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This is what I hear for m1-2

-m9 and similar - I hear the E on b2.5 as a quarter (e.g. tied to a 2nd 8th).
-m10 and similar - I hear a Db as the last note. 
-m25 and similar - I hear b2 and 2.5 as a Eb and Bb respectively. Also, b4.5 is a quarter (tied to 8th in the next measure)
m36 and similar - I hear a G on b4

-m40 should look like m36
-m41 - b1 (the f#) is a quarter, and b2 is the A. No C here. b3.5 is also an A
-m42 - b3.5 is a F# and b4.5 is a D#. Spell those how you want.
No staccatons on b1 of m35/37/39

m35-end - I hear a harmony pretty strongly for this here, it's mostly a 3rd below what you have written. 
Final 2 measures look like the first 2.

I made the changes, take a look at this file:

m18 - 3rd 2nd layer chord - the Gb should be spelled as a F#
---m21 to m27 LH should be an octave lower with the exception of the last 5 notes in m23 and m27.
m21 - I hear all the Cs after the first chord down an octave
m22 - the off beat Gs in the 2nd half aren't that strong, remove the lower octave harmony
m23 - Same deal with the 2nd half of the measure.
m24 - same thing in the 2nd half
m25 -
m27 - Final octave is a G, not a C (should be lower)
m28 to end - I put the notes in their proper octaves. The way you wrote it completely obscured the motion of the notes in weird ways

no rolled chord mark on the final chord in m7?

Concering what MSF said
Staccatos in m20 should be below 100%
I hear m27 as MSF said it, and it's unplayable the way it is with the 2 layers here.
30 RH lower note is a F# 100%
m31 - ok so I would recommend using a Fn for all the Fs instead of the E# and a Gb instead of the F# on the 5th to last note. The Gb is less correct to notate that way, but it means the 3 Fns are notated properly, which is the greater good imo. You could use the split stem tool to have both the F and F# but that one's up to you. Regardless, make sure you change the LH too

files updated

Submissions / Re: [3DS] Fire Emblem Awakening - "Destiny" by Maelstrom
« on: January 16, 2021, 05:48:03 PM »
Reword chords in m43-54, should be more accurate now. Will probably give the whole song a further once over today.
yes, the 5th note in the intro was intentional.

I made every other change except the huge rolls. I can't seem to thing of a way to have them all without damaging either the melody or countermelody's motion beyond recognition. 

before I forget, I approve

Oh, yeah that's right. The rhythm is as previously notated

Looks great!
I agree with everything you said and don't hear what lat said at all, so I'll accept then.

Piano Arrangements / Re: Link to the Past "File Select" second draft
« on: January 16, 2021, 01:37:27 AM »
In the future, I recommend replying to your old topic and editing the first post with the updated files. That's generally how things work around here.

m2 b4.75 - hearing a C# here
m6 - On b1, I hear the bottom note of that chord as a F#, and a E-A-B chord on b2.
m10 - Same thing as m6 on b1, b1.5-2 I hear a voice descending F#>E. I hear it ascending in m42 so I might be hearing it wrong.
m12 - I hear the counter melody descending on b2, as a G# instead of the B
m30 b2.75 - I hear a E here instead of the G. I get how this might not mesh well with the chord after it though.
m36 - same deal as m6 b1.
m40 like m12 as well

m17 - I hear b4's lowest note as a B.
m19 b2 - I hear almost the same chord from m15 here. Maybe not the C#, but def. the B so maybe the C#could just move down a step.
m36 - If you're following the guitar instead of the bass on b4, might as well include the E on b3.5 as well.

Might seem like a lot but it's not that much honestly. You did a fantastic job translating this incredibly dense song to piano.

I relistened and I agree with libera now.


Piano Arrangements / Re: Link to the Past "File Select" first draft
« on: January 15, 2021, 02:07:10 AM »
As always, please don't forget to check these topics for formatting with finale notepad:

At first glance, it seems pretty accurate. There's one large issue though. There's no reason to tie the top note of each measure, as this song is intended to be played with the pedal, which would do that for you, essentially.

Submission Archive / Re: [GEN] Sonic & Knuckles - "Act 1 Boss" by Yug Guy
« on: January 15, 2021, 01:49:59 AM »

-RH m6 -b4.5 - I hear an E here.
-m10 b4.5 - RH plays a E here, LH plays an A

-m26 RH - I don't see why the A isn't tied as well, there's pedal so it's going to be held anyway so why not include it in beat 3. Also in this measure, I hear the LH being restruck on b2.5, same note.
-I only hear the E struck in RH m29, not the full chord.

Otherwise looks great.

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