Debate topic for next Tuesday: Are cannons truly valid instruments for an orchestra? Or should they be replaced with something safer, like Tesla coils?

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Looks great! accepted
I see, thanks! Approved
Thanks for the explanation and making the changes! That all works for me :) Below are some nitpicky engraving points I'd like to put out there before I accept:

  • The tempo marking could do with a downwards nudge
  • The hairpin in m17 should end just before the barline, rather than at the end of the last note
  • If you like, you could make the angle of the triplet in m24 less steep. Finale leaves an unnecessarily large distance to rests there.
Not much to say!
  • I feel like by repeating m1-2 4 times you lose the opportunity to add some sort of build-up to this part of the arrangement. Thoughts?
  • A lot of the note dots are placed on the wrong line when you're using mutiple layers, such as on the LH A in m12
  • m16 & 17: The RH rests could be moved down a little, to keep them more similar to 15 and 18
Hi, and welcome to NSM! In order for your sheet to pass the submissions process, users will give feedback for you to implement until two updaters give their approval. I'll be your first updater for this sheet :)

The notes you have written all sound correct, the only things left here are some changes to the visual layout of the sheet. I notice you haven't uploaded a .musx file (which is fine), so if you don't have paid Finale, let me know if you're not able to change any of the following:
  • The 'Pno.' marking on systems 2+ should be removed
  • We usually write 'con pedale' italicised, below the bottom staff
  • Is it possible to fit this sheet onto one page? If not, I would recommend having 4 systems on page 1 and 3 on  page 2, and the header on page 2 should be added.
  • The composed by/arranged by text should not be higher than the bottom of the subtitle text
  • The sheet could do with some measure numbers at the start of each system
That is all for now, let me know if you have any questions!
Thanks for re-uploading, approved! Note to next updater: make sure the staccatos are positioned correctly in the PDF
Hey! These sheets show a solid grasp of arranging and proficiency in Finale, so I'd recommend submitting them :)
Feel free to reach out if you need any help with that
Hi, and sorry for the wait again! I just went over this again and, once you replace with the files I sent in #submissions, this sheet is ready for approval!
- m20 beat 2+ sounds an octave lower
- m24 and similar: The tuplet notes' beam should be disconnected from the regular notes' beam
- 29: the harmonies on beats 3 and 4 sound like F# and E respectively

That is all, nice work!
Well arranged, I don't have much to add:
- m1/m last: I understand the musical value in writing out the last measure even though it's identical to m1, but part of me feels like that loses the chaotic nature of how the loops are programmed in the soundtrack. If it was up to me I'd drop the last measure and make it repeat from the start, but it's not up to me lol
- m12: does beat 1 in the RH upper layer need a staccato marking?
- m13: I've been told not to make notes small in the past to signalise them being quieter, and I'd advise against doing it here as well: For the performer, it's not clear what it means, and from an arranging standpoint, why only mark this instrument as quieter for this measure in particular?
To be honest, I don't think it's immediately clear for a performer what to do with the intros at the moment. See the attachment for my suggestion (ignore the spacing): I think it's clearer if the main sheet starts on a new system, and the intros are labeled with where to jump to. Perhaps using measure numbers rather than a Segno marking is best, since I've never seen those used to jump forwards rather than backwards in a sheet

- m4: IMO, beat 3.25 would be clearer to read as a not-staccato 16th note
- m6 beats 1.5 and 3.5 RH sound staccato
- m7: The staccato in the RH should sit below the noteheads
- m8-9 RH sounds more fitting to me an octave higher, the organ starts higher than in m7

Also, if you have the audio to the new intro that would be great :)
Sorry for the wait:
- m5 beat 1.25 LH sounds like a C to me
- Thoughts on including the bass note at m9 beat 4.5?
- I feel like the trilled note in the cadenza might be better off as a quarter
- If I'm right assuming that m23 is a custom ending, could you mark it as such? "Optional ending" in bold text should do.

Thanks for submitting!
m2 & m6 beat 3: I hear an Ab in the RH chords
m10: I hear additional Ebs at beats 1 and 2
m14: You should probably mess with the spacing somehow to avoid the accidentals stacking like that, maybe just the accidental tool will be enough?
m15: The slur here should attach to the note in the following measure
m16: I think the Ab should be G# (chromatics and stuff)
In if we start after the 15th
Quote from: Latios212 on May 29, 2024, 06:11:32 PM- I'm not sure I hear the first RH G in m. 19... it isn't as present as the other notes. I think I hear an Ab in the harmony here, does that sound too weird? vs. just keeping the G or maybe just omitting the RH here
I opted for omitting it, everything else has been dealt with too!