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Debate topic for next Tuesday: Are cannons truly valid instruments for an orchestra? Or should they be replaced with something safer, like Tesla coils?

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Off-Topic / Re: Best Pick Up Lines
« on: Today at 08:02:26 AM »
Hey, are you single? Cause I kinda want to pursue a relationship with you.

Eh, worked for me...

Here's a surprise for ya: I just made a Mother series sheet!


[GBA] Mother 3 - "Porky's Porkies"


What can I say? A YouTube channel I'm subscribed posted a FamiTracker cover of this song, I liked it, and a few minutes later, I started arranging. From what little music I've heard out of this game, I've decided that it's really good, and I'll definitely try to listen to all of it someday, possibly even arrange more from it. The game seems to be pretty popular (either that, or the fanbase is really loud), so I'm sure the community would be happy if I submitted this for the next round.

I shouldn't have to say this, but in case I do: I simplified some things for the sheet. The thirty-second notes in the beginning, for example, absolutely could not stay, but I like to think I came up with a pretty good substitute for them. Enjoy!

Out of all the re-writes I've been doing lately, this one was probably the most overdue.

0th - 40th?? (Re-Write)

[NES] Mega Man 2 - "Flash Man Stage"


(Original Sheet)

You know, it's funny. For as long as I can remember, the Mega Man 2 section on-site has hosted every robot master stage theme except this one. Why not this one? It's not at all difficult to transcribe, and it's just as well-known as the rest of the game's music. Ah, but it doesn't matter how long we've gone without it, because I'm going to be the one to submit it! Just you wait...

On account of my college workload, there'll be no essays about Mega Man 2 today; I'll save that for one of my later sheets. Enjoy!

Remaining Re-Writes: 14

Just a few things that popped up:
-m18: The R.H. slur starting at beat 2.5 ends on the wrong note (it should go to the G before, instead of the G#)
-m31 and 35: The C#'s in the R.H. should be Db's

- ooh yeah, got that
- fixed

Alright, it's ready!

Whoa mama, there's a lot of stuff here. Instead of addressing each of these one-by-one, I'm only going to address the point I disagree with and left no changes to:

-m32: Maybe the L.H. note on beat 3.5 should be F#, but I'm not 100% sure.

I listened again, that note is an F-natural for sure.

Everything else is fixed, but just one of these points need clarifying on what exactly I fixed:

The only thing I'd like to add is to either change all Eb's in m30 and 34 including pickup to D#'s (#4 in chord), or the F#'s in m33 and 37 including pickup to Gb's (b5 in chord)

I went with the ♭5 option, if that's okay and in-line with everything else. Also, I think you meant m. 32 and 36, so that's what I changed.

Files are ready for more feedback.

-I think the fact that you shrunk the notes in bar 2 is a little confusing.  They kind of look like grace notes, especially with the slur.  You could just break the beam between there to separate them from the previous note and the keep them the same size and I think it would be clearer.
-I don't think the simplification on beat 3.5 of bar 5 in the RH is necessary.  You could just leave it as A -> D sixteenth notes and it's still very playable.
-I think the Bb in bars 16 and 24 in the left hand is a Bn, and maybe it even is in the midi but the score doesn't give it a natural sign?  Something weird is maybe going on.
-In the opposite situation, I don't think the courtesy Bb in bar 22 is helpful.  It's directly next to the key signature Bb and the right hand doesn't play a Bn at all in the previous system.  I think it's going to create more confusion than it solves by being there.

- I don't agree with this, but I'm guilty of inserting smaller notes into my scores to indicate that they're "suggested", so I'll just resize them back to 100%. Those notes shouldn't be optional, they're definitely part of the song
- yeah I was gonna change this because I knew I heard it wrong, but the sheet was already submitted so I figured I'd wait until the first set of feedback was addressed
- I could've sworn I wrote a B natural, but you're right, the score was acting funky so I deleted the note and re-entered it, and now it's fine
- you see, here I was trying to remind the performer not to play it as a B natural like in m. 18, but it seems unnecessary so I'll delete the courtesy

Other things I changed, unrelated to Libera's feedback:

- having done more research, I've deduced that Alph Lyla group had no hand in writing this track, and that the proper composer is Setsuo Yamamoto
- the first chord sounds more accurate when rolled, which is an unusual writing choice for a Mega Man track, but I don't judge, I just make sheets

Files are ready for more feedback.

Good evening to those in the surrounding time zones, and good whatever to everyone else.

