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Projects / Re: Static's Replacements
« on: August 08, 2020, 11:23:13 PM »

Battle to the Death
-Can any effort be made to line up the cresc. and forte in m42-43?
-This one is up to you, but maybe break the beams over rests and the sets of 3 8ths? I'd personally recommend it.
Notes seem really great. Something feels off about m25 but all the notes seem to be correct. \

Main Theme of FFV
I hear 3rds in the first beat in the LH, no different from m2. Same for m3]
I can hear a 2nd constant note making disonnaces in the LH. This is hard to explain, but for m1-5 I hear that extra note as a G above the chord. For m6, an A. This gets really important in m8, however, because that note is now an A and that forms a nice dim chord on beat 3 that is completely lost otherwise. What do you think about adding this in in some way? That harmony is present throughout the first page. It stays in a 6th above the root until m13, where it returns to the 5th for 3 measures, before going back to the 6th in m16, which is the reason there's a difference in the bassline between m15 and 116.
-I know its because we use ped differently markings, but it's really bothering me that it ends prematurely in m28. Either extend it to the end of the measure or have the next measure's marking appear there.

Aside from that, it's prety great, nice job

for some reason, the chord progressions here remind me of fire emblem 4 and i can't tell why.

Projects / Re: Latios212's Replacements
« on: August 08, 2020, 10:02:07 PM »
2 things. First, the last measure has a 3rd harmony for all of the final measure.

The second is the powerful chords in m7 and m11. They didn't sit well with me tonally at all. I couldn't hear the 5th, but just the octave wasn't enough. After fiddling, I reached this conclusion:

Or, what it would look like in the final sheet:

It's certainly not the simplest way to do it, but it's easy enough to play and sounds fantastic on a piano. I highly recommend changing it.

File Select
Unfortunately, that's not a pure repeat. 2nd time through, unadjusted, it looks like this:

Maybe include ped for the final measure? It'd be hard to replicate the echo heard in the original without it.

Projects / Re: Zeila's Replacements
« on: August 08, 2020, 09:37:31 PM »
Icicle Mountain
m,27 RH - pretty sure both of these chords have grace notes leading up to them. Also in m33. For m27, I can see no reason not to add them, as it doesn't make it significantly difficult to play, unlike some other places where you left it out.

Big fan of what you did with this, nice work.

The opening tempo seems rather .... large. I can fix that at a later point though.
The "composed by" is large and unwieldy but idk how to fix it.
I hear an A# on beat 1 of m14 RH instead of the rest. It's faint, but very much there. Also, the courtesy accidental there should have parentheses around it because it's a courtesy accidental, not one outside the key signature.

That's all I've got. Comment on these and I can make any changes you can't and accept it.

Ace Combat Zero: The Belkan War
[midi] [.mus] [.musx] [PDF]

Despite never playing this game, I have loved this song for 5 or 6 years so it's great to finally make a sheet of it.

Feedback / Re: Two Site Things I was Wondering About
« on: August 05, 2020, 09:56:23 PM »
First, the way the site indexed doesn't really lend itself to a search feature, since there's not individual pages for the sheets, so there's not really anything to easily index.

As for the 2nd, browse by composer is wayyyy harder than it sounds, because the composer isn't in plaintext in the file so it's easily indexable, and a large number of composers, particularly those on older sheets, are named incorrectly or inconsistently.

They are things we, as a staff, have considered, but they are not things that will be implemented soon. As for a community wiki, there's not a real reason when VGMDB does it better and has a better database already.

Site News / Re: Update, Tuesday 4th of August 2020
« on: August 04, 2020, 07:12:47 PM »
Woo! I've submitted the first PS4 sheet!
Thank you mastersuperfan, as well as Maelstrom and Latios212 for all of your hard work in editing.
You're welcome! I hope you submit more in the future. It's hard to believe that was the first PS4 sheet on the site.

-m10 - If I listen closely, I can hear the resolution of *something* in there, even if it's hard to make out. I found that this best replicated that resolution.
-En in the third chord of bar 14 should be an Eb, right?
Oops, missed this line. Thanks, that's been fixed.

made the other changes you disagreed with, and fixed up even more ties that were painfully squished.

for m41-44, I think my idea was that adding more notes helped the chord to build, but I have since realized that is counterproductive, since there's actually a diminuendo there.

