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Those chord changes are rather ambiguous; something changes but I'm not 100% what so if you want to keep it that's fine.
As for the rest, it sounds good. Gets my approval.
Alright, this sounds great

id have accepted it sooner if I didn't keep hitting the play button on finale. sounds amazing with the aria player.
Piano Arrangements / Re: 607's Arrangements
November 28, 2022, 06:56:53 PM
This one feels much better as you have it written. Drum experience isn't required to figure this out, just time playing sheet music and transcribing it. It lets you figure out what feels most natural to notate and, most importantly, what will feel most natural for the performer.

First glance looks pretty decent. Most people share their arrangements by uploading them to dropbox or google drive and sharing links since the forum file attach system isn't really that versatile or good.

Anyway, it's great to finally see some alberto gonzalez sheets being arranged, love that guy's work.
re: toby fox's name: he's changed his professional title from Toby "Radiation" Fox to just Toby Fox and apparently doesn't exactly like to be associated with his former handle.

I think a few rests throughout the piece might still be a bit high, but that's more personal preference than anything

I think that aside from that, the sheet is great
-m3 and similar - I hear all these chords as D+G+A. This also applies everywhere this chord pattern is used (sorry)
-m10-m22 - I don't hear the half notes held to the b3.5 of all those measures. If you want that there for clarity, it's fine. Can't decide if it looks cleaner with or without.
-m32 - I kinda liked the resolution here where the G in m31goes up to an A. I don't think much would be lost if you add that and remove the low D#, personally.

-m28 b4.5 - I hear an E3 here following the C#
-m29 b3.5 - I hear a Eb here following the B. Granted, its kinda faint, but so is everything else here.

And that's it!
Not sure how I feel about the E restrike on m3 RH. Since the ped marks are hidden, the performer may intuit that b4 is a new phrase and has a new ped. marking, but the string chord still continues so people familiar with the song might keep it depressed. I think it adds too much clutter to what should be a very simple piano lead-in to the rest of the piece. Just my opinion, though.
-RH m16 - I hear an A as a 3rd harmony on b4.5
-RH m19 - I hear b2.75 as an F#, not an A and b3.5 as an E, both above C5. I think keeping these notes in their original octave is more important than the 2nd layer, if that's why they were moved. Heck, if the countermelody needs to be left out to preserve the piano part, I think it's worth it.
-RH m21 b3 - I hear the D of the chord moving to a C# here
-RH m31 b3 - I hear a G above the D here, LH can pick up the notes in the rest of the chord

LH time - I realize some of this is pretty background, but I think it also adds some nice color to it
-m13 - I don't hear b4 being played by the piano, is this from the strings?
-m14 - I hear A->B on b2.75->3
-m18 - b3.75 - I hear a D immediately following the A. It's held until another A on b4.25. I think....
-m19 - I hear b1.25/1.5 as an A followed by a D rather than just an A on b1.5. The A is faint, but 1.5 is def. a D
-m25 - I 100% hear the low F restriking on b1.75 here, making that an octave

That's it! Love this song, btw. Great sheet.
excuse me while i appear and then subsequently vanish in a puff of smoke, just staying long enough to accept this

edit: you actually made m22 an F and not a Fn like I said so I just fixed that and updated the files for you

also removed the 2nd page copyright

edit: also fixed the 2nd page title, added an initial dynamic, and respaced the measures slightly to make it consistent with on-site sheets.
this is the only thread keeping the forum alive

time to fix that

Site News / Re: Update, Thursday 29th of September 2022
October 31, 2022, 02:02:34 PM
funny you should ask that now....
Quote from: Whoppybones on October 30, 2022, 11:28:57 PMI'd like to point out that evolution results in multiple species (hence why there are things called "common ancestors")
i prefer to think in terms of convergent evolution
like the crab has been reached evolutionary multiple times from different directions (see: carcinisation)
so maybe cookies are trying to evolve into gorons but we keep eating them too fast
Nintendo / Re: Tears of the Kingdom
October 31, 2022, 01:01:09 PM
it isn't showing anything for me lol

all I want is some kind of permanent, non-generic upgrades that you can organically find is that really too much to ask for nintendo
Off-Topic / Re: New Free Wi-Fi Hyderabad
October 30, 2022, 09:04:19 PM
help i clicked on the link and now my computer broke
how will you pay for this crime
free wifi is not an option
I don't think so??
there's nothing similar?? ?? ??
Nintendo / Re: Tears of the Kingdom
October 30, 2022, 09:02:57 PM
were there votes
Gaming / Re: game suggestion
October 12, 2022, 06:17:22 AM
big fan of this gravity well for bots