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Project Archive / Yug's 'Too Hot To Handle' Sheet(s)
August 10, 2023, 05:33:14 PM
oops my hand slipped

Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest [SNES]

This one was in my backlog, so I figured I'd polish it up a bit. The formatting & margins were way off when I took a look at it, so please let me know if there's anything I need to change.
Site News / Staff Update
August 25, 2021, 06:49:11 PM
The sun rises, the seasons change, and EA puts out the same sports game with no changes from last year's version. In a similar vein, it is a given that eventually staff for a website will step down for various reasons. Today, it is myself who will be stepping down as NinSheetMusic staff along with a few others. In total, the following staff members will become Staff Emeritus effective today:

  • Yug Guy (Moderator)
  • InsigTurtle (Ghost Updater)
  • Bespinben (Ghost Updater)
  • JDMEK5 (Ghost Updater)
  • Brassman388 (Ghost Updater)

These staff members have all worked hard to get NinSheetMusic to where it is today, so it seems only fair for them to earn a well-deserved retirement, and a spot in the NSM Hall of Fame. We look forward to seeing what you guys do in the future! (and be sure to give us a shout-out if you make it big!)

Speaking personally, I really want to thank the NinSheetMusic community, past and present, for everything you've done. You guys have been a source of inspiration, learning, and most of all, an enduring friendship that I'm sure will last for years to come. For that, I am truly grateful.

As of right now, there is nothing to report in terms of any new members joining the staff. Like always, the staff will closely monitor the situation on-site and choose to add any new members should the need arise.

Well, that should be everything. Keep on being awesome, guys!
Monster Party [NES]

The best party you never want to be invited to ;)
Project Archive / Yug Guy's Replacements
May 30, 2020, 07:09:11 PM
Crystalis [NES]
The Great PyramidMUSMUSXMIDIPDFOriginal

Donkey Kong Country [SNES]
Bonus Game Victory / Boss Defeated JingleMUSMUSXMIDIPDFOriginal
Funky's FugueMUSMUSXMIDIPDFOriginal

Earthworm Jim [GEN]

Final Fantasy IV [SNES]

Goldeneye 007 [N64]
Opening ThemeMUSMUSXMIDIPDFOriginal
Watch (Pause Screen)MUSMUSXMIDIPDFOriginal

Mach Rider [NES]

Secret of Mana [SNES]
The Color of the Summer SkyMUSMUSXKvX4z1]MIDIPDFOriginal

Sonic the Hedgehog 3 [GEN]
Endless MineMUSMUSXMIDIPDFOriginal
Forum Games / Wrong Answers Only
February 10, 2020, 07:18:34 PM
Title is somewhat self-explanatory. I post a picture and you all have to tell me what it is/what's going on. This keeps going on until I post another. You get no points for having the best or funniest answer, just like in real life.

For some idea of what this game is like, see this tumblr post, or search "Wrong answers only" on Google.

First picture: "What's going on here?"
I suppose this was bound to happen sooner or later...

Yes, I've been doing some full transcriptions of songs recently, and I thought the best place to share them would be via Youtube. So, here it is, I suppose.

I'll leave the first couple of videos here for you, in case you don't feel like clicking over to another tab:


And, don't forget to SMASH that like button!
Off-Topic / NinSheetMusic Game Nights
March 23, 2018, 03:53:42 PM
So, there's been some interest in users wanting to get together and play games online, and I figured I would essentially create a hub where we can coordinate efforts to try and make that happen. Use this thread to try and create times for people to play things like the Jackbox games, Overwatch matches, D&D campaigns, Cards Against Humanities sessions, etc., with other NSM users.

Just let me or one of the mods know, and we can edit the OP to let users know when all of these events are happening. I'll try to keep this thread as up-to-date as possible.

Next Event:
None at the moment

If you have any questions, be sure to let me know!
Feedback / The Great NSM Audit™
October 22, 2016, 03:26:13 PM
UPDATE: This topic has been superceded by The Great NSM Audit™ 2.0

Please check that thread for any future updates.

So as many of you know, NSM accepts submissions to the site through the NSM Panel: an automated bot used as quality-assurance to maintain a high level of quality and consistency. It's a really great system, and I have to commend Deku and the updaters for the past two years of outstanding & polished sheets!

