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-m9: I'm not sure if I hear the Bn and C on beat 4.5 and 5.5, I think that might just be reverb. The crescendo also suggests that those two notes should be played slightly louder than the previous note, which definitely isn't the case, so if you wanna keep them you could maybe add an accent on the Bn and C on beat 4 and 5?
I guess I'm just used to it being there because it sounds a little empty without the extra notes, so I'll leave those in to mimic the percussion fill and add some accents. Also I think the very last note is actually a D instead of nothing or some reverb of Bn

-m24: I hear a slightly different ending in the harp/piano/pingy part here:

The F on beat 5 does clash a bit with the E-G dyad in the L.H., but this clash is there in m25 beat 3 as well.. It's up to you if you wanna re-octave some parts here or just keep it as is :p
I'm not hearing this personally, maybe someone else does?

-m25: Maybe you could add parentheses or delete the Bn in the R.H., since it's being played in the L.H. as well.
It has been terminated :latiosbeam:

-m26: Was there a specific reason you didn't keep this in 4/4 with 16ths, instead of 2/2 with 8ths? Both work if you prefer having it in 2/2, but since you haven't written the harp parts in 16ths (or 32nds in 4/4), there's not much against having it in 4/4 either.
I originally wrote out the fast harp part many years ago and worked off of that file, so I just kept it as 2/2. I think I'll leave it as is for now unless somebody feels strongly about using 4/4 instead

-m4: The lowest dot of the dotted half note in the L.H. is touching the notehead of the second layer, moving it up a bit fixes this though.
-m19: The chord on beat 4 in the R.H. should be stemmed upwards.
-m28: Maybe you could add a courtesy accidental for the Bb as well in the L.H.?
Done, thanks! And sorry for the wait!

Nice job you two :3 . I'll split my feedback between both hands

Right Hand
It looks like you both intentionally made the beginning simpler so that the last section would have more of an impact, so I'll just be focusing on m51-end for the RH. There are some extra notes that I don't think would be too difficult to include, and I think they would provide a fuller sound

- m52 sounds like there's an F natural here too, and maybe you could rewrite the G# as Ab but idk
- m54 there are some A's here too
- m58 there's an A here that you could lower an octave, but it's understandable if you both want to omit it
- m60 I think it would be better to include A's instead of C's in the RH because the LH is already playing C's
- m61 sounds like there's an E here that's more prominent than the F imo, but you could include both too
- m62 instead of doubling B's you could replace the B's with G's in the RH

Left Hand
- m4 this is more of a commentary (unless this was unintentional or there's another part that actually does this), but I like that the LH was changed to sort of imitate the upwards motion of the vibraphone/mallet part. I hear the original bass part as G (high) -> F# -> D# instead of F# -> B -> D# for the last three notes
- m6 maybe you could imitate the extra voices here by adding an echo note for the low A on beat 2.33
- m10 it sounds weird but I think the C# on beat 3.5 is actually a B
- m14 I think the B is actually two eighth notes instead of a quarter note
- m22 the first three notes sound more like a quarter note triplet (with the last two notes written w/ staccato possibly) rather than quarter note on beat 1 + eighth triplet on beat 2
- m30 I think the B should be two eighth notes but I'm unsure
- m65-68 there's a string pizz. that plays every measure instead of every other measure, and I think leaving it as a tie in the piano arrangement makes it sound slightly empty there

Hi, thank you for the feedback and sorry for the delay. I should be able to respond sooner next time!

this is in 3/4
This is actually in 12/16

When the melody comes in in the lh at measure 9, I think you could add "melody" because I know that some readers will think that the right hand arpeggio is the focus. Either that or putting accent marks on it might help?
I think putting accent marks on all of them would make it look too cluttered, so I put "melody" for now

Then in measure 17 when the rh takes over the melody maybe put a line to show where it moves to.

Measure 23 has pedal markings running into the beaming of the lh.
oops I thought that was hidden, thanks!

