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oh god how did this get here I am not good with computer

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Submissions / Re: [PC] CrossCode - "Valse d'Ahoge" by Greg
« on: June 16, 2019, 07:01:02 PM »
In the time since I last checked this sheet, I started playing the game. And a fun game it is.
Anyway, the sheet:
let's start with the LH:
-m5-6 should look like this:
-m13 - delete the D in the first chord to emphasize the lowering of the notes the accordion is playing.
-m16 - the lowest voice isn't present here, so delete that low C. It's supposed to sound incomplete
-m37 beat 3 - that Eb should actually be an E natural.
-m40 - I'm hearing no change between the 1st and 2nd cord. Just move that C down to a Bb and it'll be fine.
-m44 - hearing no change as well; the second chord seems to be the correct one here.
-m45 - I'm hearing the exact same chords here as b3 from m44. There's no change in them between the two measures
-m47-49 - all chords except for b3 of m49 should be identical to the chord on b3 of m48. Also b2 of m50
-m51-52 chords should all be Ab-Db-F, including the one in b3 of the RH in m52

You've got a few accidental issues here and there. For example, all the flats in m18 should be sharps because it's an augmented chord and a EM chord in the other hand.

I'm running out of steam, but I have one more big suggestion - to indicate that the notes are optional, you can shrink them. That's a common strategy used. For an example, look at the last page of this sheet.

I can't believe I missed the  first one.

Everything fixed, files updated.

alright, nice.


That works fine.


I have one issue. m35 has been changed in such a way that the chord progression in the LH has been misrepresented. Here is the most literal transcription of it I could make:

fix this in a nice way and I'll approve as well

I'm honestly not sure what to say about this sheet. There's more notes than I can conceivably check, but it sounds kind of accurate? I guess I'll just point out a few notation hiccups then.
-m6/8 - notes are tied to notes with opposite stem directions and it looks weird.
-m20-23 both pianos - You can't seem to decide if accents belong above or below the slur. Pick one and make it consistent.
-m29 piano 1 RH - first grace note flat is colliding with the 32nd note
these were all from the PDF since the .mus import was screwing up a bit more.

One comment about the An:
The japanese version was even less pitched and not flat at all like this one was. I understand your reasoning for keeping it this way, as this is the version you are arranging. I just thought I should point it out.

Anyway, I approve and will accept after you reconfirm your decision.

Fixed m20
Changed the last 2 measures
Left m59+ as is because that 2nd layer doesn't fit at all. It just sounds muddier when it's supposed to be at its simplest part.

Considering the differentiation of the melody and other voices, I don't think it's actually that hard at all. For the first part, the melody is everything that isn't chords. For the 2nd part, anything that's not octaves is not the melody. Changing layers wouldn't do much and would just look weird in general because one layer drops out right as another one jumps in.

I didn't feel good about including a lot of dynamics because it's all at pretty much the same volume. Only the beginning sounds a bit quieter, so I indicated it as such.

Everything else fixed.

files updated

here's what i hear for m15

Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyoujin)
Shoukei to Shikabane no Michi (Opening 5)
[midi] [.mus] [.musx] [PDF] [mp3]

1-Above the staves, always.
2-I honestly don't know. Whichever updater checks this next can chime in

Alright, here we go:
m1-6 - both hands - Rather than having the LH just hold a whole note, have it pick up a few of the notes the RH would play and add pedal. For example,

If you want the fancy pedal markings, select the smart shape tool and then ctrl+click on the custom shape to bring up a dialogue box with the various options. Occasionally, the first or last one doesn't play back, so just add a normal one and hide it (select, then ctrl+shift+alt+h  No clue why it's so many keys).
I hear a mordent at m26 beat 3. Also on b1 of m30
an 8th rest is hiding inside a quarter note in m16
m20 has fallen for REVO's favorite trick: sounding nearly identical so you think you can copy+paste but it's slightly different. b2 is a B instead o f a C# and b4 is an F# instead of an A#. Same thing in m37.
m21 - b4.5 - That's actually a 3rd if you listen closely. There should be a B below that D#. Same in m38.
Also in m38, there's another discrepancy. It should look like this:

And I've rewritten the bassline for hte parts you weren't sure about. Here they are, in exhaustive form:

Oh, and m36 has a slightly different 2nd half when compared to other instances:

A few small things - Articulations are out of whack, but I assume that's the newest version of finale wreaking havoc with 2014.
The title on the 2nd page looks pretty small
A few of the 2nd layer rests are lower than they need to be (m21-22, for example)
I said do the complicated pedal thing earlier, but, honestly, the rest of the piece needs it. You've got some extra long 10ths that even I can't reach, which makes it impossible to hold the half note like you have it written. Pedal would fix that and lend a smoother tone to the song. If you decide to include it, you can do one of 3 things: notate all the pedal markings fancily with smartshape, just write a con pedale at the beginning, or do that and then add hidden pedal markings for playback.

Fix this and it might have my approval.

Oh, and probably don't beam over rests (m38 LH)

One final thing - Your tempo mark doesn't last very long for some reason. I deleted it and used the imported from musicXML one and it worked fine then.


I think some phrasing should be added. A lot of this piece is a bunch of phrases layered on top of each other so it'd be helpful to distinguish these for the player.
address this (in any way you prefer) and then I approve

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