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Nothing further to add! Replacement let's gooooooo

I'll leave the track name as you left it until we hear otherwise :)

This looks good, though as Static is preoccupied with some things right now I'll make a couple of minor edits - centering the p dynamic at the beginning and adjusting the spacing of the last system to allow a bit more room for the crescendo.


Okay made the those changes, but was just wondering if I should move that rest in the top layer of RH m4 a bit higher for consistency
Higher would be okay, but this is fine too to have it be a little lower like beat 2.

I'll accept now :)

This looks terrific and straightforward to play - thanks Kricketune, Cacabish, and Bloop for the hard work on this!

I just have a couple of remaining comments to clarify a couple of performance details:
- The overlap in m. 8 beat 3 between the tied note on the top layer and the note on the bottom layer leaves it a big unclear whether to re-strike the G or not. I believe your intent here is for the G# to be re-struck on beat 3, so it would be better to write the top layer as an eighth rest since it's not being held (even if the original is sustained here, the performance won't be).
- I would recommend a diminuendo in m. 10 so it isn't a sudden jump from ff to mp in measure 11.

(Also, the mf in m. 1 could be nudged left a bit, and the ff in m. 7 up a bit to be more aligned with the cresc.)

Yes, thanks for clarifying :) I've updated the submission title accordingly!

Submission Center / Re: Replacement Initiative
« on: January 20, 2022, 03:49:20 AM »
Go ahead and take a shot. I unfortunately had too much work to do this past weekend. I might be able to do it this weekend, but I'm not placing any bets on it as college has me working more than I'd like :'(
Consider it done! I'll post/submit it by Sunday.

Also, Fantastic Ike's Halo replacement is now up in subs~

Yay replacement! Thanks for doing this.

In the future, please use a non-extended version (like the one linked in the Replacement Initiative post) as those are easier to work with :)

The first thing I have to say is watch the distribution of parts between hands. The bottom staff parts in measure 6 and similar are not playable with one hand. The right hand isn't doing anything there and can easily help out with the help of the sustain pedal, so you could either bring the top voice up to the upper staff or add a "RH" marking or bracket to indicate that the right hand is supposed to play it where it is. The other kind of awkward part is m. 17/19 where the right hand can also easily take the upper notes on beats 2 and 3 instead of the left hand making a jump to hit those while playing the ascending arpeggio.

Also, the accidentals can get a little weird in this theme as the chords stray pretty far from the home key of Bb major, but nonetheless I would recommend writing this in two flats just like the original.

-m2 (and similar): Did you leave the low F# out consciously? I don't mind having it in or out specifically, but it's still there ^^
I think I may have subconsciously left it out to focus on the chromatic descending line. I'm actually not sure which F# you're referring to, but trying it out now I like how a fifth above the B sounds (below the B sounds a bit muddy) and don't really know why I didn't think to write it in before haha. Added an F# to 2/4/6/58/66/68!

-m19: I think I hear the melody-weirdness going E-D#-Dn-E here (in 8ths), instead of E-D#-E
Hm, I'm not too sure here. I'm pretty sure the melody goes back to E on beat 3, and I feel like the slide here is similar to the one in m. 16 which I tried to replicate in a similar way

-m38: Maybe you could add a Db in the L.H. above beats 2 and 3, and a Bb in the middle on beat 4? (same in m42 and 46)
I hear the original line highlight the Bb-Bb-C motion on beats 2-4 and I don't hear the Db as prominently, so I'm a bit hesitant to write in the Db's. I added the Bb though

-m41: I'm guessing you left out the G-A grace notes before beat 1 here because of the last chord in the bar before? I think it should be playable to include them, but if you prefer them left out, that's fine too!
Yeah, just for simplicity here :P

And the rest of the things are updated!

Thanks for taking a look! Files updated, let me know if you think I should change anything else :)

Submission Center / Re: Replacement Initiative
« on: January 19, 2022, 06:39:55 PM »
This is a slightly weird situation because from my point of view it's not actually entirely clear what a 'replacement' actually means.  Should we be putting up a sort of compilation sheet of all of the shortened tracks that cycle on the menu screen, or should we put a full version of what is currently truncated (i.e. the Last Spartan)?
So I'm not actually 100% sure about this myself. The replacement audit just listed the sheet onsite as actually "The Last Spartan." The actual "Menu" track seems to be completely different from what I recall. I just arranged Last Spartan to try and follow the guidelines. Worst case, I guess we could submit it as a new sheet.

Yeah... there are some instances on site where what the sheet contains doesn't actually correspond to the title listed. There's pros and cons to making the replacement either way. Replacing the arrangement and correcting the title ensures that the musical content is still there for anyone playing that particular piece. On the other hand, arranging the actual piece for the title means that we're finally delivering what we are advertising.

In my opinion, doing it either way (replacing the arrangement and correcting the title, or arranging the actual piece for the title) is fine since there will be a little confusion either way. For this case, though I don't know anything about the Halo 2 soundtrack, I would suggest we take this as the replacement in the interest of clearing out the old sheets on site sooner rather than later.

Go Ichinose is credited for Disc 3 #30 here too.

Ah sorry, one more thing I forgot - the composer should be Go Ichinose.

Sweet, looks great! It's accept time~

This is really solid, nice work and sorry for taking a little while to get around to checking it :o

Cleanup of a handful of small things:
- There's extra space around the roll at the beginning of m. 9
- I would recommend adjusting the slurs in m. 19-25 to make them look a bit more natural; they're almost vertical now. Probably try moving the left end left and maybe up a bit.
- Right now it looks like the simile applies to the triplet in the RH of m. 20, which doesn't make any sense. This would be better off below the LH part in m. 21 instead.
- In measure 26 you could write the top C in a separate layer as a dotted half on beat 3 instead of including it with the chords.
- I don't think the last melody note of m. 32 should be staccato.
- Have you considered inverting the RH chords in m. 60 up once? Based on the original, I think when listening I'd prefer to hear the Eb-Eb-D movement on top of the chords instead of the bottom. (Especially since the next few similar phrases do have that kind of motion going on.)
- The mordents should be raised a bit in m. 68 to not be so close to the stems
- m. 69/71 LH, flip beat 1 down (and make sure the staccato is above the chord)
- m. 79 - I know you have big hands but could we please omit the E on top of the LH chords :) they're not that crucial here since you already have E's in the RH chords
- m. 83 beat 3 - the D in the beat 3 chord should be a Db (you could omit the C on the bottom if you want for ease of playing, but leaving it is fine too)
- Last measure - similar comment as with m. 26 above in terms of writing the melody as one sustained D in a separate layer on top.

Actually... I will put this in next round. One more thing I'd like to submit first :)

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