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Site News / Call for potential new site art!
« on: March 24, 2020, 04:46:47 AM »
Hello everyone!

A while back I put up a notice saying that we'd soon be seeking out new art for the site (sorry, time really flies!). While the current banner has served us well for almost ten years now, it may be time for a visual refresh. Now that the new design has rolled out and everyone has had a chance to give it a feel, the time has come to open the floor up to submissions!

What we are looking for is:
- A banner! This must be responsive so as to fit different screen sizes and ratios.
- A logo! This must be in SVG format in order to scale well.
- Anything else will be taken into consideration but not necessarily used.

Submissions will be open for one month from this post, with potential for extension if deemed necessary. As a disclaimer, we may or may not end up picking a winner if it is determined the options don't suit the site, and we may need to follow up to iterate on the art before a final decision is reached.

Any questions, please do ask.

Members submitting artwork
- fi_le

Members planning to submit artwork

Guide Submissions / A quick guide to using AudioStretch
« on: March 22, 2020, 05:40:07 PM »
A quick guide to using AudioStretch

This is a guide that details how to use AudioStretch, my preferred tool to use when transcribing. There are many other tools out there to slow down and/or analyze audio, but this is the one I find most helpful and use for just about everything. You're free to use what you like of course, but I hope this will be able to help others looking to improve their transcriptions and arrangements who may not already have a go-to tool for this.

AudioStretch used to be available in browser at, but that link now redirects to download links to the mobile app version. Fortunately, the tool is still available in browser, embedded in the free-to-use BandLab site.

What does it do?

I mainly use it to slow down audio. You can slow down the playback speed of an audio file and even click/drag to move it at whatever pace you like and make it "hang" on any one spot, making it easier to transcribe what pitches are present at any given moment. I also occasionally adjust the pitch by an octave to make the high/low notes easier to hear. That's about it; the tool doesn't actually produce any output for you - it just helps you listen to what's happening in the music so you can transcribe it yourself.

The app versions provide some expanded functionality, most notably a spectrum analysis of the audio file that provides a visual mapping of the relative volume of each pitch to keys on a keyboard. I generally try not to resort to using this most of the time, though, since it can result in relying too much on a technical analysis of what sound is being produced as opposed to what "sounds" right to a listener.

How do I use it?

First, create an account on BandLab. It's easy and you don't need to provide much in terms of your personal info.

Then, go to the Mix Editor. Click Import Audio/MIDI and upload the audio file for what you want. (If you're wondering how to get one from YouTube, there are tools out there you can use like ClipGrab.)

Next, right click the waveform and choose AudioStretch > More.

Now you can adjust playback speed and shift the pitch. And most importantly, you can click and hold/drag the waveform to focus on any moment in the track. That's it!

Site News / Cleaned-up Rules
« on: February 16, 2020, 10:19:11 PM »
Hello everyone,

We've just done a bit of cleanup to our rules, both on Discord and the forums. Please give it a look, though in essence nothing has really changed - we just made an effort to clarify and condense things to make them less of a headache to comb through for new and regular members.

Keep enjoying yourselves! ;)

Rules / Rules
« on: February 16, 2020, 09:59:43 PM »
Welcome to NinSheetMusic! We're a community focused around video games and video game music. To ensure everyone can have a good time here, please:

Be respectful of others and their privacy.
- Don't harass, defame, or insult other members.
- Deliberate discrimination or blanket negative statements about a group of people will not be tolerated.
- Don't post private information pertaining to others, including personal information and private messages, without their consent.
- In general, try to treat others how you would want to be treated.
Don't spam or post inappropriate, illegal, or plagiarized content.
- Don't send multiple messages in a row that don't contribute anything to an active conversation.
- Creating multiple accounts is a form of spam.
- Keep all NSFW or pirated content away from NinSheetMusic.
- Plagiarism here includes written content as well as copying parts of other MIDI files or arrangements as your own without permission.

The moderating staff will deal with any issues that arise as needed. These rules are not intended to be exhaustive, and the moderating staff will handle things on a case-by-case basis. If there are any problems, please don't hesitate to use the report button or reach out to a moderator or myself directly. We're here to help.

Enjoy your stay! :D

Site News / New Updater! (Friday 14th of February 2020)
« on: February 15, 2020, 12:55:38 AM »
Hello everyone!

