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Greetings everyone! Today is a very special occasion ;D

As of today, April 11th 2024, NinSheetMusic is 20 years old! On this day 20 years ago, NinSheetMusic launched humbly as a tiny little Freewebs site called "Video Game Sheet Music". Over the course of the next two decades, the website has gone through a number of redesigns and migrations to become the massive resource it is today. That's an incredibly long time for a website to be around for!

But that's not all for today - through countless hours of hard work arranging by our arrangers and reviewing by our updaters, our sheet music collection has grown to exceed 5000 arrangements! That number has continued to increase steadily even as quality standards have risen and older sheets have been replaced. It means that on average, a new piece of sheet music has been posted to the site every 35 hours since 2004, which is quite astounding to think about. As an extra-special surprise to remind us of how far NinSheetMusic has come, nestled amongst today's new additions is a new arrangement by our legendary founder G-Han - the first one in well over a decade!

All of this is thanks to the healthy growth of a wonderful community. To our arrangers who strive to create the best sheet music, our staff keeping operations running, our community members forming a welcoming friendly atmosphere, and our users enjoying all that we have to offer - thank you so much for your support over the years!

We've got some more cool stuff planned within the upcoming days as well, so please keep an eye out! And whether you're an old friend or new visitor, feel free to pop into our Discord server to say hello. Cheers, and here's to many more years and sheets :)

[NES] Batman: The Video Game
"Game Over" by Yug Guy

[PS5] Final Fantasy XVI
"My Lady" by Fantastic Ike

[SNES] Front Mission
"Shop" by Static

[MUL] Genshin Impact
"Clio's Memoirs" by Latios212

[NDS] Kirby Super Star Ultra
"Masked Dedede" by

[MUL] Mega Man 11
"Fuse Man Stage" by

[GG] Megami Tensei Gaiden: Last Bible Special
"Opening" by Code_Name_Geek

[SW] Octopath Traveler
"Enveloped in Kindness" by Latios212

[SNES] Pilotwings
"Flight Club" by Static

[NDS] Pokémon Black Version & Pokémon White Version
"Game Sync" by Kricketune54

[SW] Pokémon Scarlet & Pokémon Violet
"Title Screen 2" by Th3Gavst3r

[NDS] Shiren the Wanderer: The Tower of Fortune and the Dice of Fate
"Top Menu" by G-Han

[ARCADE] Tekken 2
"Fighter Select" (Replacement) by Fantastic Ike

[GB] Tetris
"2 Player - Results" by Code_Name_Geek

[SW] The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom
"Lookout Landing" by XiaoMigros

[MUL] The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
"Diababa Battle (Second Half)" by Bloop

[GEN] ToeJam & Earl
"Alien Break Down" by Nine Lives

[Wii] Xenoblade Chronicles
"Once We Part Ways" by Cashwarrior1

[SW] Xenoblade Chronicles 3
"The Bereaved and Those Left Behind (Piano ver.)" by XiaoMigros

[PC] Your Turn to Die -Death Game by Majority-
"PRAYER" by mastersuperfan
Site News / Preparations for 20th Anniversary
March 11, 2024, 03:39:14 PM
Hello everyone~

As we approach NinSheetMusic's TWENTIETH anniversary next month, we would like to hear from you! Over the site's long history, it's provided value to people in many ways. It's helped people accomplish things like improve at piano, discover how to arrange, learn about music theory, make new friends, and even launch a career in music!

So we would like to ask you - What does NinSheetMusic mean to you? How has NinSheetMusic provided value to you over the years?

Answer here!

The intent is to compile and share these responses (in some manner that is to be determined), so please treat this like writing a forum post that anyone can see. Thank you!

Additionally, we are considering holding some celebratory activities the weekend of April 13-14, so stay tuned for that! :)
Piano Arrangements / Arrangement Highlights of 2023
December 29, 2023, 10:18:01 AM
Past topics

It's that time of year! Now that 2023 draws to a close, what sheets that you made during the year are you the most proud of?