That being said, it hasn't always been like this. For years, there wasn't this level of oversight, and so many sheets got on site that were of... questionable quality. Go on the main site, click on any random sheet and I give you 50/50 odds that what you get isn't of very high quality.

Now, the NSM Panel does allow for replacement sheets to be submitted. But, a large problem is figuring out exactly which sheets are in dire need of replacing, and which ones are just fine. The layout of the site itself doesn't necessarily lend itself well to that...

Which is why I've spent a good 2 months now creating this:

The Great NSM Audit
yes, i've removed the link. cry about it

I have gone thought literally every single sheet on site, and checked for formatting errors. Anything that goes against what's in the Offical Formatting Guidelines has been carefully documented to include any and all errors for a given sheet. My reasoning goes like this: if the formatting for a sheet is absolutely horrendous, then it's fairly certain that the music for that sheet will likely be as equally horrendous. Likewise, pristine-looking sheets will probably have pristine music as well, so there's no need to bother with them.

So, I've tried to make the table as easy to digest as possible, given the large amount of sheets that are contained within:
  • All games are listed in alphabetical order
  • Each sheet contains the following information: Name of the song, arranger, list of errors, and any other comments I'd like to add
  • Anything highlighted in red is either a duplicate, corrupted, or I believe should go under a different game
  • Here's a list of the errors that are listed in the sheet:
    • Does the title of the sheet match the title given on site?
    • Does the arranger of the sheet match the arranger listed on site?
    • Is the title bolded & in quotation marks?
    • Is the game title correct?
    • Is the game title in italics?
    • Is the composer and arranger text formatted the way it should be?
    • Does the sheet contain a tempo marking?
    • Does the sheet have at least one dynamic at the beginning of the song?
    • Does the sheet have measure numbers?
    • Does the sheet have the original publisher?
    • Does the sheet have the copyright year?
    • Does the sheet have the correct url? (
    • If the sheet has more than one page, does it have "mini-titles" at the top of each page?
    • Are these "mini-titles" in quotation marks?
    • Plus a few incidental errors here and there

With the way I have the table set up, sheets with multiple errors "look" a lot bigger than those with very few errors. So ideally, it would be a lot easier to tell which sheets should be replaced right away, and which ones can wait a while.

At the moment, I figure this'll be a good way for people to see what songs need replacing. They can either choose to see whether or not a certain song is located in this list, or just simply to browse to find a song to replace. But, like the NSM Data Table before this, I'd like for this to be as useful to as many people as possible. So if anyone has any thoughts/concerns/suggestions, please let me know.

It's also worth noting that the updaters know nothing about this, so please don't bother them about it.
Off-Topic / NSM Sheet Music Data Table
March 13, 2016, 01:56:27 PM
I figure I may as well make a separate topic for this:

I have made a table detailing how many songs there are for all the series represented via sidebar on NSM. The initial thought behind it was to figure out which game series were justified in having their own categories, and which ones weren't. Though, now it's really a matter of being able to see at a glance how many sheets any given game or series has on NSM. Here's a link to the table:

NSM Sheet Music Data Table

I have a table for all the series represented, and tables for each individual series & their games.

For the All Series table, column A details the game series, column B details how many games are represented in that series, and column C details the total number of sheets represented in that series. Column D is simply column C divided by column B, giving the average number of sheets per game, and Column E is the median. For columns G and H, they contain the highest and lowest number of sheets for any given game in a series. For example, Ace Attorney's highest number is 13, because Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney has 13 total sheets, the highest number for a game in the Ace Attorney category.

For the other tables, the data that's included is the name of the game (alphabetical order), how many sheets that game has on site, and what percentage each game represents within it's given section. The total number of sheets for a given series is located at the bottom of each table, as well as the game(s) with the highest, lowest & median number of sheets for that section.

If you guys have any suggestions for different things to add to this list, please feel free to let me know. Ideally, I'd like for this table to be useful for as many people as possible, so we can have raw data for decision making, or anything else.

