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Shoot, my bad, let's go with nacho2420!

Ahh I see lol. Fixed!

Fixed all! Looks much better

Thanks for the feedback guys!

I decided to hide pedal markings and write con pedale in place
Tempo marking placement fixed
Changed the spacing although I don't think it did much
Systems looks fine on my end, I checked to make sure I didn't have a space before the s
I agree with Static regarding no G# in bar 1
Same with the E and D#
I don't hear an E in the RH on beat 2, D# is the top note in the melody
I do hear an Fn (corrected to an E# for enharmonic spelling)
C# added!
Mordent added!
Don't really hear the E in the bottom in the RH
Removed the B's
Don't hear an E in the LH

Title changed to Relaxing Cafe Theme
Changed arranged to transcribed
Fixed the rhythm notation
Fixed the 16th to triplet
Dn added!
Changed the G#9 and C#13 enharmonically
Moved the G#
changed m10 to what you notated
Removed the E
Moved the F# up
Used a dotted quarter to remove the ties (couldn't figure out how to adjust them to look clean anyway lol)

Unfortunately I've only seen it titled this and alt. version 2 or simply alt on YouTube, not sure what the real title is since yeah, I don't think it's in the sounds in the museum.

NSM Performance Videos / Re: nacho2420's Performance Submissions
« on: July 03, 2021, 09:07:20 PM »
In celebration of Paper Mario Origami King's 1 year anniversary I learned this piece on piano (not my main instrument). Shoutout to @Rubikium for this great arrangement

Not sure where you want the top G# added in 1-3. You should specify octave numbers (i.e. G#4)

The caesura isn't correct when the timing of the track is still metered rests which is why I used 5/4 rather than a caesura

At meas 18-25 I don't know what else is missing. If you hear more voices feel free to let me know so I can add them.

I initially arranged this for piano with a pipe organ patch sound so that may be why you hear many missing layers as the harmonics are no longer reinforced. I added the changes you suggested so far and uploaded the changes.

Whoops! I used one of his arrangement mus files as a template so I didn't have to fill in all the text manually/format it and forgot to change that part!

Edit: Changes were made - condensed the arrangement to fit 3 pages, removed excess measure numbers, added and adjusted harmonies to make it fuller

Sorry, meant measure 5 not 3

Oh no page 6 looks sad :(

Maybe lock the last system into the previous one? (might have some re-formatting to fit the previous systems evenly)

Looks much better!

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