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Submissions / Re: [NES] Blaster Master - "Area 1" by Yug Guy
« on: May 19, 2019, 11:09:48 PM »
Yeah - I'm having a hard time even matching the original tempo there, unless you had some specific fingering in mind I'm unaware of? Would recommend simplifying it (possibility: taking out the second note in each group) or providing an ossia.
Anywhere that looks like m5, make either the top or bottom 16th notes an 8th note instead (or both). Personally, I would go with only the bottom notes being 8th notes. Anyway, onto other stuff:
  • Instead of starting at forte, it might be better to start softer and build up to m5, since that's what the music is doing basically.
  • Most of the RH feels fine to play, but beats 3-4 of m10 RH are pretty demanding at tempo. It might be worth getting rid of some of the lower notes, maybe something like this:
  • m13 RH beat 4.5: This 8th note could probably use a staccato.
  • m17 RH: If you want, you can hide the half rest and flip layer 1 down since nothing is playing on beats 1-2 in Layer 2.
  • m31 RH beat 2.5: This 8th note could also probably use a staccato.

I suppose this was bound to happen sooner or later...

Yes, I've been doing some full transcriptions of songs recently, and I thought the best place to share them would be via Youtube. So, here it is, I suppose.

I'll leave the first couple of videos here for you, in case you don't feel like clicking over to another tab:


And, don't forget to SMASH that like button!

Cool. Just move that quarter rest back up to mid staff height in 23

- Beats 1 and 2 of m. 4 should be Ab instead of Bb.
- Second dyad in m. 16 should be tied instead of re-struck.

One other small thing to consider in m. 23 is prioritizing the new melody over the existing one - namely keeping layer 2 at its original octave and moving layer 1 up to accommodate instead of moving layer 2 down. Up to you though, I don't feel super strongly either way.
I don't feel super strongly about it either, so up an octave it goes.

Submissions / Re: [NES] Blaster Master - "Area 1" by Yug Guy
« on: May 14, 2019, 09:29:50 PM »
Maybe it's just me talking, or is the LH part going to become a little strenuous after a while? I know that's what's written in the song, but still; I'm not sure how long one hand can keep that up.
I agree that it might get a bit strenuous after a while - I'll wait & see what the updaters say before changing anything.

Submissions / Re: [MUL] Tetris - "Intro" (Replacement) by Yug Guy
« on: May 14, 2019, 09:28:34 PM »
Any reason you're missing some of the top harmonies in m.9 and 11? I know the voicing is a little weird, but I just wanted to make sure that was a conscious choice.
The reason is that the me that made this arrangement a few years ago was dumb.

This isn’t about the arrangement itself (which looks solid to me!) but is there a reason this sheet is classed as “multiplatform”? Even though Tetris itself has probably been on more platforms than any other game, this song only appears in the original Gameboy version as far as I know (and I know some pretty obscure versions of Tetris.)
Because whoever was the first person to submit a Tetris sheet to the site did it that way. I agree though, that it should be changed to [GB].

(paging @Latios212 and/or @DekuTrombonist)

Submissions / Re: [MUL] Tetris - "Intro" (Replacement) by Yug Guy
« on: May 14, 2019, 01:02:24 AM »

No idea what the official name for this piece is, so I'm going with "Title Theme" for now.

Submissions / Re: [NES] Blaster Master - "Area 1" by Yug Guy
« on: May 14, 2019, 01:00:40 AM »

Feedback / Re: The Great NSM Audit
« on: May 13, 2019, 04:52:56 AM »
Did you call your Mom and tell her you love her yet?

...well, why not?

Today's update added a total of 3 replacements, all of which were taken off of the spreadsheet.

This has been your NSM Audit Update™. We look forward to seeing you after you call your Mom you heartless monster.

Site News / Re: Update, Sunday 12th of May 2019
« on: May 13, 2019, 04:11:18 AM »
This update is dedicated to...


Oh yeah? Well, guess what? Your mom... a very nice lady.