Yeah, that's it. I hope I didn't confuse anybody with these long explanations. I really tried to make them as simple and easy to understand as possible. idk, I really just like putting things in tables
Yug Guy's Transcriptions & Other Arrangements:
Updated as infrequently as possible!™

Pokemon Stadium
Pokemon Selection - MSCZ - MP3 - PDF - Musescore Online - Original

Other Arrangements:
megalovania (from Undertale) - MSCZ - MP3 - PDFMusescore Online
Daredevil (2015) Title Theme - MUS - MIDI - PDF - Original
The UNOFFICIAL Undertale Arrangement Project!

Go check out the Official Undertale Project right here!

Because of the influx of new people wanting to participate, I've made a FAQ section in the spoiler below. If you're new here and have any questions, look there first.

What is this?
This is an arrangement project for the game "Undertale" by Toby Fox. The goal of this project is to arrange every song from the game, conveniently located in this youtube playlist, or on Toby's Bandcamp page (not linked).

Why Undertale?
Because of it's recentness, explosion of fans (like me), and it's quality of music.

Well, what kind of arrangements can I submit?
Following NinSheetMusic's guidelines, you may only submit piano arrangements. These can be either solo, duet, or two piano arrangements. While I would ask that all sheets should be solo's only, I know that some songs can only be arranged in either duet or two piano form. However, just make sure that it's near impossible to do a solo arrangement first.

But I have a great string quartet arrangement I wanna submit!
Sorry. Unless you want to modify it for piano, no other arrangements will be allowed.

Ooh! I wanna do Once Upon a Time!
Woah, slow down there. On this first post is a list of the entire soundtrack. Some songs have been already taken by users; this is represented with their name being next to the song with either "Claimed by" or "In Progress by". Those songs have already been taken. However, any song without a name is free to be claimed. Just reply to this thread with the song(s) you want to claim, and I'll put your name right next to them!

Is there a deadline at all for this project?
No there is not. However, if you go a ridiculous amount of time (2-3 months or so) without presenting a sheet, and I cannot contact you at all, I may be inclined to give your claim to someone else.

Well, what file types do I need to submit?
For this arrangement project, you'll only need a .mus file, which is the proprietary file type for Finale products.

But Yug Guy, I don't have Finale!
That's okay, just download Finale Notepad, Finale's free version. If you really don't like Notepad, just export your arrangement from your favorite music notation software as a .xml file and import it into Notepad. It may not be perfect, and you may have to format it a little, but it should work!

Well, is our arrangement supposed to be formatted a certain way?
I'd suggest taking a good look at our Formatting Guidelines page for more information

How can I show you guys my arrangement?
Create a Dropbox account and upload your file(s) (if you've used Google Drive, it's similar to that). Then reply to this thread with a link to your arrangement. With your permission, I'll put it up on the first post for everyone to see and/or critique.

What's with all the colors?
Names are color-coded (and now font-coded) to tell arrangers apart from one another.

Ooh! I can submit arrangements to the site! Can I use my Undertale arrangements?
Go right ahead! Just be aware that you'll also have to submit a .midi and a .pdf file to the site as well.

Totally random question, but why is UNOFFICIAL in capital letters?
It's a half-joke, half-description. Half-joke because why would anyone advertise something as "unofficial," and half-description to differentiate it from the current official arrangement project (which is currently Animal Crossing: New Leaf). This project is not overseen by the mods, so I want to make that very clear from the start. However, once the current arrangement project ends the next one will be voted on by the members of NinSheetMusic. I hope with enough support, we can eventually get this project to become official!

*Other Question*
If you have any other questions, either leave a reply or PM me about it!

