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2022 Week 26

This year is just about half over :o

Genshin Impact
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Submissions / Re: [NES] Mega Man 2 - "Password" by
« on: June 22, 2022, 01:25:08 AM »
Neato! Looks good, approved :D

Submissions / Re: [NES] Mega Man 2 - "Password" by
« on: June 21, 2022, 04:12:45 AM »
I think the bass looks fine as is! I also prefer 12/8 here, I feel it more "in 4".

Another thought is that you could add a D# grace note before the third dyad in m. 2 to emulate the pitch bend. Measure 4 does some funny pitch bend too, but it doesn't seem as easily replicable. In any case, I think it's fine as is, just wanted to mention.

One more thing, about the key. I feel like this piece would be nicer written in C# minor rather than C# major. To me, the En in m. 2 feels like it should be part of the key while the E# in m. 4 feels like the "fake out". It may also be slightly easier to read. Accordingly I also think that the B#s in m. 1 and 3 would be better as Cn... thoughts?

Whoa, someone finally did it—submitted a solo piano version of the end credits music.

This is a historic day in NinSheetMusic history! Thank you, Xiao.
Yes! Super happy to see this. A classic piece :D

I'd be down for making one together :) In the meantime I'll make this a not-replacement then.
Alrighty let's do ittt (I'll message you separately haha)

I wasn't sure whether to submit this as a replacement to the current on-site version (in need of a rehaul) since solo piano sheets are preferred, so if anyone thinks the two pianos sheet should be kept up that's fine with me too.
Typically, duets will be replaced with duets so that we continue to offer the same arrangement type. It might be unlikely anyone out there is using the duet as-is, but there is definitely enough material in the original track to fill out a solid duet arrangement. So I'd recommend submitting this separately as a solo (and sometime down the line you or I or someone else can make a duet version? I've wanted to for a while but just haven't gotten around to it :P)

2022 Week 25

I recently finished a VN-style adventure game called OPUS: Echo of Starsong which I had seen good reviews about last year. It's quite nice and I have a few things I want to write out from it!

OPUS: Echo of Starsong
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Submissions / Re: [SNES] Terranigma - "Town" (Replacement) by Static
« on: June 19, 2022, 05:30:00 AM »
Cool, that all sounds good and I agree with the choice to make the harmonies consistent in 30-34. I will approve~

Submissions / Re: [SNES] Terranigma - "Town" (Replacement) by Static
« on: June 18, 2022, 09:25:24 PM »
I think your way of arranging it works pretty well overall. I agree with what Static mentioned about m. 20-32 about there being lines above the melody anyway, and pulling it apart like this allows the arrangement to lay everything out without too much difficulty.

For m. 37-44, I prefer what you already have in the sheet vs. your screenshot above. In measure 37-40 you keep that overlapping call-and-response between the two lines without ever confusing them or omitting part of them, and the left hand part is pretty easy to play. In your screenshot above, the melody in m. 41 gets obscured in m. 42-43, and it's much more apparent where the layers are differentiated when they're far apart.

In regards to how some of the chords sound ("vertically"), I think 42 sounds fine personally. The one place that does bother me is m. 24/32, the Ab/G/D/F sounds rather dissonant, and probably part of that is because the Ab on bottom is sustained as the harmony changes but is restruck at each measure here. Maybe it doesn't sound as weird when played at full speed, though.

Unrelated, m. 31 sounds rather empty compared to the more colorful chords around it, with only the root and fifth. Might be worth making a small adjustment to fill that out even if the original just plays those notes?

That's all I had really, I looked it over and everything seems fine accuracy and presentation wise :)

Submissions / Re: [PC] Symphonic Rain - "Feel the Rain" by Latios212
« on: June 17, 2022, 12:47:07 AM »

Note - The timing for m. 10/48 is pretty loose; I wouldn't mind adding some performance direction text there but wasn't sure what to write.

Not to be confused with...

There's also an instrumental version here which was very helpful when arranging, but for some reason it doesn't match up with the original in at least one place - m. 41, at around 1:29 in the videos, the accompaniment is syncopated from beat 1 in the instrumental, as if to imply the music starts on beat 1.5, which isn't the case in the full English version at least. So feel free to use with a grain of salt.

I uploaded new files with the above changes along with the v26 articulation reset. If they look okay to you then it's accept time!

Awesome, thanks. I got the game title updated!

Just last thing to say is the half rest in m. 6 is misaligned and could also be lowered just a tad, and the crescendo at the end should end before the barline instead of crossing it. I'll update the files just for the sake of time and accept~

All of the above suggestions sound good to me, except for the last one I think it's fine as is; the final barline and section title already clarify it enough in my opinion.

Yep, had a little discussion on swapping out a few of the awkward offbeat chord tones for others that match the chord, and confirmed the rest heights are all reasonable. I'll accept :)

Everything looks good! Just one thing...

m12 RH beat 1 we decided to include both Ab and An (spelled as Bbb).
I disagree with this. As Static mentioned, the voice is a bit out of tune here - but listening to the original I feel like this should definitely be written as a ditzy-sounding major second (Gn-An) rather than a chromatic cluster. Having the three adjacent tones feels too dissonant here, especially when you don't any other instances of chromatically adjacent notes in the arrangement.

edit: chatted with Whoppy and Static over Discord and made the change, good to go!

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