It is a little confusing in measure 26 when you right "senza pedal" but then on beat 4 have chords that the rh is supposed to play while also sustaining the melody. Perhaps the bottom note of that chord could be in the lh and the top two in the rh so it'll be easier to play without pedal. Same goes for measure 34.
I'm wondering if for 30-33 you could write "optional pedal" since it would make it easier to sustain the melody and play the rh arpeggio. In general I think there are moments in this section that would sound good with pedal (and kinda need it) so maybe it would be easier to write "light pedaling" or something?
I changed "senza pedale" to "pedal as needed" and flipped the A of that chord in measure 26, but I left m34 the same


I was working on some feedback earlier today and wasn't sure if I should post it in the Replacement Initiative thread after I was done, but now that this exists I don't have to face that dilemma. Anyways, thank you Kricketune for tackling this on!

  • There's no extra beat in between measures 10 and 12. The crash just comes on beat 6 so you could stop the trill by the end of beat 5 if you wanted to. The rest of my feedback will still be off of the current measure numbers though
  • E minor key signature maybe?
  • I think it is better to prioritize reasonable staff spacing over centered dynamics or text, so I think it would look neater if you closed the gap between the staves in the first system and just raised the mf (or you could put it off to the side)
  • Instead of using an octave clef, just write an 8va under the left hand. Static wrote something similar in his Infinite Blue sheet, but you could also probably just write some text
  • m3 RH you should split the rests to go alongside the pulse of the measure just like how you split it up in measure 2/4/5/etc. to show the strong beat
  • m7/8 if you're going to hide the 2nd layer rests, then you should place the 1st layer rests in the default position in the middle of the staff, and the power chords should be flipped down
  • m6/9 RH somehow the second D/G dyads on beat 4.5 are missing the flat accidentals even though they playback correctly. Maybe they were previously tied and that hid the accidentals
  • Idk if it's just me, but the timpani part you accented throughout the entire left hand is either very faint to me (m2-15) or I can't hear it at all (m16-end). When I tried raising it up an octave, this is what stood out to me (the picture is from m15-17):

    Even if you wish to keep your current notes, I personally think some of them clash too much and make it sound too muddy. I think raising the timpani hits up an octave would help with that (and might be easier to play too)
  • m6/9 RH pt. 2 the A-Dn dyad of beat 5.5 sounds more like B-Dn to me
  • m9 RH beat 6 there's a missing E that would be nice to add
  • m12/14 I think the last two dyads are actually an octave higher relative to the rest of the phrase. It might be better to leave measures 12-15 down an octave to keep it in the same register as m6, and unlike measure 9 there's no high strings alongside that phrase
  • m16/18 RH I think there's a tie between the two F's on beats 3/4
  • m17/19 RH I think the last note in the melody sounds more like half notes instead of two quarter notes; also, for m17 maybe you could re-strike the D and Bb harmony for the last melody note
  • m17/19 LH beat 5 I think the F sounds more like a Bb (just like in the picture above about the timpani part)
  • m21 RH beat 2 the F# sounds more like F (or E#) to me
  • m21 LH I think beat 3 sounds like it lasts for a quarter note instead of an eighth note, and the Dn on beat 6 sounds more like an E to me

This is a good start! I mostly just went over the left hand part

- In m4, there's a slide type note (in the left hand) that I didn't know how to notate, which is why it's notated the way it is. If there's a better way to do it, please tell me so I can fix it.
I think it's fine if you want to omit the slide, but maybe you could start lower in pitch and then go up instead of what you have now

- m30 and beyond feel kind of empty to me, partially because I can't hear the bassline super well, and partially because I chose to remove most of the harmony chords to keep it easily readable. If you can help with the bassline, that would be great, and if you think I should add the harmony chords in, let me know.
I think it sounds something like this, and I recommend potentially changing things up to include more percussive hits. I also think it would be nice to include some of the harmony chords in the right hand. On suggestion is that you could accent the melody through adding some harmony notes on some of the chord hits (e.g. beat 1/1.75/etc.)

