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poken men

On closer inspection I hear something like this:

I would flip the grace note slur to avoid clashing with the other one

In an earlier draft I had included some more layers, and, while it did help make the arrangment sound more full, it made everything needlessly complicated, both on paper and on the piano itself. If you want, including the extra synth in m13-20 could work (though the melody couldn't really be sustained).

Which means this:

This is what I hear as well (and spectrograph data implies this as well), but..

[...] but I left beat 2 on the C an octave up because I think it gets across the "slap" bass sound better

.. I kinda agree with this from an arrangement pov

After talking a little over Discord we made some extra adjustments concerning the simile markings and went over the sheet's general formatting. Here's an up-to-date .musx file I made in case that's of use to anybody.

- I've identified this to kind of be modal? Felt like it's completely appropriate to put in 1 flat since it's alternating between like a G Dorian / Eb Lydian sort of vibe
Even with modes other than ionian and aeolian it's usually still advised to write them in either a major or minor key signature.

- I think the difference between c and 4/4 is negligible but if I can get a better consensus to use 4/4 instead then I'll switch that out
Yeah the 4/4 thing is optional, that's just my two cents on it so do with that what you will..

If you want any help with exporting the files and dealing with Finale I can help with that (I also have Sibelius if that were to be relevant) but perhaps it's best to sort that out later once most of the other stuff is ready.

Hi! Welcome to NSM :)

In order for your sheet to be put on the site in its next update, 2 updaters need to give this sheet their approval. I'm not an updater, but I've come to help you out anyway!

  • I believe this track is in the key of G Minor, so your key signature should be 2 flats.
  • This point's just a personal preference of mine but since you defined the tempo as 'rhythmical', I think it would make more sense to use 4/4 rather than common time.
  • Articulation is generally placed on the notehead side rather than the stem side, though there are exceptions. The accents should be accounted for under the simile marking, so there's no need to include those throughout but not the staccatos.
  • I also think you should add staccato markings in m1-2 on all the notes that a slur ends on.
  • In m9 the percussion kicks in and increases the drive of the track, maybe you could reflect that using dynamics?
  • I hear faint harmonies under the RH Fs in m15/16. Also I would recommend adding articulation for at least m16, since it's significantly different than the other measures covered by the simile marking from m3.
  • I'm also not a huge fan of using 3 staves here, could you maybe combine the upper 2 using different layers?
  • All of your files (especially the PDF) should be exported from the .mus file.

Sorry if it's a bit much, but feel free to ask if you have any questions or comments!

-m9 and 17: I hear Eb's instead of C's on beat 2 and 4, though weirdly enough only in these 2 measures
I'm not hearing that :/
thanks for reminding me how much i hate transcribing genesis stuff

Here's an isolation of the bass channel. It plays a 4-bar loop up until m22. It seems Eb is played on beats 2 and 4 every 2 measures, they just happen to be louder in the measures Bloop mentioned. Additionally, A is played on beat 2 in the alternating measures.

Feedback / Re: Sheet Music Errors Thread
« on: November 18, 2022, 02:28:59 PM »
Official metadata is now available for Xenoblade Chronicles 3, so I'd like to request a name change for my sheet.
Using this source lead to this spreadsheet, on the bottom of which the Title Screen is listed as "Off-seer", composed by Yasunori Mitsuda (also needs updating). It might be worth keeping 'Title Screen' in parentheses, but I'll leave that to the updaters' discretion.

Edit: I think I'm in slightly the wrong thread, sorry

Hi Michael, nice to meet you!

We have a guide for converting mscz to mus files, so when you're feeling ready to submit anything that should be able to help you :p

Also, you're welcome to join the Discord server if you haven't already (there tends to be more activity over there than on the forums).

I think I've fixed the ones this applied to.
I think writing m26 with Gb like m22 would be better, but the rest looks good!

New stuff!

  • It's allowed (and encouraged) to spell Gb as F# when it leads into Gn (unless you're already using Gb). The bass in m16-19, as well as some of the RH in m20-27 can be changed as well. I think the Bns in m22, 23, and 26 should be written as Cb as well.
  • Slurs on grace notes? It's not strictly necessary but I think it's strongly encouraged. You could also consider writing some parts of m24-25 with grace notes a well.
Solid sheet, nice that you are replacing something you have a special connection to :)

    • m1/5: The Fbs here (beat 4.25) should be Ens instead. These are short little C7(b9) chords.
    I noticed that a few days ago and fixed it, but maybe the file didn't upload properly or something

    • m21 LH beat 2: This should be two 16ths instead of an 8th.

    • m30/32/34/38 LH beat 4: What you have is technically correct so I won't ask you to change it, but sometimes considering readability is more helpful for a performer than using the "correct" accidentals. Usually in chromatic passages I like to simplify the accidentals as much as possible, though for chords and voice-leading I'll use double accidentals when needed. This is a small part so it's probably not a big deal either way, but it's something to consider.
    I was kinda back and forth on this for a while, because as you said both are correct. Personally I found it easier to follow as I have it right now, as the movements are pretty clear and it saves on number of accidentals, but do you think using naturals would make it clearer for others?[/list][/list]

    Thanks! They were all super fun to make^^

    For the sake of completeness we arranged every track from the game, and included the URL at the bottom for consistency.
    We are not planning on submitting all of these, and only a handful of sheets come into immediate question of being replaced.
    Hope that helps!

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