I've made a fair bit of progress in my Personal Arrangements topic recently. On top of making it out of the 12 Days of Sheet-Mas alive, I also followed up with several other new sheets that didn't make the Sheet-Mas cut, uploaded a few that had been collecting dust, and initiated my efforts to re-write my absolute worst. With your continuous support, I managed to keep a daily posting streak for a total of...

36 straight days!  Or maybe less than that, if you discount the re-writes.

And while I had a lot of fun putting all of these together, it is with a heavy heart that I inform you all that I'll be ending this streak, starting today, on account of my Spring semester having just begun. However! Even though my posting will now resume irregularly, I still have big plans for the rest of the year:

- finish the remaining 15 re-writes and remove the brown ("bad") label from my PA key entirely
- touch-up the other arrangements confined to the PA from my first 3-ish years of NSM (estimated to be around 100-125 sheets)
- touch-up my on-site arrangements from, again, my first 3-ish years of NSM (estimated to be around 200-250 sheets)

It's ambitious as hell, but it's something I've always wanted to do, once I knew what I was capable of. The last few re-writes will be bunched together in the same posts, and the touch-ups will be released in waves periodically. And I'd like to thank the updater team for agreeing to help me replace my old on-site files, it's going to take a while. Once in a while, you may see an entirely new sheet, but don't count on it very often. Have a good rest of your day, folks, and as always...

... eeeeennnnjoy!

It's been too long, friends. To think I've only made four normal quizzes in the past five years... Oh well. At least it's here now.

Let's get down to business! Round 5 of...

The NSM Occasional Guess-That-Melody Quiz!

There's no special theme this time around, I'm afraid. However, for consistency's sake, I have set in place a brand new hint system! For this round and onward, I will be offering three hints for each melody quizzer, each with their own category:

Hint #1
- I'll tell you the console it's on. This isn't a very useful hint unless you're sure you know the franchise.

Hint #2 - I'll tell you the franchise it's from (but not the specific series). My recommendation would be to use this one last.

Hint #3 - This one's a wild card! I'll tell you something about the melody that may or may not be helpful.

Note: The first two hints may not be used to seek out a melody from a specific console/franchise.

So if you think my quizzes are always too hard, this oughta shake things up. Without further ado...

Here's Quiz #5!

1.20.22 Melody

As always, answers will come whenever I feel like it. My classes just started, so I've got a busy few months ahead of me.

Have fun, quizzers, and good luck!


Okay, I'll admit that I had that one coming. Good ol' Yug...

0th - 40th?? (Re-Write)

[SNES] Mega Man 7 - "Boss"


(Original Sheet)

Even as a Mega Man fan, I can agree with the notion that there are wayyy too many games in this franchise. I mean, there were six mainline titles from the classic series on the NES alone! To do that, you'd have to churn out a game once a year (and that they did). It's no wonder the gameplay formula started to turn stale by the SNES era. In 1993, though, fans finally saw the revolution they had been waiting for: Mega Man X, an exciting new installment that reinvented the run-and-gun genre that the original Mega Man helped establish. Problem was, Capcom still had plans to continue the classic series, so they put out Mega Man 7 in only three months—that's a crazy tight schedule! And though it was one of the more inventive entries in the numbered series, it couldn't outshine the success of Mega Man X; ironically, the X series would fall victim to the same fate, producing six sequels in only a decade, the sixth of which ruined the games' reputation.

I really like this game, certainly more than the three that came before it, and I'll play it over Mega Man X any day. The level design is solid, the graphics are eye candy, and the music's a straight-up bop, even if some of the tracks tend to get a little... same-y. For my arrangement of the boss theme, the only thing I regret is not being able to incorporate the countermelody into the first four bars, but hey, you can't win 'em all. I'm just glad everything is confined to two staves now. Enjoy!

Remaining Re-Writes: 15

Yeesh, after 165 sheets, how did I think posting the original draft of this was even remotely okay?

Don't answer that.

166th (Re-Write)

{JP}[BS-X] Satellaview BIOS - "Error Screen"


(Original Sheet)

Some of you may not know, but there used to be this running joke around here about my obsession with the Satellaview, mainly because I pushed for it to be added as a console on-site, back when I first joined. While I agree that it was a little silly, I still think that it's a fascinating piece of Nintendo history. Let me give you some background:

The Satellaview wasn't a console of its own, but rather a peripheral made for the Super Famicom, and it remained a Japan exclusive. It connected the console to a satellite service (provided by radio company St.GIGA) and allowed subscribers to access a variety of games, though the games could only be played at certain scheduled points in the day. On the plus side, this gave players the addition of live voice-acting to enjoy with their games, a spectacle that hasn't been replicated since. The BIOS didn't just act as a means of accessing the broadcasts; you could also run around a miniature hub world with your customized avatar and do other things with your spare time, like enter contests or play minigames. Many of the service's selections were just ports of existing SNES games, but it also boasted plenty of interesting exclusives, like a remake of The Legend of Zelda (they called it the "third quest"). Sadly, the service came to an end on June 30th, 2000, rendering the bulky add-ons useless. Still, it was a wildly inventive concept at the time, and served as a predecessor to the Nintendo WFC and the Wii/DS-i Shops we'd see five years down the road.

