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Hamtaro: Ham-Ham Heartbreak - Sandy Bay
Link to Dropbox file

Here's my first submission for this project! This is the theme for the beach area in the game. It shouldn't be very complicated but one thing I wasn't sure about were the chord voicings in the second-last measure.

Edit: Woke up and had a bad feeling about the 16th note runs so I took a second pass at them. Not so sure about the one in the last measure anymore but it's as close as I could manage.

Final Fantasy VII - Costa del Sol
Link to Dropbox file

And here's my second submission, the theme for the sunny resort town of Costa del Sol in FFVII. I made some minor omissions to the accompaniment for playability but otherwise it's fairly straightforward.

We did a collaboration for this project, hope that's okay! I'll probably be the one responding the most since I'm the formatting/Finale guy.

A note on series: Rune Factory began as a spin-off of Harvest Moon (the first three games were released with the subtitle, "A Fantasy Harvest Moon"). Since then, it's grown into more of its own series, though still sharing a lot of elements with Harvest Moon. Essentially, Rune Factory is to Harvest Moon what Persona is to Megami Tensei. I'll leave it up to the updater's discretion whether it should be grouped in with Harvest Moon on the series page or go in the Other category.

Here it is!

Tetris (GB) - Rocket Launch (Ending)

Super short track to start. This plays during the rocket launch cutscenes that occur after scoring a high enough score. There doesn't seem to be an official title for this track so I'm open to feedback or suggestions on that.

Persona 5 - Star Forneus

This track is from one of the retro-styled minigames that can be played on the console in the protagonist's bedroom, in this case some kind of spaceship shooter.

A few things about this one arrangement-wise:
-There are three sections of this track - an opening jingle, and two looped sections that play for the two parts of the game. They aren't looped on the OST but I referenced this video to determine the loop points.
-There are some extra sound effects in the OST version that were either gameplay sound effects or didn't exist at all in the actual game, so I chose to omit those.
-I also simplified the bassline in the first loop due to the fast repeated notes.

Project Archive / Code_Name_Geek's Halloween Sheet
October 13, 2021, 02:08:18 PM
What, no one expected Harvest Moon to have spooky music too?

[Wii] Harvest Moon: Animal Parade - Something Spooky...

Project Archive / Code_Name_Geek's Replacements
May 31, 2020, 06:19:53 PM
Here are my submissions for this project. I included the changes I made from the original arrangements if anyone's curious - let me know if they aren't significant enough to warrant an "edited by" tag.

Harvest Moon 64
Bar Theme | Edit - original arranger: WiiMan96
Mountain Theme Moon Mountain* | Replacement
Summer | Edit - original arranger: Nintendude73

Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life
Breeze | Edit - original arranger: WiiMan96
Gustafa's Tent Gustafa's Yurt (Jovial Gustafa)** | Replacement

*"Moon Mountain" is the official name for the in-game location where this track plays, so I think it's a more appropriate title.

**"Gustafa's Yurt" is the common English title for this one, but according to the official OST the Japanese title translates as "Jovial Gustafa" (though I've also seen "Silly Gustafa").

Bar Theme:
-fixed formatting
-added slurs to the grace notes
-added 2nd layer and dynamics to distinguish 1st and 2nd statements of melody

-fixed formatting
-added to melody at m. 3 to better represent original
-fixed some notes and rhythms in the melody
-added some articulations and fixed some beaming issues
-fixed bassline in 2nd half

-fixed formatting and some notation issues
-added slurs to grace notes
-re-arranged left hand in second half to incorporate bassline more
Help! / Changing a rhythm in Finale
May 09, 2019, 11:24:42 AM
Title says all... :P

Here's the rhythm I have:
Dotted 8th note + 16th note

Here's the rhythm I want:
8th note + 16th rest + 16th note

So essentially, I want to replace the dot with a 16th rest. Is there an easy way to do it without re-inputting it? This rhythm is all over my arrangement; I don't mind changing each instance individually but I don't want to have to input all the notes again. I've tried changing the note duration a few different ways but it keeps putting the 16th rest after the 16th note when I want it before. (And I also don't know how to move the 16th note over by a 1/4 of a beat...)

Any help is appreciated!
Welcome to my collection of piano arrangements! As you can probably tell, my favourite series to arrange from is the Harvest Moon/Story of Seasons series, but I do arrangements from other games as well.

Harvest Moon/Story of Seasons/Rune Factory arrangements
Sorted by release date

Harvest Moon (SNES)

Winter: [MUSX] [MUS] [PDF] [MIDI] [Original]
Star Night Festival: [MUSX] [MUS] [PDF] [MIDI] [Original]
Town Theme: [MUSX] [MUS] [PDF] [MIDI] [Original]

Harvest Moon 64 (N64)

Fall: [MUSX] [MUS] [PDF] [MIDI] [Original]
Flower Festival Dancing: [MUSX] [MUS] [PDF] [MIDI] [Original]
Harvest Goddess Spring: [MUSX] [MUS] [PDF] [MIDI] [Original]
Moon Mountain: [MUSX] [MUS] [PDF] [MIDI] [Original]
Name Entry: [MUSX] [MUS] [PDF] [MIDI] [Original]
Spring: [MUSX] [MUS] [PDF] [MIDI] [Original]
Title Theme: [MUSX] [MUS] [PDF] [MIDI] [Original]

Harvest Moon 2 GBC (GBC)

Spring: [MUSX] [MUS] [PDF] [MIDI] [Original]
Winter: [MUSX] [MUS] [PDF] [MIDI] [Original]

Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town (GBA)

