Local man invests life savings into turnips. When asked whether it was a wise decision he responded, "Eh. I'm sure someone will buy them."

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Quote from: BlackDragonSlayer on December 02, 2023, 10:59:26 AM...what? That's been a precedent set long before the current TWG revival (and in the first game post-revivial, I was the first person wolfed).

Is this something that had happened in the past few games? A trend?
Quote from: threalmathguy on December 02, 2023, 09:21:46 AMReviving THC would be a good chance to show that the real one wasn't wolfed

So here begins a timer for claiming myself to be authentic, at least in some way.

As an aside, ive also easily painted a target on my back by claiming, and if the CO doesnt claim to me by the night, then my voice is as good as gone and i wont really be able to protect some townsfolk.

I have had two total pm's so far, although i didnt expect others to join in on the pm's... the CO is an important clear. We can work to validate your role with a TWG account.
Perhaps it would be wise during this day phase for the CO to claim to me?
Quote from: SpecsFlyer17 on December 01, 2023, 03:49:29 PMMaybe it goes without saying, but only night kills should be considered for revival- we don't want to revive a wolf.

Yeah precisely. Lost but not forgotten THC...

Literally my only thoughts so far are believing BDS to be town. I appreciate the quick nature of responding about the "slip" as soon as possible and later going into detail on others' observations. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Ill have more time to deep dive after work, if need be. I'm very much an observer (as a person), but if you need me to talk more...
Whenever i play these games i usually wait until its too late to do anything of importance, and i didnt think everyone was so keen on N1 claims (or even talking, until i saw everyone else doing it), but here i am at least on D1...
Was waiting for confirmation from davy or TWG Luigi post, but here i am to claim I'm the Sacrificial Lamb.

Which is kind of why i paid particular attention to it yesterday in realizing i can do a lot to sway things one way or another :o

I am but a child.

Anyway, is there harm in reviving THC? Not necessarily right away but at some point? Only thing going against us is they could be the Miller... but then we get into the conversation of would the wolves take out the Miller first, to thicken the plot?
Sorry, im just at work this afternoon (until 8:30 mst)

I love the catch on Waluigi. Waiting on the ruling!
Ill properly reply later on my lunch break
So optimally, what are we hoping for in Day 1 claims? Or are we going to give away our strats
Are night one wolfings a thing? I thought it was just for other roles to do stuff?

Also the jokes of my name usually getting nicknamed to "N1" being hard to differentiate here.
Quote from: Toby on December 01, 2023, 08:59:40 AMDo you mean wolves wolf the sacrificial lamb rather than lynch?

Yes, my b
Quote from: Oricorio on December 01, 2023, 08:47:50 AMOf course, a lynch on the Sacrificial Lamb would still be a wasted lynch for town as well, so keep that in mind.

Yes true! Which is why a lot of trust is being given to that role to make the right calls, it seems. Hence "a lot of power this game."
Ah so this brings up one thing i noticed. The Sacrificial Lamb has a lot of power this game it seems. Since their ability can be used after death, it can be used to confirm a role. Fake claims or not, if we ask the lamb to revive a specific person and they do or dont, it could help clear names.

If the wolves lynch the lamb, theyre not really setting themselves ahead, but rather behind/stagnant by confirming the role claim all the same. Essentially, the lamb dying would just silence their voice but not their role in the game.

I dont see an issue in the lamb claiming soonish tbh. But perhaps im just naive lol
Quote from: BlackDragonSlayer on November 30, 2023, 08:49:27 PMThere are actually some TWG/Mafia forums that prohibit speaking at night at all. Actually sort of jarring when you're used to night conversations. :P

Right! I thought the same, but when i read "N1 start." i assumed it meant we could chat haha. Although now i see how that could be misunderstood.
Nvm i'm not paying attention... :-X
It's been so long I don't quite remember, but are PM's allowed at all? Or just during the day? Or anytime?..