voices (in theory terms: SATB). I attempted a six-voice fugue in an attempt to use maximum ranges from piccolo all the way down to contrabass. The major problem for this piece is organizing an instrument combination outside of my "neutral instrument" approach to writing this piece. I attempted Wind Ensemble, String Ensemble (needs editing), and I'm now attempting Wind Symphony. Listen to the piece first, then suggest combinations.  

All the pieces I have here are being proofread. Therefore, They're all finished and just need to be reader-friendly. If you want MUS files, PM me.
I'm looking through the site and I go into the 'More' category. I scroll down and then I find that there are three Earthbound categories. Is the server doing a hiccup or what?
One Winged Angel: Advent Children

All I can offer is an Mp3, I just need the guitar parts and possibly the bass and drum set.
Feedback / Mistakes with 2 songs
July 14, 2008, 08:53:56 AM
The song "Lyon's Theme" in Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones, is supposed to be titled "Lyon's Theme (Organ Arrangement)".

The song "Boss Battle" in Sonic the Hedgehog 3, is supposed to be titled "Act 2 Boss" or it can be "Zone Boss" in the Sonic & Knuckles slot. 
I got the 2008 version yesterday and here's the problem.

In (possibly all 2007 finales) you can copy a set of notes from one staff and paste it to a different staff with notes in the second layer and the notes won't be deleted (unless you drag it there). This is used to create multiple "voices" in a staff. Now it's getting rid of those notes in the second layer when I use the copy-paste method and now I have to manually put them in.

Does anyone have a way around this?
Music / Need 2 songs for clarinet
June 04, 2008, 08:18:04 PM
I need two songs for B-flat clarinet with piano accompaniment to get into the music program at a college I'm looking at.

It must have:
- an ending with no "compete song repeats" that most game music have.
- difficult but not super, over-the-top, impossible-to-play-without-tons-of-practice difficult.
- Flashy but not to flashy. (Flashiness ~ difficulty)
- Whoever is playing the piano must also be able to play the accompaniment.
- one tune featuring technique and another featuring dynamic control (slow songs that demand absolute dynamic accuracy).

It's a rigid list but I must have many options so I don't screw up.
Help! / Help with disputed title "Zero-Two"
June 04, 2008, 07:55:24 AM
If we played Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards and 100% completed this should know the final boss 02. This is seen by most as "Zero-Two" which should properly pronounced as "Zero-Squared." I would like to name it "Zero-Squared" or should I keep it as "Zero-Two?"

They also remade this song for SSBB, which is also named 02, for the Halberd stage.

The (almost completed) sheet: 02.MUS

P.S.: whomever can put superscript on Finale sheets, please edit the title to have this. Thanks.
Help! / I need help with Finale coda system!
May 29, 2008, 02:45:28 PM
I have fixed the previous problem with the coda system on The Wedding Waltz from FF VI, but now it made the indent to make it look formal but it shoved the notes and the indent on one line (Measures 68-75).

The Wedding Waltz ~ Duel.MUS

I think the only way to fix it is with the full Finale program, the year version should be 2007 and above.
I arranged this for my concert band and hopefully we will be able to play it next semester.
I would call this my best arrangement so far (and I did it so fast!) ;D

Heart of Fire: MUS
Heart of Fire: Mp3

I might start on one for a "Full" Concert Band by what was given to me by Finale.

EDIT: I fixed a clash in the song. Also might do other full arrangements!
Hello everybody, long time no see. I have been studying music and composition so arranging does not take priority. Today, however, I was looking through my unofficial Kirby 64 soundtrack and found "Miracle Matter." Two hours later and BAM! Here you go.

I haven't been around in over a year so I don't know if most of this list have been done by someone else.