(If you're not an arranger, you can list your favorite new sheets by other arrangers instead!)
Site News / 2023 NinSheetMusic Feedback Survey
December 03, 2023, 09:43:01 AM
Hi everyone!

As we approach the end of the year, we've put together something new - a feedback survey. To put it simply, getting to know more about our users and what they are looking for in the site is something that we haven't done too much of before.

Looking into next year, responses we get here can help us tell what is important to you and resultantly what may be best for us to work on as we make improvements. No matter if you are an active member of the community, or someone who anonymously browses the main site - your input would be helpful!

Without further ado, here is the link! Feel free to skip anything you don't feel is relevant to you or that you don't feel comfortable answering. Thank you in advance! :)

Survey link
The Formatting Guidelines

A fancy font here, a C clef there, et voila: The most beautiful sheet you've ever made! Not so fast: Unfortunately, that's not the way things work at NinSheetMusic.
Part of the goal behind the submissions process is to ensure that all sheets are visually consistent with our existing library. To achieve this, we've established a set of formatting guidelines that all arrangements should follow.

Please note:
● These are guidelines and not fixed rules, and may not hold up in every situation.
● If anything is unclear or you have any questions, please reach out to the updating team! We are always happy to help.

For easy adoption of the guidelines, you can download our template files here:

‎‎‎‎⠀Piano Solo‎‎‎‎⠀Piano Four Hands‎‎‎‎⠀Two Pianos
You cannot view this attachment.
You cannot view this attachment.
You cannot view this attachment.
You cannot view this attachment.
You cannot view this attachment.
You cannot view this attachment.

To avoid constant copy+pasting of files, you can save the templates as Finale template files by opening them and calling 'File/Save As/Template File'. To create a new document, run 'File/New/Document from Template' and select the correct template.
Finale Notepad users can find additional template files [here].

Page Setup

You cannot view this attachment.
"Because I Love You" from EarthBound, arranged by Latios212. [Original Arrangement]

(1) Page Size & Margins
  • Your sheet should either be US Letter (8½in x 11in) or A4 (210mm x 297mm) size.
  • The page sizes are similar enough for either to be printed without much issue. Letter is shorter and wider, A4 taller and thinner.
    Letter is standard in North America, A4 is standard almost everywhere else.
  • We recommend margins on all sides of around ½in (12.7mm), with the left margin being a little wider to accommodate for the curly brace.

(2) Track Title
  • Format: Times New Roman, Size 24, Bold, Center Aligned
  • Just the name of the song in quotation marks, nothing more to it. This goes at the top of the first page.

(3) Game Name
  • Format: Times New Roman, Size 12, Italic, Center Aligned
  • This goes just under the song title, without quotation marks.

(4) Composer
  • Format: Times New Roman, Size 12, Bold, Right Aligned
  • Put this near the top of the sheet like in the picture.
  • You can either write "Composition by ..." as in the picture or "Composed by ..."
  • Be as specific as possible when crediting composers. On places such as you may find individual track credits.
  • Separate multiple composers with commas, with an "&" sign or the word "and" preceding the last one.
  • If your track was composed by one person and then rearranged by another, you can write 'Arranged/Arrangement by ...' on a new line (using the same text format as the composer).
    The Arranger text (see (5) below) should then say 'Arranged for Piano by ...'.
  • If lyrics are included in your sheet and are not written by the composer(s), the lyricist should be credited as 'Lyrics by ...'. If they are written by the composer, you can write 'Compositon & Lyrics by ...' if you like.

(5) Arranger
  • Format: Times New Roman, Size 12, Italic, Right Aligned
  • This goes just below the composer text.
  • You can either write "Arrangement by ..." as in the picture or "Arranged by ..." If you used "Composed by," then use "Arranged by" and vice-versa.
  • For new arrangers: This will be your arranger name on-site. If it doesn't match your forum username, please notify the staff.
  • For existing arrangers: Your arranger name should stay consistent across all your sheets. If a change is absolutely necessary, let the staff know.

You cannot view this attachment.