A quick announcement today - mastersuperfan is joining our updating team! He's a longtime member/arranger and is a huge help when it's time to review sheets. Please give him big thanks as he helps us churn out updates :D

Stay super~

Feedback / Thanks for five years!
« on: January 19, 2020, 08:39:18 PM »

Today marks five years since I first introduced myself here after lurking around! Five years ago, the name Latios212 meant nothing to anyone as this moniker was nothing more than a failed attempt at coming up with a decent username after deciding to join the forums on the spur of the moment. Little did I know it would really... need to stick. No regrets though! :P

In the year and a half or so before signing up, I had been trying out video game sheet music on the piano from all over the internet. I found a lot of stuff. But nowhere else did I find such an extensive and accessible collection of piano sheet music, even if the quality was... questionable at times. Slowly becoming acquainted with good and bad sheets (as I didn't know what the heck I was looking for when I started out) made me more curious about the creation process and how people were able to make such things - I'd never had any experience trying to transcribe, arrange, or compose before. I popped over to peek at the forums for a month or two to see what was going on, and decided to join - just to have some sort of interaction with some arrangers to learn about what they did and potentially offer some feedback from a performer's standpoint. (There was one arranger in particular I had been keeping an eye on - you can probably guess...)

So I joined, and was immediately welcomed and told by people that arranging was fun and I should give it a shot! I figured "sure why not lol". My first few attempts at getting something down were not great, but the community was incredibly helpful and I took small but steady steps under the guidance of a few fellow arrangers in particular. I enjoyed working on sheets and started doing more and more arranging and reviewing... and here we are today. I really learned a lot from so many people during my time here - about transcribing, arranging, being inventive, performing, music theory, and so on. I can only hope that I can serve as an inspiration to other younger members like so many of you did for me.

The site, too, has grown by leaps and bounds since five years ago. We've added a couple thousand sheets which is no small feat especially considering that our quality bar has also continued to improve. There's a lot more to do in terms of new improvements for the site and replacements for old sheets, but taking a step back really shows how far we've come and how much potential we still have for growth.

Thank you all for your support these past five years! For teaching me how to make sheets. For caring about quality. For surprising me with what the piano can do. For helping the site run. For being my friends.

And above all, thanks for making my time here a blast - I'm not going anywhere anytime soon ;D

Submission Center / The Next Special Update (January/February 2020)
« on: January 12, 2020, 09:45:18 PM »
The results have been announced here and the new project thread is now up here!  Thank you to everyone who took part in nominations and voting!

Hello everyone!

Here is how we're going to choose a theme for our next special update. Any user can suggest ONE theme by posting here. The one hard restriction we're going to place this time is the following:
- The theme cannot be limited to a single game/series or musical style.

Other than that, anything is fair game (within reason, as decided by the staff). This can be something straightforward like "underwater" or "food" or something more silly like "track title starts with A" or "track starts in E minor". Try to aim for something that is fairly well represented across all video games and musical styles - see our Halloween or Winter updates for how a theme can encompass a large variety of pieces from many different games and arrangers.

Nominations are open for one ONE WEEK from the time of this post. After that, there will be one week of voting, two weeks of arranging, and two weeks of reviewing - more details to come later.

So, that said, suggest away! :)

If you're curious, some background on why we're changing things up from previous arrangement projects
Looking back on previous arrangement projects, they dragged on for ridiculously long periods of time because:
- Motivation was low. This was due in part to low community involvement (sheets were mainly submitted by a few people who liked the game) and due in part to burnout after working with the same soundtrack for the entire project. By having a broader theme more people would be interested in submitting a variety of sheets, and people wouldn't become tired looking over them because they represent all kinds of musical styles.
- We didn't have a schedule. This allowed us to postpone wrapping things up indefinitely, which naturally led to letting them go on for years.

List of suggested themes:
- "Final boss battles"
- "Boss battles"
- "First main area themes of open world-esque games"
- "Food/cooking"
- "Themes that use acoustic instruments"
- "Arcade games of the 80s & 90s"
- "Travel"
- "Credits themes"
- "Opening/title themes"
- "Music about music"
- "Unlikely heroes/protagonists"
- "Aquatic"
- "Nostalgic"

Site News / Update, Sunday 5th of January 2020 (Pokémon DPPt)
« on: January 05, 2020, 11:29:59 PM »
Happy new year! :D

This update brings to you the remainder of the site-ready sheets from our Pokémon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum project, including a handful of much-needed replacements.

As you might have noticed, this project has lasted for an absurdly long time. For future projects, we're going to change things up a bit to involve the community more and stick to a timeline instead of letting things go on indefinitely. Stay tuned for discussion coming soon!

