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Project Archive / Re: The Next Special Update (January/February 2020)
« on: January 12, 2020, 10:01:28 PM »
I think themes that use acoustic instruments might be nice, if a bit broad.

Did you give this any thought?
I did give it thought, but I don't find it to really be necessary.

I do plan on submitting them at some point. I do have to say, some of the files I just posted may be older versions. I can't remember if I downloaded the reviewed versions of a few of them. This was originally part of that arranger personal project thing Seb ran, but stopped running partway through because he got busy, I believe. Anyway, yeah, I will submit these eventually, but not right now since I'm a bit busy for it right now. Or maybe I will do it now, I'm very sporadic.

Long answer short, they will be submitted at some time or another.

Just posting to say I'm about to add a bunch of Paper Mario: Color Splash arrangements to the OP here. There's too many to bother putting into a post here and I can't actually do it right now anyway since I'm on mobile, but I will be adding them to the OP once I get on my computer in the next half hour-ish. The reason there are so many is because I've taken it upon myself to arrange a huge chunk of the Color Splash OST. It was originally part of a project that ended up getting shut down, but I decided to continue with it on my own time because Color Splash deserves the love and I'm a huge fan of the music. That is all. Expect more Color Splash in the future, I already have at least one in the works that isn't ready to post here yet.

Files have been updated.

Files have been updated.

-There's actually no harmony notes under the first three notes of the melody in bars 18 and 28, just the C on beat 2.5.
That is what we like to call "THC not paying attention".

Files have been updated.

The files have been updated.

Alright, I've updated the files.

Files have been updated.

Also, in m24 beat 2.5 (and so on), I hear two E's play there distinctly (as does E. Gadd), but Latios does not. I was hoping that another Updater could provide some input there as well. It's at about 0:52 in the video.

The files have been updated.

Agree with Zeila and Libera here. The rhythm is much more complex here than in the example you're referring to and obscuring beat 3 really makes reading much more difficult.
Oh, I wasn't talking about the part Libera showed. I was still going to fix that. I meant all the quarter tremolos going over beat 3.

I should be working on the edits tonight, by the way.

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