(6) Copyright
  • Format: Times New Roman, Size 10, Center Aligned
  • This goes at the bottom of the first page. It's easiest to enter during document setup when you first make the file.
  • Use the format used in the picture - <Publisher> © <Year Published> (Including the spaces, without the <>, just like the example.)
  • If the game was developed by a different entity than it was published by, you may credit them in the following format: <Developer 1>, <Developer 2>, <Publisher> ...
  • You must use the © symbol, not (C) or any other substitute.
    The Alt code for "©" is Alt 0169. You can also highlight this one and copy/paste it into the file.
    Windows users have access to a symbols menu by pressing 'Windows Key+Period'.

(7) URL: Times New Roman, Size 10, Center Aligned
  • Format: Times New Roman, Size 10, Center Aligned
  • Just below the copyright (usually in the same text field), add NSM's current URL:
    Make sure to include the https and trailing slash.

You cannot view this attachment.

(8) Text on Second+ Pages

If your arrangement exceeds one page, it is required that the following pages have a mini title and page numbers. These should appear automatically in Finale, but if for some reason there is an issue with them, they should be as follows:
  • (a) Mini-Titles
    • Format: Times New Roman, Size 12, Center Aligned
    • Placed at the top of each additional page.
  • (b) Page Numbers
    • Format: Times New Roman, Size 14
    • Placed at the top of each page
    • Even Numbers are Left Aligned, Odd Numbers Right Aligned
Copyright and site URL should only be present on page 1.

Sheet Contents

Music Fonts
We kindly request you use Finale's 'Maestro' font for all musical glyphs and symbols. This should be set by default, but might need to be changed manually if using/migrating from an older template.

Text Sizes in the Sheet
The following text markings should all have the 'Fixed size' property unchecked (and the ones above should have it checked). By leaving this unchecked (default), the text size will automatically be scaled to the size of the music in the sheet, rather than using absolute values.

You cannot view this attachment.
"Friendship" from Xenoblade Chronicles 2, arranged by Latios212. [Original Arrangement]

(1) Metronome Marking
  • You have to include one of these at the start of the sheet. It must include a BPM value (note value = integer) like in the picture.
    For sheets with a loose tempo, please still give an approximated value (see this example link example).
  • You can also add a musical direction (e.g. Allegro, Rubato) in front of the BPM marking, if you wish. However, the BPM marking must remain present regardless.
  • Swing may be indicated as a musical direction in the tempo marking or separately in the sheet.
  • We recommend using Finale's Default font sizes, meaning a BPM marking of size 12pt/regular, and a musical direction of size 14pt/bold.

(2) Key Signature
  • Use a key signature to indicate the key of the song.
  • If your track uses modes or other alterations, use the major/minor key signature of the tonic, depending on what fits best. If it's a little ambiguous what the key is, try to choose the closest match.
  • If possible, avoid using excessive amounts of accidentals (e.g. choosing Db major over C# major). If using more accidentals in the key signature significantly reduces the number of double accidentals in the sheet, using said key signature is encouraged.
  • In most cases, changing key signatures frequently (e.g. every 1-2 measures) is not recommended, as it can be disorienting for the performer.
  • Key changes should be preceded by a double barline (unlike time signatures).

(3) Dynamics
  • Sheets should have at least one opening dynamic marking.
  • Adding more dynamics where suited is encouraged, to reflect dynamic or intensity changes in the source material.
  • Dynamic markings should be placed between the two staves. If the dynamics are different per hand, write each one outside their staff (RH above the staff, LH below).

(4) Articulation
  • Articulation helps give your sheet extra character, and use (where needed) is encouraged.
  • When placing staccatos on the stem side of a note, we prefer it to be centered over the notehead. More info on that here.

(5) Clef changes and 8va markings
  • Use these if the notes tend to go very high or very low and the number of ledger lines impacts readability. (Usually 4 or more ledger lines is a good rule of thumb, but it depends on the situation).
  • 8va markings should have the trailing 'va' text, and not just be a number. If you wish, you can use 'vb' for markings that lower the notes, but this is not required.
  • If a part uses an 8va marking for an extended period of time, you can hide the marking and write so in text, if you wish (Provide example). Do not use an octave clef in such cases, they are not used in piano sheet music and are not permitted on-site.

