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Cue "It's Been Awhile" by Staind
Agreed with BDS^. Although most of my shifts are closes and I might not be around precisely at phase change, I can always sneak a peek at work. Doesn't bother me if it is easiest.
Heck, I'll join in!
Quote from: Toby on December 10, 2023, 06:11:58 AMVery nice post game and analysis Davy. Thanks for all the work put in.

Great game!

Agreed. Thanks davy!

This was a great setup for a game, albeit odd how inactive it was in comparison to games I've played in the past.
Perhaps i got used to more consistent posting in Discord rather than forum-style ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Either way, i look forward to playing more!
I gotta say, getting thrusted into such a position of importance after not playing for a while threw me off haha.

It was lots of fun, but also for the record... everyone acted suspicious.
Definitely the first TWG where it was such a stalemate from my perspective. I should have led the fight against Toby like originally planned, but then he posted stuff that was rather credible.

Same with TZP. Alas...
Quote from: TheZeldaPianist275 on December 07, 2023, 07:19:16 AMAnyway, I'm inclined to agree with everyone except Luigi, that if we've hit a wolf already, it's more likely to be Specs than Oricorio.

Wdym you agree with everyone except Luigi? The confirmed CO?..
I wont be back until hopefully right before phase change, but i cant get a read on math.
At least compared to the ever back-and-forth readings of Toby and TZP.
I agree with Specs being a likely candidate for wolf... BDS is low on the list, and with all respect to THC's schedule, they are in the back seat here (interesting?). At least theyve been able to reflect on the actions and likelihoods of the returning TWG members here.

Anyway, good luck, if im gone! If not, i'll do my best to push harder for info.
Quote from: Toby on December 06, 2023, 03:50:11 PMWhy is this conversation feeling orchestrated

Because this is a musical comedy community
Alright friends i have a minute to type here.

There are reasons i havent been sus on BDS; they have offered valuable insight. We have discussed and tbh if they are the wolf they deserve this one because im getting no readings off of it hahaha.
Aside from that, i did a huge deep dive and with the knowledge i have in pms and such, it would take just so much for them to be wolf. Imo at least, this is my first TWG in a year or so here in NSM Land.

Ori is still top sus, and the enormous amount of posting might be trying to all of a sudden cover tracks? Its a lot lol.

Toby is still close. But it seems most others are also getting sus vibes.

TZP is after; some days are heavy sus, others are heavy town vibes... lol. Of all games for town to have a lot of trust in me. Im doin ma best x)

Math is uhhhh here. Still quiet.

THC is back, busy still... and quiet.
Quote from: Oricorio on December 05, 2023, 05:42:09 PMSo, the current state of play:

1. BlackDragonSlayer: Most widely townread
2. TheZeldaPianist275: Exists I guess
3. ThatHiddenCharacter: Killed N1, revived N2
4. Toby: Green checked by human seer
5. Oricorio: Green checked by human seer
6. SpecsFlyer17: Lynched D1
7. XiaoMigros: Killed N2
8. threalmathguy: Allegedly green checked by wolf seer
9. Nana1Popo2: Un-cc'd SL

Looking at this, TZP and math have the least reason to be townread, and thus I feel TZP/math/Toby is a good PoE. Of course, if one of them turns out to be the human seer they can be removed from the PoE.

You need to clarify that Ori was green checked N1 and Toby green checked N2
Quote from: Oricorio on December 05, 2023, 03:47:27 PMAs for the analysis, is "space+question mark" a well-known enough tic for Toby that it could be faked ?

(Faking it myself for demonstration)

I dont see it being something faked just to be caught.. its soooo niche. Like instinctive almost

Also, TZP, my thoughts exactly^
Because we like analyzing the way people type, here are the only other two replies i have from Waluigi:

In response to the seer choice
QuoteCool. Will post result tomorrow.

In response to the seer result
QuoteLooks like you lived ?

Toby is red.


Apologies for not the most active commenter, but my thoughts have been an ever increasing town read on Toby and a slower increased wolf-read on Ori.
Most of my sus happens on intuition and consistency rather than "he said/she said" or looking deep into previous posts, however...

Readings all of a sudden are shifting towards a wolf-lean Toby because of the typing tendencies that have been mentioned here prior.

I'm looking at the spaces before question marks and I don't see anyone else here doing them except for Toby. That's not entirely a... natural tendency imo.
Queue the reference material:
Quote from: Toby on December 05, 2023, 03:08:22 AMThis games a mess

So Waluigi was claiming to be THC banking on him not being revived so the claim could hold true ? Or Waluigi claimed to be THC so wolf THC didn't look like a wolf and could be revived ?

With THC being alive and n1p2 not being dead, I guess that means both won't be wolfed by the time lynch or lose comes around on day 3? So by wolfing Xiao last night, THC has reason to survive longer.

Or is this all just a big distraction ?

Me being seered both red and green is interesting. I'm not sure if that means I'm a miller and the wolf was redirected or I'm just a green human and the wolves are trying to pin me up

Earlier, the first PM from Waluigi, I believe could have also been Specs due to the nature of such proper grammar and punctuation... perhaps the account is traded off to mix it up.

I would like to hear further speculation on the matter.
But i'll submit my gut lynch vote for Oricorio, for now. Highly subject to change.
Or, and less likely due to other knowledge, they saw red from being the miller, and then fale claimed to bring them back and cause further confusion.
Quote from: Oricorio on December 04, 2023, 07:49:58 PMWhy would wolves kill one of their own then claim ownership of the seer account under the dead wolf, knowing full well that it's an easy lie to expose? That seems convoluted even for WIFOM


Because it 1) can waste my revive and 2) can be just convoluted enough to work. Wolfs themself, claims CO to me knowing at some point real CO would claim, forces revive to prove which is real, but gains town's favor due to likelihood.

Lol. Let's say its not the most convoluted over thinking ive been doing this game so far 😅
Quote from: threalmathguy on December 04, 2023, 07:25:06 PMAhh so the real THC didn't claim anything, that makes more sense.

Well then that makes N1P2/Toby/THC/CO (if not previously listed) a solid human core

Not confirmed for all obviously

Based on the easiest possible facts, yes.

Unless there is some real deep stuff happening, i believe Toby to be more human than THC. There is still a solid chance THC is wolf or even miller (less likely). Just want to hear him share his thoughts more.