files updated

I'd like to avoid adding more notes to m6. You may notice that I tried to keep the sections like that as clear of other notes as possible, and only using octave harmonies. That way it will sound much clearer and distinctive, like in the original.
-Yeah m7-8 bass 2nd layer, this was intentional and the result of multiple iterations. I just belive that keeping the F there better emphasizes  the tension created by the song here (and is in the bass guitar), which is then resolved in the next measure. I would have done this elsewhere, but doing that would have made the song unplayable so I resolved to only do it here.
-m10 - If I listen closely, I can hear the resolution of *something* in there, even if it's hard to make out. I found that this best replicated that resolution.
-Thanks for the suggestion for m19-20, but I did leave that out intentionally. Like Electric heritage, it was between oversimplifying the first section which would remove the impact, or adding too much to the later section which would make it harder to play and muddier.
-Made RH b2.5 of m16 a rest, same for where it repeats. I feel like it's much clearer in 20 so I want to keep it in.
-m20 I think the guitar plays an  A on beat 4, directly followed by the F in 4.5. Added in the G and A tho.
-m21 - I'd prefer to keep the bass riff out, because doing so highetens the silence between chords, and also because that kind of sound is impossible to emulate properly on the piano. I think it's fine how it is.
-m25-26 harmonies. Yep, those are not in the song in this exact form. I added a bunch of harmonies places to fill it out and provide more weight to the motion. I like what I have and believe it remains true to the original tone and want to keep it how it is.
-m28 - These low chords are also a bit of my own creation. I played around with them a lot to get them to sound satisfying, and this was the result. I prefer to keep them as is.
-m34 - Added in the Eb on b4.25, left the rest as is because it follows the original.
-m35-36 - see above. To be honest, the rhythm I have written down doesn't follow original exactly to a t for any part of it. However, it is the most satisfying to listen to and lines nicely up with the rhythms of the other hand, so I wrote it how it is. I would prefer not to change it.
-missing notes in chords from m38-44. Added the suggested ones before the key change, but not after. I think leaving them out for 42 and 43 is for the best, as it emphasizes the minimal change from 41 to 42, since now only once note (albeity doubled) changes. I like this effect and want to keep it. I did add the extra cord in m44, nice  catch.
-m61 - Changed the half+q into a dotted half, oops. I don't really want to add in the tremolo, as it's not as strong as those on other instruments and doesn't have the performer actually play a different note, they just bend the string up and down to cause a minute change in pitch.
-m62 - I hear that F on beat 4 pretty clearly, and that is why I wrote it in.
-ossia- yep, that's a mistake. Great catch.
-m68 solo - This was a conscious decision. I think that the treble clef in 68 is 100% vital to the piece as whole and want the performer to play it. It's selfish, but I think that's how it should be. Also it's even more daunting to a person who can't play the first measure.
-m84 tie - oops. fixed.
-m85 - added bass movement.
-last measure - added some percussion rhythms.

thanks for taking the time to listen to this, sorry I didn't implement a number of your suggestions.

What a nice little song, and a fantastic arrangement to go wtih it. accepted

m30 LH b1 - This should be an En an octave below where it is now.

No D.S to m9?

Otherwise, it looks fine.

- m10 and m48 RH beat 2 sounds like it has an eighth note rhythm rather than just a quarter note, at least for the note on top (I'm hearing E and then D as eighth notes). If you include this, maybe write the top notes as a separate layer and keep the lower notes on beat 2 as quarters.
I don't hear this and, as such, did not change it.

I'd prefer to leave 19 how it is.

added the Bb in and kept the G in as well.

Files updated.

Removed the top note in the first chord in m10 instead. Is that fine?
Ah, I know why I wrote m13 differently. It is different in m51 and I copied it over. m57 was not changed, but 13 was.
Just lowering m21 and 21 wasn't enough. I also lowered the 2nd half of m20 while I was at it so it transitions better into that part
I shrank the ossia. I think it normally doesn't have the extra  stuff and the line, but it's at the start of a system and idk how to remove them. If anyone knows, please tell me.
Slur in 85 is actually a default one. Fixed that.
The Bb in m32/70 was to add some flavor. If you want it out, I can take it out, as I just did.

Files updated.

Alright, I did the quick and dirty way of fixing the formatting by copying it into my own template and adjusting it. Please tell me if I changed anything in a way you didn't want and I can work it out. I'll just make some changes while I'm going and put a list here.

-as an aside, make sure you capitalize all of your arranger name ......
-Made the first measure into a pickup measure.
-measure 2, beat 3, right hand - Not sure I agree with the rhythm here. It certainly hangs on the G longer, but not for a full quarter. Maybe make the pair of notes 2 dotted 8ths instead? THis appears elsewhere, like m4 b3. Alternatively, this could be like the doublets you have in m7. This seems ot happen throughout the piece so I'll leave this one up to you.
-Fixed the rhythm in m11. I think you'll see it's much simpler and easier to parse now. (and more accurate too)
-Added paranthesis to m7 b3 RH. Feel free to delete the note if you want, but it's doubled right here.
-m8 moved the C to the other hand becuase it's a continuation of that voice. Also easier to read now.
-Deleted the D in m9 b2 RH (it's not there)
-Removed layer 2 in m20 RH altogether and combined it with layer 1. Also added a note on beat 3.
-m22 LH - beat 1.5 is a D, not a G.
-m23 LH b1 - the chord is A-G, not A-A. No C on beat 3 either.
-m24 LH - first 2 notes are Fn-Cn
Note that this is not exhaustive by any means, but a starting place.
I left the "quicker" and "freely" text in, despite them being overly large, because I wasn't quite sure what to do with them. The tempo itself doesn't change more than a few bpm so I'm not totally sure what you wanted here.

Two big things:
1 - held notes and staves - A lot of note here are held much, much longer than they would need to be if there was any ped. here. It feels like the ped is heavily implied by the tied whole notes, but it's never explicitly stated. I would recommend reigning in some of those lengths (like m15 and 16) to account for this. It'll make your notation cleaner and easier to read. While you're at it, try playing this on piano. There's some stuff that's basically unplayable as you have it written (m20 beat 1) and others where it's unfeasible for one hand to play everything in its staff (m9-10, etc). These, however, are very playable if the LH is what's playing them. There's no harm in a few ledger lines, so I'd recommend just moving them down to the treble clef across the board. If you get too many ledger lines, just tell me (or whatever updater is working on it) and we can add some mid-measure clef changes in for you.

2 - the elephant in the room: Is there a reason why this is only the first 1:15 of the 4 minute song in the video you posted? We don't really do incomplete arrangements on this site. You gotta have it all in here. This might influence the time change at the end, so I didn't change it right now.

and once again, I could have sworn I heard sunlight garden from Utena in m20, but i was mistaken.

whoops, I should include the file, shouldn't I?

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