Song List:
Feel free to critique the in progress sheets:
001 - Once Upon a Time - Accepted to Site
002 - Start Menu - Accepted to Site
003 - Your Best Friend - Accepted to Site
004 - Fallen Down - Accepted to Site
005 - Ruins - In Progress by dinos24SP
006 - Uwa!! So Temperate♫ - In Progress by InsigTurtle
007 - Anticipation - In Progress by Bespinben
008 - Unnecessary Tension - Claimed by mariolegofan
009 - Enemy Approaching - In Progress by Bespinben*
010 - Ghost Fight - In Progress by dinos24SP
011 - Determination - Accepted to Site
012 - Home - Accepted to Site
013 - Home (Music Box)
014 - Heartache - In Submissions
015 - sans. - Accepted to Site
016 - Nyeh Heh Heh! - In Progress by Yug Guy*
017 - Snowy - Accepted to Site
018 - Uwa!! So Holiday♫ - In Progress by InsigTurtle
019 - Dogbass - Claimed by mariolegofan
020 - Mysterious Place
021 - Dogsong - In Progress by dinos24SP
022 - Snowdin Town - In Progress by braixen1264
023 - Shop - Accepted to Site
024 - Bonetrousle - Accepted to Site
025 - Dating Start! - Claimed by mastersuperfan
026 - Dating Tense! - Accepted to Site
027 - Dating Fight! - In Progress by Enaryok
028 - Premonition - Claimed by Th3Gavst3r
029 - Danger Mystery
030 - Undyne - In Progress by Zeila
031 - Waterfall - Claimed by Madmonk12345
032 - Run! - In Progress by Yug Guy
033 - Quiet Water - In Progress by Yug Guy*
034 - Memory - Accepted to Site
035 - Bird That Carries You Over A Disproportionately Small Gap - In Submissions
036 - Dummy! - In Progress by Th3Gavst3r
037 - Pathetic House - In Progress by Yug Guy
038 - Spooktune - In Submissions
039 - Spookwave
040 - Ghouliday - Claimed by InsigTurtle
041 - Chill - In Progress by Zeila
042 - Thundersnail - Claimed by ProfCocoa
043 - Temmie Village - In Progress by Yug Guy
044 - Tem Shop - In Progress by Yug Guy
045 - NGAHHH!! - Accepted to Site
046 - Spear of Justice - In Progress by JesterMusician
047 - Ooo
048 - Alphys - In Progress by Yug Guy*
049 - It's Showtime! - In Progress by Yug Guy
050 - Metal Crusher - In Progress by Yug Guy
051 - Another Medium - Claimed by InsigTurtle
052 - Uwa!! So HEATS!!? - In Progress by InsigTurtle
053 - Stronger Monsters - In Submissions
054 - Hotel - In Progress by dinos24SP
055 - Can You Really Call This A Hotel I Didn't Receive A Mint On My Pillow Or Anything - In Progress by dinos24SP
056 - Confession - Claimed by Zeila
057 - Live Report - In Progress by Yug Guy
058 - Death Report - Claimed by mariolegofan
059 - Spider Dance - In Submissions
060 - Wrong Enemy - In Progress by mastersuperfan
061 - Oh! One True Love - In Submissions
062 - Oh! Dungeon - Claimed by mariolegofan
063 - It's Raining Somewhere Else - In Progress by dinos24SP
064 - CORE Approach - In Progress by dinos24SP
065 - CORE - Claimed by Th3Gavst3r
066 - Last Episode! - Claimed by mariolegofan
067 - Oh My... - Claimed by Yellow
068 - Death by Glamour - Accepted to Site
069 - For the Fans - Accepted to Site
070 - Long Elevator
071 - Undertale - In Submissions
072 - Song That Might Play When You Fight Sans - In Progress by Enaryok
073 - The Choice
074 - Small Shock - In Progress by dinos24SP
075 - Barrier
076 - Bergentrückung - In Progress by mastersuperfan
077 - ASGORE - Claimed by Oronoco
078 - You Idiot - In Progress by Enaryok
079 - Your Best Nightmare - In Submissions
080 - Finale - In Submissions
081 - An Ending - Claimed by TheMarioPianist
082 - She's Playing Piano - Claimed by TheMarioPianist
083 - Here We Are - Claimed by Zeila
084 - Amalgam - In Progress by Yug Guy
085 - Fallen Down (Reprise) - Accepted to Site
086 - Don't Give Up - Claimed by braixen1264
087 - Hopes and Dreams - Claimed by braixen1264
088 - Burn in Despair!! - Claimed by Enaryok
089 - SAVE the World - Claimed by braixen1264
090 - His Theme - In Progress by Oronoco
091 - Final Power - In Progress by dinos24SP
092 - Reunited - In Progress by braixen1264
093 - Menu (Full) - Accepted to Site
094 - Respite - In Progress by Maelstrom
095 - Bring It In, Guys! - Accepted to Site
096 - Last Goodbye - In Progress by Zeila
097 - But the Earth Refused to Die - In Progress by Maelstrom
098 - Battle Against a True Hero - In Submissions
099 - Power of -NEO-_- In Submissions
100 - Megalovania - Accepted to Site
101 - Goodnight - In Progress by dinos24SP