(6) Expressions
  • If your sheet uses expressions (cresc., rit./accel., con/senza pedale), the recommended size for them is 12pt/italic
  • Only tempo markings without a BPM indication should be styled as expressions, ones with BPM markings should be styled as directions (see below).

You cannot view this attachment.
"Zant Battle" from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, arranged by Bloop. [Original Arrangement]

(7) Directions
  • The size we recommend for directions (tempo directions, D.S./D.C. repeat markings, individual track titles) is 14pt/bold, to distinguish them from other text elements.
  • Directions should be placed to maximize readability, which is usually above the top staff.

(8) Pedal Markings
  • One way of indicating pedal use is to write out complete pedal markings for a particular section (most sheets use the Ped. symbol, followed by a release star, but other ways of notating are also fine).
  • Another option is to use text such as "con pedale" (at the start of the section) and "senza pedale" (at the end of the section). Other text is also allowed.
    If you think a performer might infer the wrong pedaling for a specific place, you can show markings for that spot only while still otherwise using text.
  • All of these options go under the bottom staff. Text usually follows the expression format (12pt/italic).

(9) Performance notes
  • Performance notes give the player information not otherwise deductible from the sheet (such as play styles, complicated repeats, or other trivia)
  • The recommended format is 12pt/regular. The first line should be 12pt/italic/underlined, the title 'Performance Note:' (no quotes). Performance notes often have a rectangular frame surrounding them, but this is not required.
  • Performance notes usually go at the top or bottom of the page, but anywhere is fine so long as they are easily visible.

Different Arrangement Types


NinSheetMusic is a resource for piano sheet music, meaning we only accept arrangements that can be performed on piano. As such, we only allow the following instrumentations: Piano Solo, Piano Four Hands (Duets for two people on one piano), and Two Pianos (Duets for two people on two pianos).

(1) Piano Solo
  • The staves you use should be connected with a curly brace at the start of each system. Barlines should also span between all staves.
  • The first system should display the instrument name, Piano, centered between the staves. To accommodate for the instrument name, this system should be indented. All subsequent systems don't require an indentation, and the abbreviated instrument name (Pno.) should be removed, if present.

(2) Piano Four Hands
  • The staves of each player should be connected with a curly brace, and barlines should span between the staves. The staves of both players should be joined with a barline at the start of each system.
  • For these sheets, the top piano part should have the high notes played by the person on the high end of the piano, and the bottom piano part should have the notes played by the person on the lower end of the piano.
  • As these types of duets are commonly played by student and teacher, it's okay to make one part (usually the high one) easier than the other.
  • On the first system, the instruments should be labeled Primo (upper piano) and Secondo (lower piano). This system and only this system should be indented.
  • On all subsequent systems, the instruments should be labeled Pri. and Sec.
  • Tempo markings, repeats & jumps should be visible above both pairs of staves.

(3) Two Pianos
  • The staves of each player should be connected with a curly brace, and barlines should span between the staves. The staves of both players should be joined with a barline at the start of each system.
  • For these duets, try to give both parts the melody at some point and aim to have them roughly equal in difficulty if possible (it won't be in all cases, and that's okay).
  • On the first system, the instruments should be labeled Piano I (upper piano) and Piano II (lower piano). This system and only this system should be indented.
  • On all subsequent systems, the instruments should be labeled I and II.
  • Measure Numbers, repeats, jumps, and tempo markings should be visible in both sets of staves.

Collections of two or more tracks

For arrangements that contain a collection of fanfares, jingles, and other miscellaneous short themes used in-game, we ask that you format your arrangement in the following manner:
  • Each individual track must have its own time signature, key signature (if applicable), tempo marking, and dynamic indication preceding the track, regardless of length.
    It must also have a solid final bar line at its ending, and must not be connected to the following measure.
    Measure numbers should reset as a new track begins.
    Indenting the first system of each new track is optional, except for the first system.

