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It looks good! It's fine if you want to keep the layers as-is; I just wanted you to give it some thought and weigh the options.

Very small things - the 1./2. at the repeated section would probably be a bit better off to the left, and the repeat at the end would be clearer as a D.C.

But other than that, this has my approval! ;D

After listening to it again, I'm hearing this as well. Sorry, Libera.
After a bit more effort I do hear the original thing you wrote in for 36 as well. But yeah I say stick to what it is now because that's what stands out more prominently as it's on top (to me anyways). (Ninja'd by Static)

Please fix the alignment of the lower layer there, though! :)

Whoops, I meant to say the spaces between staves instead of the margins. Still, I went ahead and changed the top & bottom margins to 0.5 anyway.
Ah, but the text is still outside the margins - need to set the vertical height of the text boxes to zero to keep them within the margins, and you have enough space between systems to collapse them a bit to make room. I'll write up a guide on this sometime....

Did you see the semiquavers in the upbeat in my picture?  They're part of the same part.
Yeah, looks good!
Also I missed this before but I would also recommend you include the 16th pickups to those phrases, but in place of the chord instead of on top of them (basically eliminating the chord in beat 4.5 in favor of the two lone 16ths)

Hey I was just browsing around a bit and was going to take a quick look at this - but I noticed your other submission with feedback on it was deleted -

Was that your doing?

Regarding the most recent part in question (I think it's m. 36/40 beats 3-4 RH you're talking about?) I'm actually hearing something different (though the same for both measures) - a G#-F#-E in a 3-3-2 rhythm instead of either group of four eighths.

When I was adjusting the margins, everything started being wonky. Hopefully, I made everything good, but feel free to adjust if it is not to your liking.
Margins as they are now are a bit wonky. You have ample room to work with to make the top and bottom margins consistently 0.5 inches and keep the text within the boundaries.

For the measures with two layers, the rests can easily fit at their normal mid-staff height and I would suggest you put them back instead of awkwardly a couple of notches down.

I've seen this when looking at Libera's stuff before, but the double barline is missing at key/section change between bars 32-33 when I open up the musx file. However it's there in the PDF so I assume it's just some weird conversion problem?

this is a funky song

Thanks, Latios, and sorry for the late reply! I really appreciate you taking the time to fix all my bad 16th note rhythms (beaming across rests is a nightmare in MuseScore). I'll definitely be giving that guide a read.
Hey no worries! Thank you for taking the time to go through all this!

I will go take a look at the things you pointed out in the post above a bit later - but just to comment on something right now:
I know some people really aren't a fan of swing 16ths, partly because it's just unconventional and partly because it's harder to read (which is true, imo), but this arrangement seems to work well with them. Still, it might be worth exploring whether swing eighths would work better. In this case, you'd probably be working with a 2/2 time signature—although I like how the measures are divided now, so maybe even 4/2, as weird as that sounds? Swing 16ths might be fine anyways, but these might be worth considering.

I'd also advise against having any beats notated as "16th-8th-16th" because it makes it harder to read with swing 16ths, just like seeing an 8th-quarter-8th pattern with swing eighths isn't super intuitive. In every instance you use this grouping, it seems like the 8th note has a staccato on it, so I would just change it to a 16th note instead and have a 16th rest (e.g. 16th-16th-rest-16th). (Similarly, if you switch to swing eighths, use 8th-8th-rest-8th.)

The part about the swing 16ths vs. 8ths is up to your judgment, and probably something worth seeking an extra opinion or two on. Didn't check the notes in-depth, but it sounds like a very solid arrangement from a listen. Nice job!
I'm not personally very familiar with 16th swing myself, but I do think that this piece definitely warrants it as opposed to the alternative of swing 8ths.

I do like the second comment, and think that writing those rhythms a bit differently could help it read a bit easier. Thoughts, Radiak? Looking back at it there are also a few minor things here and there I either missed or could use a bit of adjusting (like disconnecting the beam between beats 1 and 2 in m. 21/23).

Cool, thanks for understanding!

In the interest of time I updated your files for you with the title/game fix. While doing so I fixed the margins as well as made it two systems (too spread out otherwise) and put a double barline at the keysig/section change.

Notes are all good; the loop being lowered by an octave caught my eye though I have no super strong objection. Approved

ye noice

That's alright, just making sure we come to an agreement. I don't particularly mind though I've already presented all my reasoning.

However, the staccatos for beats 3 and 4 really should go below the notes because even the ones that don't actually collide with the upper layer interfere visually with it. Make sure they're horizontally in line (looking at m. 45 beat 3.75) and we'll be good to go!

I think the bass in that section is fine either way, with or without. I do agree with that last comment, though, about the G that should probably be removed

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No problem! Happy to help, lemme know when you get a chance to experiment more or would like some more of my input.

Sorry for not responding to this - dotted half notes are fine.

Don't worry about the pedaling yet (although it looks like it's just one long line?) - take care of the distribution of the parts first and we can get the pedal notation during the final cleanup, although I think a simple "con pedale" or similar note should suffice since a line extending through the entire sheet doesn't seem too helpful.

Archiving this for inactivity; feel free to resubmit at a later time with fixes.

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