In the future, assuming you haven't already tried this, I recommend using Audacity or AudioStretch to manipulate songs by raising it up an octave or filtering bass/treble lines just to make it easier to hear basslines

- You could attach text to specific measures by editing the frame attributes and picking the desired measure/staff. That makes it easier to apply formatting changes like different measure distributions or adjusting staff/system spacings
- Speaking of spacing, I think the last two systems on page 1 look a little too close to each other, so you could bump down the last system by a tad. I also think the inner staff spacing of the last system of page 2 is a little too much, and ideally the ends of crescendo hairpins wouldn't touch barlines
- I think it would be nice if you included some more staccato's and grace notes to give it a bit more personality. I pointed out a few spots below, but you should go over the whole song again
- m2/4 I think the B's sound more like A's, just like in m6
- m8 LH beat 4 sounds like E instead of Eb (to clarify, I do hear beat 4.5 as Eb, the full beat just sounds like E->Eb rather than Eb->Eb). I also think the first eighth note sounds staccato
- m10 LH bass note sounds more like C# than Cn
- m12 LH beat 2.75 missing E, beat 4 sounds staccato, and beat 4.5 sounds like a low A note rather than a C#
- m18 LH beat 2.75 I think this F sounds like it should be an octave lower; unsure about this, but I think there is also a low E on beat 3.75
- m19 LH beat 2.75 I also think the A here should be an octave lower
- m20 LH beat 3.75 I think there might be a B here; also beat 4.5 sounds like an E instead of Dn

This looks good c: . Not much to say aside from a few optional things

- Personally I think the timpani part that goes C# -> G# sounds more prominent than F# -> C#, but if you feel the opposite then that's okay
- Maybe you could tremolo between some of the octaves whenever there's a mallet roll (e.g. start of measure 15/17 and beat 2 of measure 18)
- It might look more uniform if you used 4/4 instead of Common time since you switch to 5/4, but this isn't a big deal

I used the tonic of the chords in some parts where there's a kick drum, even in place of some notes that are in the original because it would conflict with the RH part (e.g. beat 6 of measure 2/4/6/etc.). I also used sixteenth notes to lead into the chords on beat 4 since they gradually fade in starting on beat 3 of the original song. If some arranging decisions are questionable, then I'll try to come up with a different approach!

No it's definitely understandable that you'd both feel that way. Any attempt at converting dubstep to piano would have to be pretty stylized since any kind of pitch bend or microtone present in those growls would be impossible to play normally. I suppose catering more to the piano's strengths with utilizing pedals and perhaps more arpeggios/scales instead of random block chunks would be more natural to play (and listen to), but at the cost of changing the entire mood.

This was more of an experiment if anything, and I personally would have no interest in performing this myself. That being said, I feel like there is still value for archival purposes as Ike mentioned, and there's probably someone somewhere out there who would test it out. I think there is no great harm in posting it if there are more benefits than drawbacks, but I guess it would still go against the spirit of the site where accuracy is one of the biggest concerns (and many would probably argue that there are more drawbacks anyways, especially if you include the time it would take to check and polish this sheet by staff/community members)

I've thought about copying over some of this work over to a sheet for "Those Who Sow Darkness" in case this was the consensus since it's nearly the same thing except more calm and foreboding, but I'm not particularly interested in doing that at this point in time. Still, that is an option for the future, provided that it's not too repetitive or heavily reliant on the ambience noises.

I apologise that you've had to wait a long time for this sort of post, but I kept coming back to the sheet in vain trying to work out if I give some feedback that would fix these issues.  I should have said something sooner.  The main point is that I'd like to get your thoughts on the sheet and what I've said in this post.  I'm definitely happy to have more of a conversation about it, but these are my thoughts at the moment.
That's okay, thank you for trying anyways!

it begins
And so it ends, it was worth a shot lol. I'll leave this open to see if anyone has any last comments regarding the merit of this sheet as a concept (or if someone can magically make it more representative and it could turn into a collab)

Feedback / Re: Sheet Music Errors Thread
« on: December 31, 2021, 12:09:00 PM »
This says that the Maestro Font (which is Finale's default notation font) is not installed, which is very odd. Uninstall/reinstall finale and that should be fixed.
It's actually saying that Finale Maestro isn't installed, which is a new SMuFL-compliant font that's part of Finale 27. I tried downloading the mus file and encountered the same problem as I did when looking at scores created in Finale 27 first, and downloading Finale Maestro would still pose an issue because time signatures, slurs, and possibly articulations are messed up

Regardless of all of that, XML exports should still work, but if you need a link then here you go: [XML]

Looks like I got possessed after all, so here's my actual final sheet of the year:

Treasure *new*
[Original][PDF][MUS][MIDI]Solo Piano

The latest soundtrack unexpectedly came out today, and I had the motivation to crank this out. Happy New Year!! :D