  • (1) Collections Containing up to 3 Tracks
    • To add titles to the individual tracks in the sheet, you can give each its own header.
      These added headers must include the track title and game title with the standard formatting procedures. Only include additional composer/arranger information if it differs between tracks.
    • Alternatively you can follow the title format of 'Collections Containing more than 3 Tracks (see below).
    • The on-site title for the sheet can include all of the track titles (each separated with a "/" or "&"), or, if that's too long, you can use a generic compilation title (such as 'Victory Themes' or 'Miscellaneous Short Themes').
    • Here is an example of this style of formatting.
  • (2) Collections Containing more than 3 Tracks
    • Make the on-site title generic (such as "Miscellaneous Short Themes" or "Fanfares Collection")
    • Specify the individual song titles above the top staff, in front of their opening tempo marking.
      The text format can be seen above under 'Directions'.
    • Here is an example of this style of formatting.

  • (3) Collections Containing Multiple Variations of a Single Song
    • Include the title of each new variation above the top staff, above the tempo marking.
    • The text format can be seen above under 'Directions', and additionally should be surrounded by a rectangular frame.

  • (4) Medleys that are Prearranged into a Single Song In-Game (e.g. Credits Themes)
    • These technically do not qualify as 'medleys' here, so they can be formatted as would a regular one-track sheet.
    • If you as the arranger would like to add individual track titles above the top staff, you are free to do so.
    • The text format can be seen above under 'Directions', and additionally should be surrounded by a rectangular frame.
    • Here is an example of this style of formatting.

See Also
New Super Mario Bros. - Lava Overworld

Note: If someone can pick up on a pattern for the 16th notes in the intro, let me know. This part has always felt free-flowing to me and the starting point I have is arbitrary, simply so that the end of the run aligns with the loop starting.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses - As Fierce as Fire

Hi all! I have a few announcements to make about our staff today.

First, on the updating side! Our friendly neighborhood updater Static will be moving to the Ghost Updater role, and current Ghost Updater Maelstrom will be retiring to Staff Emeritus. Maelstrom has been on the updating team since 2016 and Static since 2017, so please give them a humongous thank you for all their help over the past... many years!

Now, on the moderating side! E. Gadd Industries will be taking a step back from moderating for some time, although his role will not change. With that said, we're bringing two new Moderators on board to help out - please welcome Atcero and Jake Luigi to the staff! They will help to make sure our community is as welcoming, safe, friendly, fun, and bot-free as ever.

Last but not least - the coding side! You may already be familiar with Cacabish's work on Encore!! and file conversion tools. Well, today we're having Cacabish join the staff as a Code Monkey to make the site even better, so please congratulate him accordingly!

That's all for today! Enjoy your time around NinSheetMusic as always and feel free to reach out with any questions :)
Site News / NinSheetMusic's 19th Birthday!
April 12, 2023, 03:46:45 PM
Hello! As of yesterday(ish), April 11th 2023, NinSheetMusic is nineteen years old!

It's kind of crazy to think that NinSheetMusic has been around for that long - it's quite old for a website! It's still going as strong as ever with a constantly expanding sheet music collection. And a wonderful community that has grown and evolved over the years.

Happy birthday and here's to many more years of helping anyone in the world learn the pieces they want to play!
Disclaimer: This is an April Fools joke :)

Hello everyone! This is a slightly different announcement than usual. Rather than add some new arrangements to the site today, we're excited to introduce a new tool that will help us create high-quality sheet music faster than ever.

In current times, AI is the most powerful tool at our disposal for a myriad of uses. Just in the last few decades, we have seen massive breakthroughs in health care, autonomous vehicle control, and many more exciting areas. We've also seen more and more applications for normal everyday usage, from home security to digital assistants and beyond. We are only beginning to see what kinds of applications AI can be harnessed for to make the world better.