Until next update, enjoy these new sheets~

[NDS] Pokémon Diamond Version & Pokémon Pearl Version
26 - "Battle! (Rival)" (Replacement) by JDMEK5
41 - "Battle! (Team Galactic)" (Replacement) by JDMEK5
42 - "Eterna Forest" by Zeila
46 - "Battle! (Team Galactic Commander)" (Replacement) by JDMEK5
53 - "Hearthome City (Day)" (Replacement) by FireArrow
56 - "Solaceon Town (Day)" by Latios212
60 - “Valor Lakefront (Day)" by Th3Gavst3r
65 - "Battle! (Team Galactic Boss)" (Replacement) by JDMEK5
69 - "The Legendary Pokémon Appears!" (Replacement) by Libera
73 - "Victory Road" by Latios212
81 - "Pokémon Center (Night)" by Yug Guy
115 - "Battle! (Azelf/Mesprit/Uxie)" (Replacement) by Zeila
119 - "Trainers’ Eyes Meet (Artist)" by Th3Gavst3r
123 - "Contest Hall" by AmpharosAndy
129 - "Contest: Results Announcement" by FireArrow
129 - "Contest: Results Announcement" (Duet) by FireArrow
136 - "Stark Mountain" (Edit replacement) by Zeila
137 - "Battle! (Legendary Pokémon)" by Sebastian
140 - "Decisive Battle! (Pokémon League)" by Zeila
145 - "Battle! (Champion)" (Replacement) by Libera

[NDS] Pokémon Platinum Version
7 - "Wi-Fi Plaza: Mini-Games" by Sebastian
9 - “Wi-Fi Plaza: Parade" by Sebastian
28 - "Battle Castle" by Sebastian

Music / Arrangement Highlights of 2019
« on: December 17, 2019, 12:50:31 AM »
Past topics

As the year comes to a close, what are your favorite arrangements that you've made in 2019? ^^

(If you're not an arranger, you can your favorite sheets by other arrangers instead!)

Site News / Update, Thursday 21st of November 2019
« on: November 21, 2019, 05:45:51 AM »
It is update day

my dudes

[NDS] Animal Crossing: Wild World
"Steep Hill (Aircheck)" by octolad

[WiiU] Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker
"Retro Ramp-Up" by ThatHiddenCharacter

[NES] Clu Clu Land
"Music from Clu Clu Land" by Yug Guy

[NES] Final Fantasy II
"Castle Pandemonium" (Replacement) by Yug Guy

[MUL] Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn
"Torn from the Heavens" by Th3Gavst3r

[MOB] Fire Emblem Heroes
"Serious 6b" by Libera

[GBA] Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones
"Comrades" by Zeila

[SWITCH] Fire Emblem: Three Houses
"Fire Emblem: Three Houses Main Theme" by Latios212
"Wailing" by Libera

[GBA] Game Boy Advance BIOS
"Startup" by Th3Gavst3r

[GBC] Harvest Moon 2 GBC
"Spring" by Code_Name_Geek

[Wii] Kirby's Epic Yarn
"Future City" by

[MUL] Leisure Suit Larry Goes Looking For Love (in Several Wrong Places)
"Kalalau's Love Song" by Nine Lives

[GBA] Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga
"Beanbean Castle" (Replacement) by Sebastian

[NDS] Mario Kart DS
"Battle Mode" by
"Title Screen" (Replacement) by Latios212

[GBA] Mother 3
"Memory of Life" by Radiak488417

[WiiU] Nintendo Land
"Main Plaza (Night)" by Radiak488417

[PS2] Persona 3 FES
"Brand New Days - The Beginning" by SlimyDinosaur

[WiiU] Super Mario 3D World
"Sprixie Kingdom" by amc

[SWITCH] Super Mario Odyssey
"Tostarena Ruins" by Static

[SNES] Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars
"Hello, Happy Kingdom" (Replacement) by Sebastian

[PS1] Xenogears
"Crimson Knight" by Static

[N64] Yoshi's Story
"On the Beach" by Bloop

Project Archive / Halloween 2k19 Update
« on: October 02, 2019, 12:16:38 AM »
Hi everyone,

It's now October which means it's time to get ready for our yearly Halloween update! Please keep reading if you want to contribute.
  • Post your sheets here to be considered for the update. We will provide feedback here, you'll respond accordingly, and we'll approve and accept. Check back regularly if you submit something!
  • Since this has a strict deadline, we can't guarantee that every sheet submitted here will be included, but we will try our best to get in as many as we can! If it ends up being too much, we will prioritize as best we can and any unfinished sheets can still be submitted through the normal process.
  • There are no strict requirements for what constitutes a "scary" sheet for the update but please try to keep it reasonable - we'll take it on a case by case basis if there are any questions. Generally these will be sheets for tracks that have a creepy sound, game, or track title.
  • We'll need to receive submissions no later than (October 16) in order to leave sufficient time for finishing up.
Aaaand here are the sheets!


List of sheets currently set for the update (ordered by arranger, then by priority; each is linked to the original)

Submitted, pending feedback
Pending arranger response

Sheets that will go through normal submissions at a later time since the arranger is too busy to finish in time


Site News / Update, Saturday 31st of August 2019 (4000 sheets!!)
« on: August 31, 2019, 02:46:33 AM »
Hi everyone! This update marks 4000 sheets on the main site!