Dundun - In Submissions
Predummy - In Progress by Th3Gavst3r
But Nobody Came
Snowy Genocide - In Progress by Tobbeh99
Snowdin Town Genocide
Bonetrousle Genocide
Waterfall Genocide
Temmie Village Genocide
Tem Shop Genocide
Quiet Water Genocide
Another Medium Genocide
Dating Start! Genocide
Hotel Genocide
CORE Genocide - Claimed by mastersuperfan
Small Shock Genocide - Claimed by mastersuperfan
Empty House
Dogsong (Dunked on Ver.) - Claimed by BrainyLucario
So Cold
Room of Dog - In Submissions
Happy Town - In Progress by Zeila
Meat Factory - In Progress by Zeila
Trouble Dingle - In Progress by Th3Gavst3r
Gaster's Theme - In Progress by ??

Also, here's a lovely little template braixen1264 made. Feel free to use it!

Current Participants:
    • Yug Guy
    • Nebbles
    • braixen1264
    • Latios212
    • Oronoco
    • Yugi
    • dinos24SP
    • Maelstrom
    • Madmonk12345
    • Yellow
    • InsigTurtle
    • ThePopStarDude
    • JesterMusician
    • Bespinben
    • mastersuperfan
    • TheMarioPianist
    • Enaryok
    • mariolegofan
    • Zeila
    • ProfCocoa
    • Th3Gavst3r
    • BrainyLucario
    • Tobbeh99
    Piano Arrangements / Yug Guy's Arrangement Emporium
    March 25, 2015, 07:27:28 PM
    Yug Guy's Arrangement Emporium
    Updated as erratically as possible!™

    Color Key:
    Red Text = My newest arrangement(s)
    Orange Text = Currently in Submissions
    Green Text = Accepted arrangement
    Blue Text = Arrangement is on-site

    2064: Read Only Memories [MUL]
    Both Sides of the Law (TOMCAT's Theme) (Duet)MUSMUSXMIDIPDFOriginal
    Read Only Memories (Piano Theme)MUSMUSXMIDIPDFOriginal
    Turing's SadnessMUSMUSXMIDIPDFOriginal
    Turing's ThemeMUSMUSXMIDIPDFOriginal

    Blaster Master [NES]
    Area 1MUSMUSXMIDIPDFOriginal

    Bubble Bobble [ARCADE]
    Start Demo - Main ThemeMUSMUSXMIDIPDFOriginal

    Bubsy in Claws Encounters of the Furred Kind [SNES]
    Fair is FoulMUSMUSXMIDIPDFOriginal
    Hill Stream BluesMUSMUSXMIDIPDFOriginal

    Clu Clu Land [NES]
    Music from Clu Clu LandMUSMUSXMIDIPDFOriginal

    Crystalis [NES]
    The Great PyramidMUSMUSXMIDIPDFOriginal

    Deltarune [PC]
    Card CastleMUSMUSXMIDIPDFOriginal
    Chaos KingMUSMUSXMIDIPDFOriginal
    Checker DanceMUSMUSXMIDIPDFOriginal
    Fanfare (from Rose of Winter)MUSMUSXMIDIPDFOriginal
    Hip ShopMUSMUSXMIDIPDFOriginal
    Your PowerMUSMUSXMIDIPDFOriginal

    Donkey Kong Country [SNES]
    Bonus Room BlitzMUSMUSXMIDIPDFOriginal
    Bonus Stage Victory ThemeMUSMUSXMIDIPDFOriginal
    Funky's FugueMUSMUSXMIDIPDFOriginal
    Gang-Plank GalleonMUSMUSXMIDIPDFOriginal

    Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest [SNES]
    Hot-Head BopMUSMUSXMIDIPDFOriginal
    In a Snow-Bound LandMUSMUSXMIDIPDFOriginal
    Mining MelancholyMUSMUSXMIDIPDFOriginal