Piano Arrangements / Re: Arrangement Highlights of 2021
« on: December 28, 2021, 04:45:32 AM »
My own Top 5, and like every year I've done this it includes a mix of piano VGM and other miscellaneous stuff

5. Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Shambhala (Area 17 Redux)(Rain)

This is mainly here because it took more experimentation than the usual sheets I do, and I thought it was unique enough as an attempt at translating dubstep to piano. Maybe it still doesn't quite hit the mark, but I thought it would be funny and cool to have a sheet of it
4. Kirby Star Allies - Wish-Granting Palace

I definitely underestimated this track but I'm happy with the end result thanks to MSF and Radiak once again \o/ . In some ways this was harder than other sheets ranked higher in my list as dealing with overtones and other tiny details was A Lot
3. Shovel Knight - Le Bouquet Magique

Wait, why am I putting this here when it's technically an old sheet and I already put it in the 2017 Arrangement Highlights thread? One, I haven't really done much this year apart from a few bigger projects, and two this underwent a lot of revising and I won't be revisiting it again aside from final updates to the transcribed duet version. the third reason is that I just really adore this piece
2. Super Mario Odyssey - Jump Up, Super Star! (NDC Festival)

What's another year without at least one completed transcription? I really liked the NDC Festival version of Jump Up, Super Star! over the original and I thought it would be awesome if anyone ever played it live, so I got to work (ever so slowly). There's a lot going on (especially with the rhythm section) and it was very challenging at times, but I'm glad I continued on and finished it
1. RWBY Piano Collections

This may be considered cheating because it's 18 sheets, but the majority were only done for the purpose of packaging them together so I'm going to count it. I tried to diversify the arrangement styles to be more than just "power chords go brrr," but personally I could only come up with so many ways to adapt rock songs to piano. Even so, I'm proud of myself for actually finishing this instead of letting it rot half-way complete (and with a full-page drawing to boot!). I don't think I will actually print this out for myself, but I designed it with the possibility in mind
Get ready for the Volume 7-12 collection book--coming to you never!!

To spice things up this year and add some holiday cheer, I'm also including a list of some highlights from other arrangers :3 . Tbh it's mostly a list of songs that I liked the most out of the ones that landed on site, but they are all very clean and nice to listen to (or otherwise attempt to play). Some of these are already featured in this very thread

?? ?? ??
"Balance Is Restored" from Final Fantasy VI
Arranged by Static and Whoppybones
Sheet | Original

26 pages is a heck of a lot to go through, especially when some sections are pretty involved. The presentation/formatting side is also excellent
?? ?? ??
"Blue Bird Lamentation" from Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward
Arranged by mastersuperfan
Sheet | Original

I think this builds up nicely to the grandiose/emotional part at the end all without being too complicated to play. All around it's a super clean sheet!
?? ?? ??
"The Heritors of Arcadia" from Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia
Arranged by Libera
Sheet | Original

I'd say this is my favorite credits song from the franchise (out of the ones I've heard), and I felt that this was both an accurate and engaging arrangement of it that's ultimately satisfying to play. Well done!
?? ?? ??
"Kindness-Steeping Street" from Kirby Star Allies
Arranged by Radiak488417
Sheet | Original

Nothing much to say other than that this is an awesome transcription of a nice track :>
?? ?? ??
"Miror B's Retro Groove" from Pokémon Colosseum
Arranged by Kricketune54
Sheet | Original

I wasn't familiar with the original arrangement of this song but regardless I'm glad that it was replaced with something more up to our modern standards. There's a nice balance between the bass and piano parts, and it's definitely lively as the tone suggests
?? ?? ??
"Title Theme" from The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes
Arranged by Cashwarrior1
Sheet | Original

I started my own arrangement of this a few years ago and didn't get very far, so thank you Cash for actually finishing and submitting this! I think the different layers mesh well together and it's just a very fun piece in general (at least to listen to, I haven't attempted to play this)
?? ?? ??
"Zant Battle" from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
Arranged by Bloop
Sheet | Original

Bloop did a great job with the arrangement and I was really impressed with how they approached everything as a whole. It progressively gets more chaotic and having to deal with microtonal music is no joke (especially when there are some sections where it changes mid-phase)

And another shout out to Levi for replacing all of the Mega Man sheets by the end of this year! sans Boss unless there will be an update in the next few days [had a brain fart oops] It's come a long way since 2018! Here's to another year with some great sheets :D