NinSheetMusic was founded over 15 years ago - around twelve years ago we reached 1000 sheets, around eight years ago we reached 2000 sheets, and around three years ago we reached 3000. It's incredible how we as a community have been able to continue to produce sheets at such a pace while continuing to raise the quality bar. We wouldn't be where we are without our arrangers and updaters providing a constant stream of quality sheets, along with our coding staff, moderation staff, and NinSheetMusic members making this a place worth sticking around. It's clear the interest in video game piano sheet music is very much thriving, and I very much look forward to what more we will accomplish in the future.

Thanks to everyone who's been a part of the NSM community, past and present, and onwards to 5000! :D


[PS2] Chulip
"Strictness of the Chitama Middle School Teachers" by Nine Lives

[PC] CrossCode
"Battle 1" by Greg

[NES] Final Fantasy
"Main Theme" by Yug Guy

[SNES] Fire Emblem: Mystery of the Emblem
"Under the Flag" by Th3Gavst3r

[GBA] Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade
"Beyond Distant Skies - Roy's Departure" by Maelstrom

[SWITCH] Fire Emblem: Three Houses
"A Guide for the Future" by Latios212
"A Lonely Figure" by Libera
"As Swift as Wind" by Maelstrom
"Fódlan Winds (Rain)" by Libera

[GBA] Golden Sun
"McCoy's Palace" (Replacement) by Onionleaf

[PS2] Kingdom Hearts
"Once Upon a Time" by Th3Gavst3r

[Wii] Kirby's Epic Yarn
"Halberd" by Zeila

[PSVita] Muramasa Rebirth
"Shigematsu Shinzaemon" by Static

[SWITCH] Octopath Traveler
"Battle at Journey's End" by Static & Libera

[GBA] Pokémon Ruby Version & Pokémon Sapphire Version
"Ever Grande City" (Replacement) by Latios212

[3DS] Rhythm Heaven Megamix
"Catchy Tune" by ThatHiddenCharacter

[SNES] Romancing SaGa
"The Conflict" by

[WiiU] Super Mario 3D World
"Footlight Lane" by Radiak488417

[Wii] Super Mario Galaxy
"Observatory Dome" by

[Wii] Super Mario Galaxy 2
"Sweet Mystery Galaxy" by Bloop

[SNES] Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars
"Dodo's Coming!!" (Replacement) by ThatHiddenCharacter

[N64] Yoshi's Story
"Games of Happiness" by Bloop

[MUL] Zero Escape: Zero Time Dilemma
"Interminable Dilemma (Final Decision)" by Zeila

Site News / Staff changes! (And happy solstice)
« on: June 21, 2019, 11:51:53 PM »
Hi everyone, I've got some important announcements today :)

First up, Dudeman and KefkaticFanatic will be stepping down as moderators, and Sebastian and Brassman388 will be moving to the Ghost Updater role. Due to recent events in the real world, these staff members aren't able to be quite as active online anymore for the foreseeable future. Please join me in thanking them for their service~ (As a reminder, like other Ghost Updaters, Seb and Brassman still plan on helping out when they can, however often they are able to drop in.)

But it's also time for new staff members! Joining us as moderators are BlackDragonSlayer, E. Gadd Industries, and Yug_Guy. Give them a warm welcome!

Also, happy summer solstice! Be sure to stay sunscreen and wear hydrated! (Or happy winter solstice if you're one of them upside down folks!)

Submission Center / A Notice Regarding Sheet Removal
« on: June 15, 2019, 10:44:22 PM »
Hi everyone,

Recently there has been some confusion regarding sheets being taken down from the main site. This announcement is intended to clear up any confusion regarding what we do about that.

As you may know, only staff members have access to add, edit, or remove sheets from the main site. Sheets will only be removed by the staff in rare situations (such as detected plagiarism, or hosting some outdated duplicate sheets) or if the original arranger requests that they be taken down.

That said, requesting that we take sheets down from the site is strongly discouraged for a couple of reasons:
- It’s not nice to the staff and community who spend their valuable time helping polish sheets for the main site.
- The sudden disappearance of sheets from the main site is a bad user experience for users who are looking to find a sheet that had previously been hosted. Links will be broken and users will be frustrated that they can no longer find something that they had found before.

Keep in mind the intent of the site is not to own anyone’s work, but rather to gather the world’s best collection of quality video game piano sheet music. If you still want your sheet to be removed from the site, however, we will oblige (it is your work, after all).

Although we will not be posting publicly a list of sheets that have been removed from the main site, you’re free to inquire to the whereabouts of any sheet - it’s only fair to provide that information to someone who’s looking.

Let us know if you have any questions!

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