That's why we're thrilled to roll out Encore!!™️, an AI-powered tool to help create sheet music for the site! Because NinSheetMusic specializes in Finale notation files, Encore!!™️ can help you generate one, given a MuseScore notation file or a YouTube video alone. Simply provide the tool with either source, and Encore!!™️ handles the rest of the arrangement for you. It is even integrated with our existing submissions system for you to receive timely feedback from our staff members once ready.

This tool is the result of years of research and months of programming, testing, and refining to achieve optimal accuracy and precision. The brainchild of fellow community member and computer tamer cacabish, Encore!!™️ was developed with a few primary key integrations. First, Encore!!™️ harnesses the power of FlatGPT to provide you with guidance via text for a comfortable user experience as you navigate the tool. The sheet music generation engine was created by hooking up Zeta, our custom bot helper around the site, to use all of the site's sheet music files for training as examples of what our arrangements look like. Finally, we had one of our Code Monkeys, Th3Gavst3r, feed in countless music videos and MuseScore arrangements of all kinds of styles to ensure the model is able to handle the breadth of any video game music one might throw at it.

All of this together, along with careful manual tuning of various parameters, bring it finally to a point where we're ready to open it up to the public. Without further ado, here it is!


Please enjoy being among the first to experience Encore and feel free to share suggestions on how we can make it even better!

"Who cares about the Finale, when you can have an Encore!!™️?"

This post was written with the assistance of Zeta, your increasingly-sentient friendly neighborhood NSM bot. Stay tuned for upcoming automated arrangement feedback features.

Hello everyone! I have a handful of announcements to make today regarding the staff. Please stick with me until the end of this post if you can. I'll try not to be too long-winded :)

First up, regarding moderators! Longtime moderators MaestroUGC and braix will be retiring to Staff Emeritus. They've been helping keep the community in good shape since 2015 and 2016 respectively, back in the days when activity was primarily on the forums. Please thank them for their many years of assistance guiding the community to where it is today!

There's news on the updating side as well. mastersuperfan will also be retiring to Staff Emeritus from the Ghost Updater role. He's done a lot of sheet checking within the last few years and we owe a lot to him! Additionally I'll be stepping back from updater work a little bit. I've done a lot since I came onboard the staff as an updater in 2015, but since last year I've found myself with less and less time for sheet checking. Don't worry, I'm not going anywhere and nothing about my responsibilities is changing - I'll just be checking sheets a little less often than I used to.

But that's not all! Enough about reductions in the staff. You may have noticed that the current updaters (myself included) have been struggling a bit to keep up with submissions at the pace we would like to in order to have consistent quality updates. We've decided to bring Kricketune54 and XiaoMigros on board the staff as new Updaters! They will gracefully lend their spare time to help us review sheets and organize updates to keep the site moving along, so give them a big warm congratulations!

And that's all for today! If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to ask around or message me directly. See you around :D
Piano Arrangements / Arrangement Highlights of 2022
January 01, 2023, 02:42:39 PM
Past topics

Time for that topic again! Now that 2022 is over, what sheets that you made during the year are you the most proud of?

(If you're not an arranger, you can list your favorite new sheets by other arrangers instead!)
Project Archive / Latios212's Halloween Sheet[s]
October 04, 2022, 04:04:59 PM
[MUL] Doki Doki Literature Club Plus! - Dusk

The above is a not to difficult one-pager; here's a super short second one:

[SW] Famicom Detective Club: The Missing Heir - Memory of the Accident

Site News / Update, Thursday 28th of April 2022
April 28, 2022, 03:17:35 PM
It's spring cleaning time!

...what are all these sheets doing in my refrigerator?