Rambling aside, let's talk about the sheet. When I first arranged this, I recognized that the sustained harmonies were overlapping with the melody line. So what was my solution? Slide everything down into the left hand and call it a day. Big mistake; this created these super intense chords that detracted from the relaxed feel of the song, and they were awfully muddy, too. Don't worry, though, because I managed to rectify this! Instead of trying to keep the chords sustained throughout each bar, I just slapped them underneath some of the melody notes, and applied the drum track's rhythm to the bass note. Voilà! Now it's far more pianistic than it was before. Enjoy!

Remaining Re-Writes: 16

My classes start this Thursday, so I'm gonna lose my daily streak here soon!

54th (Re-Write)

[GB] Mega Man V - "Neptune Stage"


(Original Sheet)

Here it is, folks: the only classic Mega Man for the Game Boy with completely original stages, bosses, and music. When I was younger, I thought I'd love this game to death; problem is, I didn't. Why is that? Well, my main gripe is that this game suffers from god-awful lag, to the point where it detracts from the fun. Mega Man 3 has this same issue, but I can play that game lag-free in the collections it was later packaged with, and this game has only been rereleased on the bare-bones 3DS Virtual Console. And as I played more and more from this series, I came to appreciate the 256 x 240 resolution on the NES screen, which allowed much more room for fast-paced action. The Game Boy, however, only has a resolution of 160 x 144, and instead of compensating for the smaller screen with smaller sprites, the developers of Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge crammed sprites of the same size onto the tiny screen, making running, shooting, jumping and fighting slower than before; this trend carried on throughout the rest of the handheld's entries. That didn't bother me until the lag crept in starting with Mega Man IV, and then came in at full force with its follow-up. And it's a darned shame, because the game had everything going for it...

Mega Man Legacy Collection features a "Turbo CPU" option that completely eliminates lag while preserving the gameplay's speed, and it's so nice that I'm never going back to Virtual Console. If anyone who's reading this knows of a Game Boy emulator with this same option, please direct me to it so I can finally give Mega Man V the proper playthrough it deserves.

One note about the arrangement: most of what was changed pertained to the measure distribution, which is something I'm going to be adjusting with a majority of my older sheets, rather than re-writing them outright. Enjoy!

Remaining Re-Writes: 17

At long last, we're back at it with Mega Man II. Should I tell the story this time?

Yeah, I think I will.

47th (Re-Write)

[GB] Mega Man II - "Password"


(Original Sheet)

For the people familiar with this story, I'd like to clear up something: this is not my favorite Mega Man soundtrack. It's not even my favorite one from the Game Boy pentalogy, and as a matter of fact, I think it's the weakest of that group. But that said, I think that the fanbase is too rough on it, and it really deserves more credit than it's used to.

The general consensus surrounding this game's music is that it's too high-pitched, about an octave higher than it ought to be. If you didn't gather that much from the embedded video above, take a listen to this. Or this. Maybe try this, too, in case you're not convinced yet. Most can agree that these tracks are very grating on the ears, and bordering on unlistenable. There is a theory that the game's sound programmer accidentally transposed the music up by mistake, and as far as I'm aware, it's been proven by a ROM hacker that attempted to "fix" the soundtrack. Also check out this video by Tpcool, who went the extra mile and rearranged it using Mega Man III - V instrumentation!

It's been said that this was the first and last Mega Man title to be outsourced by Capcom to Japan System House (as opposed to Minakuchi Engineering,) because the developers were very unfamiliar with the series at the time, and failed to deliver. But even though the game itself is riddled with glitches, sub-par graphics, and questionable level design, the composer, Kenji Yamazaki, very clearly did his homework. You can tell because several of the themes take noticeable inspiration from the OSTs of Mega Man 2 and 3:

MMII's "Wood Man Stage" sounds like MM3's "Top Man Stage"...
MMII's "Crash Man Stage" sounds like MM2's "Air Man Stage"...
MMII's "Get a Weapon" sounds a LOT like MM3's "Get a Weapon"...