Songs Queued:


[N64] Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards - "Miracle Matter" - Commander6 (midi)

[SNES] Dragon Quest I - "Overture"  - Commander6 (midi)

[SNES] Megaman 7 - "Wily Stage 1" - Commander6 (midi)
[SNES] Megaman 7 - "Wily Stage 2" - Commander6 (midi)
[SNES] Megaman 7 - "Wily Stage 3" - Commander6 (midi)
[SNES] Megaman 7 - "Wily Stage 4" - Commander6 (midi)
[SNES] Megaman 7 - "Wily Stage Boss" - Commander6 (midi)

[N64] Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards - "02" - Commander6 (midi)

[GBA] Final Fantasy VI - "Aria de Mezzo Caraterre" - Commander6 (midi)
[GBA] Final Fantasy VI - "Blackjack" - Commander6 (midi)
[GBA] Final Fantasy VI - "Cyan" - Commander6 (midi)
[GBA] Final Fantasy VI - "Dancing Mad" - Commander6 (midi) Needs work with the repeat function.
[GBA] Final Fantasy VI - "Devil's Lab" - Commander6 (midi)
[GBA] Final Fantasy VI - "Ending Theme" - Commander6 (midi)
[GBA] Final Fantasy VI - "Kefka" - Commander6 (midi)
[GBA] Final Fantasy VI - "Last Dungeon" - Commander6 (midi)
[GBA] Final Fantasy VI - "Mt. Koltz" - Commander6 (midi)
[GBA] Final Fantasy VI - "Mystery Train" - Commander6 (midi)
[GBA] Final Fantasy VI - "New Continent" - Commander6 (midi)
[GBA] Final Fantasy VI - "Overture" - Commander6 (midi)
[GBA] Final Fantasy VI - "Slam Shuffle" - Commander6 (midi)
[GBA] Final Fantasy VI - "Spinach Rag" - Commander6 (midi)
[GBA] Final Fantasy VI - "The Day After" - Commander6 (midi)
[GBA] Final Fantasy VI - "The Magic House" - Commander6 (midi)
[GBA] Final Fantasy VI - "The Wedding Waltz ~ Duel" - Commander6 (midi)
[GBA] Final Fantasy VI - "Troops March On" - Commander6 (midi)

[PSX] Final Fantasy VII - "Gold Saucer" - Commander6 (midi)
[PSX] Final Fantasy VII - "Judgement Day" - Commander6 (midi) small tweeks
[PSX] Final Fantasy VII - "Rufus' Welcoming Ceremony" - Commander6 (midi)
[PSX] Final Fantasy VII - "The Shinra Corporation" - Commander6 (midi)

[PSX] Final Fantasy VIII - "Don't be Afraid" - Commander6 (midi) (pdf)
[PSX] Final Fantasy VIII - "Force Your Way" - Commander6 (midi) (pdf)
[PSX] Final Fantasy VIII - "Maybe I'm a Lion" - Commander6 (midi)
[PSX] Final Fantasy VIII - "The Extreme" - Commander6 (midi)

[PSX] Castlevania: Symphony of the Night - "Marble Gallery" - Commander6 (midi)

[PSX] Mega Man X5 - "Spike Rosered Stage (Axle the Red)" - Commander6 (midi)

[PSX] Mega Man X6 - "Blaze Heatnix Stage" - Commander6 (midi)
[PSX] Mega Man X6 - "Blizzard Wolfang Stage" - Commander6 (midi)(pdf) WARNING: FINALE 2011
[PSX] Mega Man X6 - "Commander Yammark Stage" - Commander6 (midi)(pdf) WARNING: FINALE 2011
[PSX] Mega Man X6 - "Infinity Mijinion Stage" - Commander6 (midi)(pdf) WARNING: FINALE 2011

[NDS] Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin - "The Gears Go Arwy" - Commander6 (midi)
[NDS] Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin - "Victorian Fear" - Commander6 (midi)

Things I'll get around to doing

A Dragon Quest project
The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages & Seasons
a random song I manage to complete
Mother 3?
I turn on my Wii to play a GC game and it says that the memory has gone corrupt. :'(  Either it's the systems fault or it has a virus.  

If you have a solution, please answer.
Music / Super Mario Galaxy Mp3 torrent
March 20, 2008, 01:26:26 PM
I only found torrents of SMG Mp3s.  Sorry :-[

Super Mario Galaxy Mp3s (Torrents)

Remember, look for torrent download programs before trying to open the unknown file.