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Site News / Re: Halloween 2022 Update
« on: October 31, 2022, 09:57:22 PM »


anyways kirby's epic yarn is always pog, super mystery dungeon is great, nice to see some more forgor land, and glad to know spooder dance is back

more len'en 3, because xeno a said so i felt like it when it came on random

[Reactivate Majestical Imperial] Each of Their Thoughts and Footprints: Listen on MuseScore | Original

Site News / Re: Update, Thursday 29th of September 2022
« on: September 29, 2022, 04:18:27 PM »
ooo, aquarius from castlevania gets a replacement and another version sheet, nice!!

also it seems like there's a whole lot from games with "the legend of", huh?

also also mario 3d world pog

Site News / Re: Update, Wednesday 31st of August 2022
« on: August 31, 2022, 11:01:39 PM »
i returneth, y'all. seihou chads winning thanks to me.

anyways 3noblade and torna music aughughughu

Ok I made the edits that I said I would earlier.  There were some additional things that I tidied up/fixed:

-I added a double barline before the key change in 44.

-I tidied up some dynamic placements.

-I changed the mp in 52 to mf.  I was guessing that this was a mistake, since the dynamic was already mp and so another mp didn't make sense.  Correct me if I was wrong.

If you're ok with those edits I will accept.

these edits are okay, thank you!

Ah for 20 I think what you have is actually fine now looking at what you're trying to write in, but for 18 I hear this in the second half:

Yeah I can explain this more.  So because the offbeat percussion has dropped out the left hand pattern that is written in doesn't really make that much sense anymore (although it sounds perfectly fine) so I was thinking maybe something different here would work better, and also help to vary it up a little bit.  The arpeggio patterns are kind of horrendous so I wouldn't suggest that, but since the energy does loosen up here anyway I think just taking the bass notes on their own would sound fine.  Like this:
and then the second time around you go back to the pattern that you had before.

Also I'll just point out something I mentioned way back when that never got addressed:

Like this:

I can get all the other formatting stuff later if that isn't editable in notepad.

aight sorry for the wait (motivation machine to Actually Do Things broke), hopefully i got everything. thanks to olimar for fixing up the nightmare that was the .mus file after i added the new measures

full disclosure: this was meant to be theoretically playable. figured since the song goes fucking nuts, i'd go nuts too but still kept it in the realm of "things a human could possibly do"

also haha its the funnie song. volume warning on the original because JynX Mixing Momentâ„¢

[Reactivate Majestical Imperial] Present World Overhaul: Listen on MuseScore | Original

Site News / Re: Update, Thursday 28th of July 2022
« on: July 28, 2022, 11:44:32 PM »

REALLY gotta relisten to that ost some time soon

also nice, rhythm heaven~~

wow. another sheet from me. and two days in a row for sheets. merry blirbmas or whatever.

[Evanescent Existence] Old Stifled Memories ~ BEGAN: Listen on MuseScore | Original

more simple higu because i transcribed this song earlier in kekwalk for fun and its really simple

[Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai] You (M.Box) Listen on MuseScore | Original

dont try to work with finale notepad, worst mistake of my life

OK, more feedback from me.

-The pickup is still erroneously included in the bar numberings and so everything is off by one.

-I don't think you need to specify that repeats should be played on the D.S. since this isn't classical music.

-There are a bunch of systems where the staff separation is much wider and pretty much the only one I think is necessary is the third system of the first page.  All of the others ones should just be normal width.

dunno if i can fix any of these because NotePad Moment:tm:

-I think the left hand of bar 40 should be an octave higher.  It is currently very low and muddy and doesn't really sound like the original there.

-I don't hear anything on beat 1 of bar 44.

-Bar 50-52's left hand sounds like it should be an octave lower.

-I agree with Static about the bass in bars 24/28 etc.

-I feel like the left hand pattern in bar 17-20 would be a lot easier to play if it was every third note that was up the octave, rather than every second.  At the moment this is very awkward to play at tempo and I don't think changing it would affect the sound that much.

-Is the extra piano part left out of bars 46-48/50-52 for simplicity?  I think it's a bit confusing having it be there in bars 45/49 and then suddenly disappear, so it might be a more consistent to just not have it all.

fixed these

-I hear something completely different in the bass in the second half of bar 18 and all of bar 20.

-I think it'd be cool if the left hand pattern changed for the first run through 29-36, where the percussion drops out in the original.  It would be a nice source of variation in the arrangement and would reflect the original better I think.

could you clarify on these a tiny bit please? small brain doesnt fully understand this (i relistened and for some reason my brain blanked on what an alternative could be, apologies)

i think that's everything

Off-Topic / Re: How does calculator work?
« on: June 18, 2022, 08:23:48 PM »
who's nerd counter

you're mom, i think

Site News / Re: Update, Thursday 16th of June 2022
« on: June 16, 2022, 11:43:17 PM »
wait what another update this soon?

anyways triple kirpy pog, and xenoblade in an update is always banger

Hey, I got the files for ya (link here), with all the formatting changes. I also made a few other minor adjustments:

- Typically, pickup measures don't factor into repeats, so you can use a D.C. rather than D.S. if you want. Either way is technically correct though, so I've left it with a D.S. Also, instead of whole rests, the rest should match the duration of the pickup, so use a quarter rest here.

- Since there is no "Fine" marking, it should just say "D.S." at the end

- Since you only have key changed from sharps to flats (or vice versa), you don't have to show all the natural signs.

- m24/28/32/36 LH: I still am hearing a D# in the bass here, instead of G# (left it as is for now)

Regarding m44, this is what I had in mind:

Anyway, the files linked above have all the changes already made, so feel free to upload those. Let me know if you disagree with anything or want clarification, etc.

why did it take me so long to get to this fudosjoifsjisd

anyways yeah i agree with most of these changes

- Since the tempo at m13 is different than the previous one, you don't need the "a tempo" there

- I like having slurs on grace notes, but up to you (I left them as-is)

the tempo at m.13 was meant to be the same as the intro tempo but i forgor to change it and by the time i realized i noticed i couldn't change it easily in notepad (unless im missing something very obvious, could easily be that), but if y'all think its okay to keep it at that slower tempo im fine with that, and the grace notes lacking slurs is just me forgetting to do that when i initially tried to make the sheet.

>read feedback
>do it on musescore
>export all the files
>replace files
>realize that i completely missed the top link on the post
>have to re-export everything after fixing it in Notepad:tm:


Sorry for the wait! Here's feedback on the rest, and a file with the margins/text spacing edited.

- Similar to the beginning, I'd suggest removing the upper C# in the left hand in m. 11-12, 15-16, 19-20, and 23-24 due to the right hand needing to sustain the C# from the previous measure

- In the right hand chord in m. 11-12, 15-16, and 19-20, I don't think the En should be there - it doesn't sound like a minor chord. Currently a bit split between suggesting making it an E#, or just removing it.

removed those extra notes, hoping i didnt accidentally mess anything up because brain tired

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