... and so on. There's all sorts of tidbits borrowed from the NES tracks, from melodic licks to harmonic progressions. And while some of these songs almost borrow a little too much, they're very catchy melodies for the most part, and sound surprisingly normal when given 2A03 remixes. Check out my YouTube channel, I've got several! It is my opinion that this soundtrack would have a lot more fans if it wasn't for the glitch in the sound programming, and someday, I'll finish proving that.

For this sheet, I had the difficult task of merging the bass line and the accompaniment pattern, but it turned out fine, if you ask me. The right hand was brought up an octave to preserve the range of the original track, and besides, the left hand didn't sound so great down where it was. So enjoy! My next task for this game will be to re-write the "Get a Weapon" sheet, and oh man, I am not looking forward to that...

Remaining Re-Writes: 18

I feel like this re-writing business is about to get a little harder... :-\

0th - 40th?? (Re-Write)

[NES] Mega Man 3 - "Stage Start"


(Original for anyone that cares)

Hoo boy... Mega Man 3. Where do I begin? I think the game's phenomenal, if that's where you think I'm heading, but I'm not. I'm talking about our coverage of the game on-site; while many of its songs are arranged, a good number of them are not in great shape, those sheets being made by Commander6. That name, in case you weren't aware, is a bit infamous around here, because many of this arranger's sheets need replacing. But you know what? I believe that their contributions to the Mega Man classic series are honestly not that bad.

This game's OST is difficult to arrange for, but even so, the arrangements by Commander6 are decently solid in terms of both accuracy and playability, generally speaking. In my opinion, it's just the presentation/formatting that makes them appear worse than they are, and probably the reason people claim they need replacing, but don't actually step up and do it themselves. Don't get me wrong, I fully intend to replace several of those sheets before my time on NSM is through, but please, show respect for the person behind them! They still have forty-six sheets in the Mega Man section, and that's not even counting the ones later arrangers have, shall I say, "taken care of". If you ask me, we owe a lot of thanks to them for their work on not just this section, but on the rest of the site's collection, too.

So what's next for Mega Man 3? Well, I have unfinished takes on "Needle Man Stage", "Spark Man Stage", and "Dr. Wily Stage Boss" from a long time ago, but there's a reason why they're not done. The parts don't mesh well together at all, leading to some very thin-sounding textures. These sheets are so devoid of hope that they're not even part of any backlog of mine, they're just... there. I'd say that you can expect more from this game once my work on the Mega Man 2 section is through, but that's a ways off from now. Enjoy "Stage Start"!

Remaining Re-Writes: 19

This here's the last re-write we'll be needing for my Super Mario section; the rest are mostly Kirby and Mega Man sheets.

0th - 40th?? (Re-Write)

[NDS] New Super Mario Bros. - "World 4 (Forest)"


When I arranged this back in November of 2016, it was actually for a request here on the forums! Even though finishing it was a huge confidence booster for me, I would only go on to arrange one other sheet specifically for the requests board. You'd think I'd be doing more of these, but I dunno, the songs posted on that board don't usually strike my fancy. Either that, or they're far too difficult for me to make a sheet for.

Oh, and New Super Mario Bros. Love this game, it's one of the finest games the franchise has to offer, really good music too, blah blah blah... you all get it. I'm trying to get my sleep schedule back into routine for the upcoming Spring semester, and in doing so, I'm running on half an all-nighter's worth of shut-eye right now. If I can just make it to 10:00 PM tonight and sleep until 8:00 AM tomorrow... well, enjoy the sheet!

(Does anyone even look at these?)

Remaining Re-Writes: 20

I hate to break up the string of re-writes with a new sheet, but this one's an important replacement!


[SNES] Mega Man X - "Sigma Stage 2" (Replacement)


I love the music of Mega Man X, it's all very good. But as a piano arranger, my only gripe is that it isn't pianistic in the slightest. Did you know that we haven't had a new sheet accepted for this game in over 8 years? Not only that, but 4/5 of the on-site ones are ancient, and the fifth and only passable one isn't all that great, either. But can you really blame the members of our community? It's not realistic to arrange for two hands! Much like with the music of Mega Man 7 (which is suffering from the same problem on the site,) there's far too much going on for a solo pianist to take on. So with all that said, it's a miracle that one of the songs ended up being arrange-able. Had I noticed earlier how bad the on-site version was, I would've taken on its replacement years ago, believe me.

Not sure if this sheet was inserted into the Replacement Initiative project specifically with me in mind, but I'll gladly try my hand at a new one for each cycle, because knowing the Mega Man section, there's a lot of work to be done. Enjoy! The posting of re-writes will resume tomorrow.

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