Congratulations on completing your weekly goal! And way to finish it off with this beast of a sheet lol. I didn't look over it too closely, but I have a few things to say:

this is a mood haha
  • but really, m125/126 just seems like the same pattern from before except it only consists of the first 3 beats. I think this is closer:

    I don't think it's worth switching to 3/4 for two measures and then 2/4 because it's a small syncopated section
  • m126 pt 2 also beat 4 sounds like it's sustained longer than beat 3, so either no staccato or a tenuto staccato would fit better imo
  • m171/172 don't know if you already considered and decided to omit it, but you could add the low echoed melody part on beats 3-4
  • m177-181 I took a picture and informally wrote what was changed:

    • m177 is missing an F# in between the G/E and it just sounds like a straight sixteenth-note scale instead of some freeform rhythm like the later parts (for the most part anyways... I think there are a few 32nd notes in there but they don't add much and are mostly only noticeable when slowed down a lot)
    • m178 I think there is a missing G in between the F# and A, and I think this should also start a little earlier to incorporate the B and C# from the following measure because it gets really crowded. If you write the first A# as a half note, that would make the run come in too early but it would look cleaner
    • m179 I think this is just a continuous scale so each note should be a letter apart (i.e. instead of the bigger gaps like the C# to the F# as the current 2nd/3rd notes, it sounds like there's a D and E in between). I also think that the peak note is a D instead of a C#, or you could put mordents on the C#'s instead since that part is really fast. If that is too hard then it's fine if that's omitted though
    • m180 similarly I think there are some missing notes here too, although each note is not completely neighboring the other. And then I think the highest note should be an A# instead of a G
    • m181 maybe you could add a B grace note to the C#

That's it, awesome job from the both of you!

Thank you, I appreciate it!! And using the DPCM channel was my biggest motivator for even writing BIG SHOT out in FamiTracker. There are other songs that I like more but the vocal parts made it an interesting experiment

I wouldn't be able to tell you exactly how long it took to finish JUSS because I would focus on one part/section for a bit and then stop working on it for weeks/months. It definitely took over 100 hours though. Having a jazz ensemble play it was the goal, so hopefully that will actually happen sometime next year!

Gotta get these sheets in before the year ends so I can put one of them in my Top 5 list for 2021

[PC] Deltarune
BIG SHOT *new*
I posted this a few months ago on Discord, but I actually ended up modifying this a while back to include the WOW Earthbound sample and to fix the harmony part in the World Revolving section so that it would start earlier. Also, if you haven't already seen Branflakes's cover it's very well done! They brought out harmonies I did not hear at all (tbf I use mono audio, but still...), and it makes me wish I included them in mine because it feels richer. If like me you couldn't hear some of them in the original, somebody uploaded a sample without the center panned instruments

Attack of the Killer Queen *new*
[Original][PDF][MUS][MIDI][MP3]Small Ensemble
I've been holding off on updating this thread because I wanted to do some edits on this sheet, but it's been 3 months now and I still haven't so I figured that I might as well get it out there

Game Main Theme (Piano Sketch) *new*
[Original][PDF][MUS][MIDI][MP3]Solo Piano
This is just a small thing I liked from the unused tracks that were teased during the 6th anniversary stream

[SW] Super Mario Odyssey
Jump Up, Super Star! (NDC Festival) *new*
[Original][PDF][MUS][MIDI][MP3]Big Band
This one is a few years in the making and is only possible because of the isolated Smash tracks that split it into several sections. I still wouldn't call it fully accurate (maybe like 80-85%?), but it's easily better than it would have been otherwise. I just wrote a repeat in the finalized sheet, but I have a file with the full improvised parts written out here as a MUSX file. And then individual parts can be found here

That's it from me for the end of the year unless I become possessed!

These have been sitting around for nearly a whole month oops. Also Merry Christmas to those who celebrate it, or just Happy Holidays in general! :D

[PC] Deltarune
Vs. Susie *new*

I also gave Lake a partial make-over. I say partial because there are still some things that are off to me and I'll make more changes another day, but there are enough changes to be significant. Also there are quite a few unsavory ledger lines, but since most of them are octaves I wasn't sure if it was outright better to just switch clefs frequently instead

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