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Wow, these are pretty cool! Having come from a solo piano background I honestly know just about nothing about accordion notation, but I think it's awesome our arrangements help you do your thing. Much of what we do is try and write things down so that they're specifically tailored to piano, but I'm glad you're able to piece together something that's workable for the accordion.

Thanks for sharing! Do you intend to post performances/recordings of any of these? I see the sheets but I'm curious how they might actually be played o:

Site News / Re: Update, Monday 17th of June 2019
« on: June 17, 2019, 02:53:05 AM »
One could say this about any update, but I love the variety here! More stuff from recent(-ish) games Xenoblade 2, Octopath, and Deltarune, classics old and new (Guile's Theme, Final Destination), and a bunch of other awesome stuff. And the first sheet from Bespinben in a long time ;D


Fixed the title!

NINJA'D BY LATIOS! (By the way, this sheet looks pretty old. In fact, the on-site PDF URL has the number "1". Can anyone decipher what this means? Is it the first sheet to be uploaded to the site, or just among the first, along with the other Mega Man sheets, to have a URL like it? I need an NSM expert right about now.)
This is from before my time :P As far as I know (as is the case now), IDs are just given to sheets in the order they are uploaded. I don't know if it was that way from the beginning, though.

(From the looks of it, this very well could be the oldest sheet on the site xD)

anyway, just peeked at the sheet itself and for the first bit the B naturals should be C flats. They're borrowed from the mixolydian mode

the very sheet with ID ONE

Looks awesome! Measures 29-31 should have triplets in the melody, updated that for you. Aside from that, just helped clean up some articulations and dynamics in places. Most importantly the cresc/dim's shouldn't end directly on the barline (end them before instead). Mostly the rest is just making sure things don't overlap as things might have gotten shuffled around a bit on file conversion.


Gotcha! Yes that's where the A flat was coming from.

All good now~

Sweet! Approved :)

Awesome! Just a last few comments:
- I think it'd be better to just show the empty right hand staff throughout (right now it's kind of inconsistent - the third system shows it while the first two don't)
- This is pretty minor, but the contour of the triplet line in m. 30-31 would be better preserved if the last triplet group in m. 30 was flipped upwards
- I think m. 55+ and similar following measures would be a little better written using an eighth and rest instead of a staccato'd quarter. If you want to keep it though, that's fine
- Last measure - A needs to be split across beat 3 in the right hand

Submissions / Re: [Wii] Super Paper Mario - "Mimi Battle" by Bloop
« on: June 16, 2019, 06:20:03 PM »
Just taking a peek right now:
- You could just make the hypermeter 2 measures throughout instead of having a 3-measure system and a 1-measure system
- I'd suggest moving the staccatos over the notes in the first half of m. 2 and similar places, before the other layer comes in
- Eighth rests in m. 4-5 could be moved back to normal mid-staff height
- Move last eighth rest in m. 7 up a bit to avoid touching the half note E. Similar near collision in m. 8 second eighth rest

Implemented the above comments as THC's out. Ready to go

I think that's just the singer finishing the syllable 'guard' off before the next syllable.  It happens a lot in singing to stick the ends of syllables in consistent places.  I guess I could put it in, but I'm not sure it's worth it since it'll stick out a lot more in the piano part than it does in the original and will ruin the four minim pattern that he has going on here, which I'm sure is the intention.
Okay, sounds good!

Everything else looks great.

Wrote this out recently to play with a friend.

Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U

"Magicant / Eight Melodies": (piano and violin) NEW!
[PDF] [Original]

Looks pretty good, just a few final things

- Do you mean "Play LH 8vb"
- Beat 3 LH of m. 5/7 should be connected?
- I'd move the DS text at the end up a bit away from the notes. Also the text above the repeat endings could be nudged up a bit as well
- Slur on grace note missing in m. 51
- Bump the quarter rest in m. 59 up a notch to match the others

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