    Doom [PC]
    At Doom's Gate [E1M1]MUSMUSXMIDIPDFOriginal
    Intermission from DOOM [E2M3]MUSMUSXMIDIPDFOriginal
    Sweet Little Dead BunnyMUSMUSXMIDIPDFOriginal

    Dragon Quest [NES]
    Chateau LadutormMUSMUSXMIDIPDFOriginal
    Overture MarchMUSMUSXMIDIPDFOriginal
    Unknown WorldMUSMUSXMIDIPDFOriginal

    EarthBound [SNES]
    Apple Kid's ThemeMUSMUSXMIDIPDFOriginal
    Battle Against an Unsettling OpponentMUSMUSXMIDIPDFOriginal
    Boy Meets Girl (Twoson)MUSMUSXMIDIPDFOriginal
    Buy Somethin' Will Ya!MUSMUSXMIDIPDFOriginal
    Get on the BusMUSMUSXMIDIPDFOriginal
    Good Friends, Bad FriendsMUSMUSXMIDIPDFOriginal
    Home Sweet HomeMUSMUSXMIDIPDFOriginal
    The Metropolis of FoursideMUSMUSXMIDIPDFOriginal
    Paula's ThemeMUSMUSXMIDIPDFOriginal
    Sanctuary GuardianMUSMUSXMIDIPDFOriginal
    Summers, Eternal Tourist TrapMUSMUSXMIDIPDFOriginal
    Your Name, PleaseMUSMUSXMIDIPDFOriginal

    Earthworm Jim [GEN]

    F-Zero [SNES]
    Ending ThemeMUSMUSXMIDIPDFOriginal
    Fire FieldMUSMUSXMIDIPDFOriginal

    F-Zero X [N64]
    All Need is 30 DeathsMUSMUSXMIDIPDFOriginal
    Climb Up! And Get the Last Chance!MUSMUSXMIDIPDFOriginal

    Final Fantasy [NES]
    Main ThemeMUSMUSXMIDIPDFOriginal
    Opening ThemeMUSMUSXMIDIPDFOriginal

    Final Fantasy II [NES]
    Battle Theme 1MUSMUSXMIDIPDFOriginal
    Battle Theme 2MUSMUSXMIDIPDFOriginal
    Battle Theme 3 (Unused)MUSMUSXMIDIPDFOriginal
    Castle PandemoniumMUSMUSXMIDIPDFOriginal
    Main ThemeMUSMUSXMIDIPDFOriginal

    Final Fantasy III [NES]
    Battle 1MUSMUSXMIDIPDFOriginal
    Battle 2MUSMUSXMIDIPDFOriginal
    This is the Last BattleMUSMUSXMIDIPDFOriginal

    Final Fantasy IV [SNES]
    The AirshipMUSMUSXMIDIPDFOriginal
    Battle 1MUSMUSXMIDIPDFOriginal
    Battle 2MUSMUSXMIDIPDFOriginal
    Main Theme of Final Fantasy IVMUSMUSXMIDIPDFOriginal

    Final Fantasy V [SNES]
    Battle 1MUSMUSXMIDIPDFOriginal

    Final Fantasy VI [SNES]
    The Decisive BattleMUSMUSXMIDIPDFOriginal

    Final Fantasy VII [PS1]
    Aerith's ThemeMUSMUSXMIDIPDFOriginal
    Main Theme of Final Fantasy VIIMUSMUSXMIDIPDFOriginal

    GoldenEye 007 [N64]
    007 Watch ThemeMUSMUSXMIDIPDFOriginal
    Main TitleMUSMUSXMIDIPDFOriginal

    Gyromite [NES]
    Stage ThemeMUSMUSXMIDIPDFOriginal

    Ice Climber [NES]
    Game StartMUSMUSXMIDIPDFOriginal
    Stage ClearMUSMUSXMIDIPDFOriginal
    Stage ThemeMUSMUSXMIDIPDFOriginal
    Title Screen / Bonus StageMUSMUSXMIDIPDFOriginal