[GBA] Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow
"Demon Castle Study" (Replacement) by Atcero

[MUL] Dark Souls II
"Aldia, Scholar of the First Sin" by Libera

[NES] DuckTales 2
"Niagara Falls" by Nine Lives

[NES] Final Fantasy
"Town" by Fantastic Ike

[N64] GoldenEye 007
"Antenna Cradle" (Replacement) by Kricketune54

[NES] Kid Dracula
"Go! Go! in the Castle" by Nine Lives

[SW] Kirby and the Forgotten Land
"Abandoned Beach" by Static

[NES] Little Nemo: The Dream Master
"Dream 1 - Mushroom Forest" by Yug Guy

[ARCADE] Mappy
"Main Theme" by

[N64] Mario Party
"Saving Courage" (Replacement) by cacabish

[SNES] Mega Man & Bass
"Cold Man Stage" by

[SNES] Mega Man X
"Storm Eagle Stage" (Replacement) by Atcero

[MUL] NieR: Automata
"Faltering Prayer (Starry Sky)" by Libera

[SW] Octopath Traveler
"A Sea Breeze Blows" by Latios212

[N64] Paper Mario
"Shy Guy's Toy Box" by Bloop

[GCN] Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door
"X-Naut Fortress" (Replacement) by Bloop, Static & XiaoMigros

[GCN] Pokémon Colosseum
"Colosseum Battle Round Intros" by Kricketune54
"Colosseum Round 3 Battle" (Replacement) by Kricketune54

[PS1] Racing Lagoon
"Base Point" by Static

[Wii] Rhythm Heaven Fever
"I Love You, My One and Only (Remix 8)" by Latios212

[Wii] Super Mario Galaxy
"Interlude" (Replacement) by XiaoMigros

[GB] The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening
"Christine's House" by Cashwarrior1

[MUL] The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
"Armogohma Battle (First Half)" by Bloop

[PC] Undertale
"CORE" by XiaoMigros
Here are my sheets for this project! I've added them to the Dropbox folder.

Kirby Super Star - Milky Way Wishes [Original]

Rhythm Tengoku - Night Walk [Original]

The title for the first is self-explanatory, but for the second here's a gameplay video for those unfamiliar with the game:

If you guys will allow, I may propose adding in another one since this and my other submissions above are fairly straightforward and don't contain a lot of unique material when considering loops.

Yoshi's Crafted World - A Teeny, Tiny Universe [Original]

This takes place in "space". Example video
Site News / NinSheetMusic's 18th Birthday!!
April 11, 2022, 08:16:23 AM
As of today, NinSheetMusic has been around for 18 years! That's quite the milestone... if NinSheetMusic was a person :P

As always, thank you to everyone who's made this community thrive over the years and I'm super happy it's going strong as ever. Happy birthday and here's to ever more sheets over the next 18 years and beyond!
Site News / Update, Sunday 30th of January 2022
January 30, 2022, 01:14:20 PM
Happy 2022 everyone! Here's the first update of the year!

We've recently started up a new replacement initiative to have replacements of some of our old sheets on site trickle in via each update, rather than some large projects we've done in the past. You'll see more replacements coming in over time as we work on bringing the entire collection up to the highest standards!

Please enjoy our latest selection of tasty sheets from games new and old :D

[MUL] Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night
"Theme of Bloodstained (Piano)" by Atcero

[PC] Bug Fables: The Everlasting Sapling
"The Sailors' Pier" by cacabish

[NES] DuckTales
"African Mines" by Nine Lives

[PS2] Final Fantasy X
"Rikku's Theme" by Libera

[SNES] Harvest Moon
"Star Night Festival" by Code_Name_Geek

[SNES] Illusion of Gaia
"Longing for the Past" (Replacement) by Libera

[GCN] Kirby Air Ride
"Fantasy Meadows" by

[SNES] Mega Man X
"Sigma Stage 2" (Replacement) by

[NDS] Pokémon Black Version & Pokémon White Version
"Anville Town" by Olimar12345

[GCN] Pokémon Colosseum
"World Map" by Kricketune54

[NDS] Pokémon Diamond Version & Pokémon Pearl Version
"Eterna City (Day)" (Replacement) by Latios212

[3DS] Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon
"Sheer Mountain Range" by Cashwarrior1

