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What will NSM be up to this year? Who knows, we don't have 2020 vision!

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Site News / Re: Call for potential new site art!
« on: March 28, 2020, 11:44:53 PM »
(Bonus Quiz: Which arrangement?)
Hehe that's Spiral Mountain from Banjo-Kazooie right? :P

If someone has a really good idea for another little guy to get into there, I might be able to add them (Depending on both free time and drawing ability :^)
Ahh that's adorable! If I had to make a suggestion, I'd give a character from Mario/Pokémon a chance in the spotlight too as they're (along with Zelda) the most represented series on the main site.

Anyway, I'm going to keep a running list of participants in the original post, while we figure out what to do with the submissions - I very much like the idea of utilizing them all as different themes or through some other means ^^

For the rest of you, if you haven't already, please post if you're interested and planning on submitting something as well!

Here you go!

I adjusted the page margins and system distribution and spacing and a few of the dynamics that got displaced, but not much else. A few notes while I was scanning it:
- Rhythm grouping should be adjusted to show beat 3 in m. 9-14, 35
- Not sure what the double barline at m. 30 was supposed to be for?
- Is it supposed to repeat at the end?

Apologies for the long wait on this one. A few things to start:

- It helps to link to a non-extended version of the original track to make it easier for people to check.

- Formatting. The PDF needs to be generated from the MUS/MUSX file, please see our formatting guidelines for details. But this is a pretty straightforward sheet, so we can get to that later after the notes and stuff all good to go.

- This piece is in E flat minor, so all the E double flats should be D naturals. Similarly, The B double flats are really A's (part of an F chord).

- Check your chord voicings, particularly inversions, throughout. Many of the triads you have are placed too low. It's fine to invert downwards once or twice to avoid interfering with the melody, but this arrangement right now has an overall heavier feel because of the low placement of the triads.

Yeah sure thing! We just need your file :P

Site News / Re: Call for potential new site art!
« on: March 26, 2020, 11:33:35 PM »
Hey welcome, or should I say welcome back :P

Now, I did draw a little thing up to be developed further - I can't seem to find the image upload function though.
You can just put a link to the image hosted somewhere else via
Code: [Select]
[img]your link here[/img]
I wonder if there could be a toggle button for old and new version...
Now there's an idea...

What are the dimensions for the banner
I'll check with Deku what we're looking for, but it looks like fi_le put the current dimens above

Edit: It doesn't have to be a specific size so long as it would look good on multiple screen resolutions.

Feedback / Re: Sheet Music Errors Thread
« on: March 26, 2020, 11:23:04 PM »
No worries, thanks for pointing that out! Updated the files with the above after verifying and also fixed the text spacing/margins.

This topic is for issues with the look and functionality of the main site - this is regarding sheets themselves, so it should be the other topic :P

Anyway, which tracks exactly are you referring to? Does it include World 7 in addition to all the Dream Land remixes?

- m. 4 you could easily include the D# on beat 4 using the LH if you want.
With the LH being more active in the similar m. 36, and too busy to hit the D4, I opted out of including it altogether. Thoughts? Files are updated, btw.
Yep! - I called out 4 and not 36 for that reason :P It's super easy to play in 4 but in 36 it's troublesome enough to not need to bother.

Okey. Title updated and submission approved

No worries and you're welcome :P

I believe it's the Finale v26 automatic articulation placement that's messing those up, they look fine on my end.
I'm looking at the PDF for reference, where they're centered over the stems instead of the noteheads when there are multiple layers. Like in the first system all the ones on the top are too far to the right and the ones in the lower layer in the RH are too far to the left.

- I'm still hearing the figure in m. 2/6 as just eighth notes instead of dotted 8th + 16th...
I have tried eighth notes here and it really sounds like the original is more off-centre than straight eighth notes to me? I'd like to hear another opinion on this if that's okay.
Yeah sure we can wait for someone else's comment

- I think the dotted quarter D in m. 31 should be an eighth+quarter.
As in the melody note should be re-struck? I'm not hearing it this way in the original if so...
Ah yeah I think I was hearing something else. You're good

- LH in m. 36/52 is quite a stretch... I suppose the performer could decide how to adjust it if you don't have any better ideas here
For m. 36, I moved the G to the right hand since it was less active so the stretch seemed easier (had my brother with normal sized hands try the chord and he said it was doable). I'm leaving m. 52 as is because the right hand is busier there, since there's no notes in between the 10th it should be a little easier to work with.
36 is quite a stretch, though it could be rolled and the performer could omit the upper G so I guess it's okay. For m. 52 keep in mind you have an augmented tenth there because the E on the bottom is flat. I and likely most others physically cannot play that. I guess I'm fine if you really want to keep it since it can be played with the right hand. One other thing, when trying to evaluate how much stretching of the hand is okay, keep in mind its context in the song - that is how much time the performer has to prepare. Measure 36 is also difficult because the right hand is busy before it hits beat 1.