    Kid Icarus: Uprising [3DS]
    Magnus's ThemeMUSMUSXMIDIPDFOriginal

    Kirby Super Star [SNES]
    Bubbly CloudsMUSMUSXMIDIPDFOriginal
    Cocoa CaveMUSMUSXMIDIPDFOriginal
    Dynablade OverworldMUSMUSXMIDIPDFOriginal
    Peanut PlainMUSMUSXMIDIPDFOriginal

    Mach Rider [NES]
    Race Theme 01MUSMUSXMIDIPDFOriginal

    Monster Party [NES]
    Title ScreenMUSMUSXMIDIPDFOriginal

    Perfect Dark [N64]
    Chicago: StealthMUSMUSXMIDIPDFOriginal

    Pokémon Diamond Version & Pokémon Pearl Version [NDS]
    Pokémon Center (Day)MUSMUSXMIDIPDFOriginal
    Pokémon Center (Night)MUSMUSXMIDIPDFOriginal

    Pokémon Picross [3DS]
    Stage (Picross)MUSMUSXMIDIPDFOriginal

    Pokémon Stadium [N64]
    Clefairy Says (Correct Version)MUSMUSXMIDIPDFOriginal
    Ekans Hoop HurlMUSMUSXMIDIPDFOriginal
    Gym Leader CastleMUSMUSXMIDIPDFOriginal
    Gym Leader Castle (Preliminary Battles) (Two Piano)MUSMUSXMIDIPDFOriginal
    Magikarp SplashMUSMUSXMIDIPDFOriginal
    Pokémon SelectionMUSMUSXMIDIPDFOriginal
    Rock HardenMUSMUSXMIDIPDFOriginal
    Run, Rattata, RunMUSMUSXMIDIPDFOriginal
    Snore WarMUSMUSXMIDIPDFOriginal
    Thundering DynamoMUSMUSXMIDIPDFOriginal

    Secret of Mana [SNES]
    The Color of the Summer SkyMUSMUSXMIDIPDFOriginal
    I Closed My EyesMUSMUSXMIDIPDFOriginal

    Snowboard Kids [N64]

    Sonic & Knuckles [GEN]
    Act 1 BossMUSMUSXMIDIPDFOriginal
    Lava Reef Zone Act 1MUSMUSXMIDIPDFOriginal
    Sandopolis Zone Act 1MUSMUSXMIDIPDFOriginal

    Sonic the Hedgehog [GEN]
    Labyrinth ZoneMUSMUSXMIDIPDFOriginal
    Scrap Brain ZoneMUSMUSXMIDIPDFOriginal
    Special StageMUSMUSXMIDIPDFOriginal
    Spring Yard ZoneMUSMUSXMIDIPDFOriginal
    Star Light ZoneMUSMUSXMIDIPDFOriginal

    Sonic the Hedgehog 2 [GEN]
    Mystic Cave Zone 2PMUSMUSXMIDIPDFOriginal
    Oil Ocean ZoneMUSMUSXMIDIPDFOriginal

    Sonic the Hedgehog 3 [GEN]
    Angel Island Zone Act 1MUSMUSXMIDIPDFOriginal
    Endless MineMUSMUSXMIDIPDFOriginal

    vvv List continues in the post below vvv
    Forum Games / Luigi, What's That?!
    March 02, 2015, 07:05:10 PM
    Based off of the video "Mario Teaches Safe Sex," comes the game "Luigi, What's That?!"

    The game works like this: Someone posts "Luigi, what's that?!" and says what object Mario is pointing to. The next user responds with Luigi's detailed explanation of said object. For example:

    "AwesomeMario264: Luigi, what's that?! *points to a piano*"

    "L-man77: That is a piano, Mario. A piano is a keyboard instrument used in many different musical styles such as classical or ragtime. While not as popular during the time of it's inception, it has become a very wildly played instrument today.

    Luigi, what's that?! *points to a fig*"

    ...and so on. While Luigi's explanation doesn't have to be very long, just remember that it has to sound formal. And with that, I will start:

    Luigi, what's that?! *points to a newspaper*

    Fulfilled requests / [N64] Pokemon Snap - "Cave"
    February 28, 2015, 04:17:14 PM
    Completed by JDMEK5

    I've really wanted to figure out this song, but never could. I'd really appreciate it if someone else could try it!