[3DS] Pokémon X & Pokémon Y
"Title Screen" by Kricketune54

[NES] Shadowgate
"Subterranean Cavern" by Atcero

[SW] Shin Megami Tensei V
"Battle -Shohei/Fionn-" by Static

[N64] Star Fox 64
"Star Wolf" (Replacement) by Fantastic Ike

[ARCADE] Street Fighter IV
"Snowy Rail Yard Stage - Russia" by Fantastic Ike

[WiiU] Super Mario 3D World
"Fuzzy Flood Mine" by

[GCN] Tales of Symphonia
"Presea's Theme" (Replacement) by Latios212

[NES] The 3-D Battles of WorldRunner
"Stage Theme" by Jacopo Tore & Andrea Licheri

[3DS] The Great Ace Attorney 2: Resolve
"Partners - The game is afoot!" by Latios212

[GCN] The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures
"Light Overworld" (Replacement) by Whoppybones

[N64] The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
"Spirit Temple" (Replacement) by Bloop

[GBC] The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages & The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons
"Hero's Cave" (Replacement) by Tobbeh99

[3DS] Tomodachi Life
"Mii Edit" by Nine Lives

[PS1] Xenogears
"Faraway Promise" by Libera

[N64] Yoshi's Story
"Duel with the Boss" (Replacement) by Bloop
Feedback / The Great NSM Audit™ 2.0
January 10, 2022, 04:10:21 PM
Ever stumbled upon an old sheet on site that needed to be replaced? Today, we present to you a new iteration of Yug Guy's awesome spreadsheet from several years ago...

The Great NSM Audit 2.0

We've augmented Yug Guy's spreadsheet to include a rough rating of how badly each listed sheets needs to be replaced. The ratings mean the following:
1 - The sheet is solid in terms of accuracy, playability, and presentation. It just needs some minor updates (such as the URL) and may be edited in the future by the updating team or another arranger.
2 - The sheet is functional, but needs some work. It may require rewriting some parts to make them more accurate or playable. It will probably need some considerable revision with the original arranger's permission, or can be replaced outright.
3 - This sheet has clear basic flaws. Sections may be unplayable or bear a poor resemblance to the source material. A replacement should be made from scratch.
M - This sheet is not functional as a piano arrangement. It may be completely unplayable, sound totally wrong, or make no sense to read. A replacement should be made from scratch.

So, what does this mean?

The goal is to bring every sheet on the main site up to standard! The point of this spreadsheet is to paint a better picture of how much work there is left to do, and provide a rough order of priority - to show which sheets need the most work and would be best to replace first. Please feel free to browse and pick out a replacement to do that's sorely needed!

Maintenance-wise, feel free to leave a reply in this topic with any questions. We'll keep this updated and remove rows as sheets are replaced. If you have a comment about any one sheet/rating in particular though, it'd probably be easiest to leave a comment on the spreadsheet itself.

Happy arranging!
Piano Arrangements / Arrangement Highlights of 2021
December 26, 2021, 11:12:56 AM
Past topics

You know the drill (and if not, refer to the topics above)! As 2021 draws to a close, what are the 5 sheets you've made this year that you're most proud of?

(If you're not an arranger, you can list your favorite new sheets by other arrangers instead!)
Site News / One more updater update
October 05, 2021, 04:51:06 PM
I have yet one more announcement to make regarding our staff, for now...

That is to say that mastersuperfan will be switching to the Ghost Updater role as well (and not just because of the month!). Please thank him for the past couple of years or so on the staff - for reviewing countless arrangements and helping to always push for higher quality sheets.

Stay super~
Project Archive / Latios212's Halloween Sheet[s]
October 03, 2021, 05:43:26 PM
    [SW] Famicom Detective Club: The Missing Heir
    Utsugi Detective Agency [Original]
    Memories [Original]

    [SW] Famicom Detective Club: The Girl Who Stands Behind
    Old School Building [Original]

    Hang on, three sheets? Let me explain...
    Quote from: Static on September 30, 2021, 03:39:01 PMOnly 1 (one) sheet per person. We may allow more than that if the pieces are very short, and we may not allow pieces that are extremely long.[/li][/list]
    The first two sheets are direct transcriptions of fairly short piano pieces - 1 page each. The third is only 4 measures long. Hope that's okay~