- The last four measures sound... off? Like the bass should be lower and the dyads inverted downwards. I could write out what I hear, but I'll have you take another look at it first.
I revised this and I think what I have is closer now; let me know if this is more like what you were hearing.
Much better. Though I'm still hearing a few things differently (ignore articulations) -

- Hearing something different for the triads in the LH in m. 20 - the first pair sounds like G-Bb-Db (what you have written for the second pair) and the second pair sounds like G-Bb-C. Also the first half of the measure could be written like the measures before it since it's the same rhythmic pattern.
- Same chords in m. 28/36 I'm hearing - Eb7 followed by C7/E.
Flip the first group in m. 20 to be like normal. Also, the chords in m. 28 are still different - think the top note in the first pair should be G (not Fb) and the second pair should be Bb-C-En

- Most of the time in m. 41+ the lower layer LH rests can fit comfortably back on the staff.
Did you try moving them back onto the staff? I think it would look neater that way

Site News / Call for potential new site art!
« on: March 24, 2020, 04:46:47 AM »
Hello everyone!

A while back I put up a notice saying that we'd soon be seeking out new art for the site (sorry, time really flies!). While the current banner has served us well for almost ten years now, it may be time for a visual refresh. Now that the new design has rolled out and everyone has had a chance to give it a feel, the time has come to open the floor up to submissions!

What we are looking for is:
- A banner! This must be responsive so as to fit different screen sizes and ratios.
- A logo! This must be in SVG format in order to scale well.
- Anything else will be taken into consideration but not necessarily used.

Submissions will be open for one month from this post, with potential for extension if deemed necessary. As a disclaimer, we may or may not end up picking a winner if it is determined the options don't suit the site, and we may need to follow up to iterate on the art before a final decision is reached.

Any questions, please do ask.

Members submitting artwork
- fi_le

Members planning to submit artwork

Off-Topic / Re: This might explain some things
« on: March 23, 2020, 05:40:24 PM »
we're all bananas in our own way
I read that as we are all "physically" bananas and wow that's deep

Guide Submissions / A quick guide to using AudioStretch
« on: March 22, 2020, 05:40:07 PM »
A quick guide to using AudioStretch

This is a guide that details how to use AudioStretch, my preferred tool to use when transcribing. There are many other tools out there to slow down and/or analyze audio, but this is the one I find most helpful and use for just about everything. You're free to use what you like of course, but I hope this will be able to help others looking to improve their transcriptions and arrangements who may not already have a go-to tool for this.

AudioStretch used to be available in browser at, but that link now redirects to download links to the mobile app version. Fortunately, the tool is still available in browser, embedded in the free-to-use BandLab site.

What does it do?

I mainly use it to slow down audio. You can slow down the playback speed of an audio file and even click/drag to move it at whatever pace you like and make it "hang" on any one spot, making it easier to transcribe what pitches are present at any given moment. I also occasionally adjust the pitch by an octave to make the high/low notes easier to hear. That's about it; the tool doesn't actually produce any output for you - it just helps you listen to what's happening in the music so you can transcribe it yourself.

The app versions provide some expanded functionality, most notably a spectrum analysis of the audio file that provides a visual mapping of the relative volume of each pitch to keys on a keyboard. I generally try not to resort to using this most of the time, though, since it can result in relying too much on a technical analysis of what sound is being produced as opposed to what "sounds" right to a listener.

How do I use it?

First, create an account on BandLab. It's easy and you don't need to provide much in terms of your personal info.

Then, go to the Mix Editor. Click Import Audio/MIDI and upload the audio file for what you want. (If you're wondering how to get one from YouTube, there are tools out there you can use like ClipGrab.)

Next, right click the waveform and choose AudioStretch > More.

Now you can adjust playback speed and shift the pitch. And most importantly, you can click and hold/drag the waveform to focus on any moment in the track. That's it!

2020 Week 12

Today's sheet :P

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
NEW!   Departure[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original] 

Alright, looks good

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