Submission Archive / Re: [PC] Deltarune - "Hip Shop" by Yug Guy
« on: May 07, 2019, 01:26:11 AM »
I've got one issue - the 8va over m11-12 is both too high and in a weird spot where I can't tell where it ends accurately. Fix that and I approve as well.
u got it dude

Submission Archive / Re: [PC] Deltarune - "THE HOLY" by Yug Guy
« on: May 05, 2019, 06:55:56 PM »
Looks good, but the mp being below the left hand part implies it's for the left hand only. If you're going to use one dynamic here, put it between the staves.
Yeah, I was a little hesitant about putting it in between since I didn't want to imply that the mp is at all related with the crescendos. Hopefully, the way I have it now makes that clear.

About images, I apologize if this wasn't announced more publicly, but this has been the case for a while
Alright, that's fine. Just, perhaps maybe make that rule a little bit more public if it isn't already?

R.I.P. B&W Fountain of Darkness

"It was never meant to be."

Submission Archive / Re: [PC] Deltarune - "Hip Shop" by Yug Guy
« on: May 05, 2019, 06:06:36 PM »
Maybe there's some confusion around how to adjust the page margins?  The bottom margin still isn't 0.5; if that's because you just forgot then no worries but there's some confusion around how to actually change the margins do let me know and I can try to help out.
Once again, it seems my amazing superpowers of "completely missing the point" manifested when I read your earlier post. The margins should be good now.

Hmm, I'm not sure I had any concrete ideas.  Bar 6 could look like this:
but then when the same figure shows up in bar 14 it'd be awkward to place the E in the same way as it would get in the way of the RH D.  You could drop it by an octave there but I'm not 100% sure about that.  If you've thought about it and decided not to include it then I'm happy with that I think, just worth mentioning.
I'll add it into m.6, since otherwise there's not much going on. But yeah, I think m.14 will have to stay the way it currently is for the reasons you just mentioned. 

Submission Archive / Re: [PC] Deltarune - "THE HOLY" by Yug Guy
« on: May 05, 2019, 05:59:48 PM »
If you've got another idea of how the middle stave should be split between the staves then do say, but that's the only way I can see of doing it presently.
I've got something along those lines, lmk what you think.

I don't really see the value in an mp marking for the right hand and an mf marking for the left hand.  I would just stick with mp through for simplicity (the bass octaves will naturally be louder in performances).
Fair enough. Fixed.

Although I don't actually know what sheets you're referring to, there are lots of things that are in sheets on-site that wouldn't be accepted now (for one: terrible arrangements).  I'm personally with Latios here that we shouldn't really have images on our sheets, for the reasons that he's already stated and also I just think that the sheets look cleaner without.
I'm referring mainly to sheets like this. Yes, I know that it's not the way we usually do things around here, but it just seems apt for this particular arrangement.

And just saying, but if you want to enforce a "no images" policy for our sheets, then there are a non-zero number of arrangements (from some of our respected arrangers, mind you) that you'll have to edit on-site in order to comply.   

Submission Archive / Re: [PC] Deltarune - "Hip Shop" by Yug Guy
« on: May 05, 2019, 02:50:13 AM »
If only I knew what that was.
I swear, every time I think I don't know anything about current popular culture, one of you guys remind me that I could be a lot worse. Anyway...

-Assuming that you're writing the rolled chord separately from the bass note in bars 1, 3 and 9 to show that they're played by different hands, I think you should also write bar 5 and 13 in the same way.  If it wasn't to do that, then it might be worth doing that anyway!
My mistake, it was supposed to include the bass from the beginning.

-The 8vas in bar 10 and 14 could do with coming a little more to the left.
-The bottom margin should be 0.5 and the url should be set to v=0 vertical alignment.  You might have to bring the staves up a little bit afterwards to respace things.

-Generally speaking there is movement on the pads in every second bar (like you have written in at bar 8 and bar 16).  It might be awkward to include all the time (but maybe it'd work as a second layer below the melody line?) but certainly it could be added in for bar 6.
I thought about adding them, but it gets quite messy in certain parts. I'm definitely open to suggestions if you have any, though.

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