Fall: [MUSX] [MUS] [PDF] [MIDI] [Original]
Summer: [MUSX] [MUS] [PDF] [MIDI] [Original]
Title Theme: [MUSX] [MUS] [PDF] [MIDI] [Original]

Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life (GCN)

Gustafa's Yurt: [MUSX] [MUS] [PDF] [MIDI] [Original]
Quiet Winter (Song of Silence): [MUSX] [MUS] [PDF] [MIDI] [Original]

Harvest Moon DS (NDS)

Spring: [MUSX] [MUS] [PDF] [MIDI] [Original]
Winter: [MUSX] [MUS] [PDF] [MIDI] [Original]

Innocent Life: A Futuristic Harvest Moon (PSP)

Easter Ruins: [MUSX] [MUS] [PDF] [MIDI] [Original]

Harvest Moon: Tree of Tranquility (Wii)

Cooking: [MUSX] [MUS] [PDF] [MIDI] [Original]

Harvest Moon: Animal Parade (Wii)

Something Spooky...: [MUSX] [MUS] [PDF] [MIDI] [Original]

Rune Factory 4 (3DS)

Obsidian Mansion: [MUSX] [MUS] [PDF] [MIDI] [Original] - Collaboration with Samusthedude

Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town (SW)

Autumn (Alternate): [MUSX] [MUS] [PDF] [MIDI] [Original]

Megami Tensei/Persona arrangements
Sorted by release date

Megami Tensei Gaiden: Last Bible Special

Opening: [MUSX] [MUS] [PDF] [MIDI] [Original]

Persona 3 (PS2)

Aria of the Soul: [MUSX] [MUS] [PDF] [MIDI] [Original] - Collaboration with Samusthedude

Persona 4 (PS2)

Game: [MUSX] [MUS] [PDF] [MIDI] [Original]

Persona 5 (MUL)

Big Bang Burger March: [MUSX] [MUS] [PDF] [MIDI] [Original]
Layer Cake: [MUSX] [MUS] [PDF] [MIDI] [Original]
Our Beginning: [MUSX] [MUS] [PDF] [MIDI] [Original]
Star Forneus: [MUSX] [MUS] [PDF] [MIDI] [Original]
Welcome Home, Master!: [MUSX] [MUS] [PDF] [MIDI] [Original] - Collaboration with Samusthedude

Other arrangements
Sorted alphabetically by game title

AI: The Somnium Files

Awakening Interval: [MUSX] [MUS] [PDF] [MIDI] [Original]

Anticipation (NES)

Puzzle Themes: [MUSX] [MUS] [PDF] [MIDI] [Original]

Bravely Default (3DS)

Beneath The Hollow Moon: [MUSX] [MUS] [PDF] [MIDI] [Original]

Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies (NDS)

The Sun Gathering Village: [MUSX] [MUS] [PDF] [MIDI] [Original]

Final Fantasy VII (PS1)

Costa del Sol: [MUSX] [MUS] [PDF] [MIDI] [Original]

Fire Emblem Heroes (MOB)

Climb the Sky: [MUSX] [MUS] [PDF] [MIDI] [Original]

Hamtaro: Ham-Ham Heartbreak (GBA)

Sandy Bay: [MUSX] [MUS] [PDF] [MIDI] [Original]

Hamtaro: Ham-Hams Unite! (GBC)

Acorn Shrine: [MUSX] [MUS] [PDF] [MIDI] [Original]

The Legend of the Mystical Ninja (SNES)

Rendevous With That Girl: [MUSX] [MUS] [PDF] [MIDI] [Original]
Sentiment of Travelers in Hagure Town: [MUSX] [MUS] [PDF] [MIDI] [Original]

Pinball Fantasies (Amiga)

Party Land: Intro: [MUSX] [MUS] [PDF] [MIDI] [Original]

RollerCoaster Tycoon (PC)

Title Theme: [MUSX] [MUS] [PDF] [MIDI] [Original]

Snowboard Kids (N64)

Rookie Mountain/Ninja Land: [MUSX] [MUS] [PDF] [MIDI] [Original]

Stardew Valley (PC)

Frozen Pizza and Eggs (Shane's Theme): [MUSX] [MUS] [PDF] [MIDI] [Original]
Piano Solo (Elliott's Theme): [MUSX] [MUS] [PDF] [MIDI] [Original]
Spirit's Eve Festival: [MUSX] [MUS] [PDF] [MIDI] [Original]

Tetris (GB)

2 Player - Danger! (Toréador Song): [MUSX] [MUS] [PDF] [MIDI] [Original]
2 Player - Results: [MUSX] [MUS] [PDF] [MIDI] [Original]
B-Type Fanfares (Trepak Variations): [MUSX] [MUS] [PDF] [MIDI] [Original]
Game Over/Stage Clear: [MUSX] [MUS] [PDF] [MIDI] [Original]
Rocket Launch (Ending): [MUSX] [MUS] [PDF] [MIDI] [Original]

Tomodachi Life (3DS)

Letter: [MUSX] [MUS] [PDF] [MIDI] [Original]

Zoo Tycoon (PC)

Title Theme: [MUSX] [MUS] [PDF] [MIDI] [Original]

Other information

Green = on-site
Blue = submitted
Red = new
Purple = collaboration
Strikethrough = resolved issues (in posts)

First arrangement = Harvest Moon 64 - Spring
Latest arrangement = Zoo Tycoon - Title Theme
Arrangements = 56
HM/SoS arrangements = 23
Collaborative arrangements = 3
On-site arrangements = 45
Games arranged from = 32
HM/SoS games arranged from = 10
Most arrangements from a single game: 7 (Harvest Moon 64)

Thanks for visiting my arrangement collection! Feedback is always appreciated.