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Story Telling / Re: A New Discovery!
« on: April 01, 2019, 06:02:05 PM »
a distant place across the seas known as Doko Cove.

Quality reference there

Piano Arrangements / Re: E. Gadd's Inventions: Merry Christmas!! (17)
« on: December 26, 2018, 08:01:34 PM »
:') you have come so far

y'all making this zelda pianist proud.  Good stuff.

Site News / Re: Update, Friday 15th of June 2018
« on: June 15, 2018, 09:26:38 PM »
*21-gun salute*

I congratulate you, good sir, on a task well performed.

Site News / Re: So long, and thanks for all the fish
« on: June 07, 2018, 03:03:40 PM »
Thanks for all the years, Jamaha.  You rad.

Congrats Latios!  You are the right man for the job.

Piano Arrangements / Re: Xenoblade 2 Arrrangements by Starsoarer
« on: April 05, 2018, 04:03:24 AM »
It may also be helpful to note--according to the soundtrack rip (here), Greatmaw Rapids' official title is "Womb Center".  The more you know.

Coasting doesn’t mean inactive and quiet! You said yourself during the game that basically every one of my posts brought something new to the table. Not everyone disbelieved me when I claimed seer.

Only now getting around to post my thoughts.  Good job hosting, Noc, I enjoyed that.

@Charu--obviously I wasn't going to say this during the game since you were agreeing with me, but I think your comments about how the seer should "never" play a certain way are a little misguided.  Brainy's move was the gutsiest thing anyone did all game, and while he could have executed it better (read: lynch someone other than a teammate) it made perfect sense for SuperMarina to float under the radar and let Brainy do his thing, since she knew exactly what was going on.

Noc, can we hear what the items would have done?  It sounds like not even Davy knew.  Even though he wasn't on my team, it would have been cool to see what they did to the proceedings.

My strategy for the game was just coast until the endgame, then when the water gets hot, go ham, confuse as many people as possible, draw out the human leaders, and get lynched.  I think I did a fairly good job with that, even if the seer claim was pretty transparent.  I will say, however, that it got pretty frustrating to only have one teammate trying to do anything (two if you count Lkj, I guess).  Seriously, just throwing in the towel like that at the end sucked to watch from the sidelines--even with Bubbles being shot, I think the wolves still should have been able to bag it.  THC and MSF, I'd really love it if you didn't do that again.

The Werewolf Game / Re: TWG CI Sign-Ups
« on: March 05, 2018, 09:05:40 PM »
Eh. In.

And you are still ignoring the fact that Marina goofed herself by double-claiming.  Why?

I said I had more to say, didn't I?  Ask and ye shall receive.

Brainy, I just seer'd you blue.  Care to share what your role is with me so we can get this thing ROLEing? (im sorry)
How do i know you are actually the seer?
I mean, odds are pretty slim I'd get that right with a shot in the dark.  Have I done anything to make you doubt that claim?
Also, I got Thicc and SuperMarina both as green on nights 1 & 2
Okay I've been talking with [REDACTED] and he thinks you're human.  My roe pm told me i was a human, so i guess i'm the brutal.

I'm hesitant to reveal too much more of the exchange because of the player we talked about after that.  Suffice it to say--Brainy did NOT tell me he was going to pull that little stunt with the fake-claim, which I don't really understand.

Responses to minutia that have cropped up in the last few pages:
With respect to SuperMarina's seer claim: you guys, this is SO EASY.  She did not claim seer when Brainy did because she had no idea she would need to pass herself off as a seer in the future.  I repeat what I said before: it DOES NOT make sense to coast on by a counterclaim if you actually are the human seer.  Now, I reveal my role and indict FireArrow, and she decides that it's suddenly believable to claim seer now?  I don't think so.  SuperMarina's a wolf, and since the master wolf is still alive, she probably has legitimate seering results to lend credence to the claim.  It really is that simple.  ALSO
This isn't even close to a silent argument or an argument at all.
That was literally the dictionary definition of an argument from silence

Don't establish rules that aren't even close to your jurisdiction, please and thank you.
You've been on NSM for all of a month and you're talking about jurisdiction?  What?

What does this word mean

It comes down to whether you trust me and my consistency--or SuperMarina doubling back on a claim to suit her purposes in the moment, hoping to use a (skilled) ally in FireArrow to pressure the game against me.  This is a no-brainer, guys.

RETRACT THOSE VOTES. I said I had more to say. I don't want to be insta'd.

Why YOU, the Everyman, Should Lynch FireArrow

1. In response to FA's point 1: I can't account for why Brainy told you that you were green--I did not give him that information.  You literally say in your post that you can't account for Brainy's "seering" results, so why do you even bring that up?

2. In response to FA's point 2:
why would I let any of what went down happen?
You absolutely didn't have a choice to prevent the Brainy shenanigans last night from happening.  First of all, if you tried to stop him, it would have drawn unnecessary attention to yourself, which is something that a lone third-party cannot afford.  Second of all, if you let Brainy follow through with his plan, you're two steps closer to "boom" instead of one.  see, the other thing your post assumes is that you know who the wolves are to win with them, which I'm not convinced of.  If you let Brainy die and he really is the brutal human, you are guaranteed to see a wolf, which might give you some insight into any partners he/she might have.

3. Brainy's move, while pretty inspired, was not necessarily intelligible to anyone who wasn't made directly aware of what he was doing (read: FireArrow).  Say FA's right and I'm lying.  The actual seer, when confronted with that counterclaim would immediately claim his role to prevent the lynch of a teammate and the acceptance of a fake seer.  The thing is, EVERY SINGLE PERSON WHO IS ALIVE AND PLAYING claimed "not seer" to the whole thread--except for me, because I didn't see that Brainy had claimed, and did not, in fact, post all day.  Go right ahead.  Count 'em.  By the time I checked the thread again, it was nighttime, and I would have gained nothing by counterclaiming at that point.  I'm aware that this is something of an argument from silence, but it is the ONLY EXPLANATION for why every other player except me claimed that they were not the seer, allowing Brainy to pull whatever shenaniganery his heart desired.

More later.

If anyone's not clear on what happened yesterday, Brainy figured out he was actually the brutal human and suicided, hoping to take two wolves down with him.  Raeko was a guarantee; BDS was a swing and a miss.  How, you may ask, did Brainy discover he was the brutal human?

Simple.  I told him he was blue.  I'm the real seer.  The only reason I reveal this now is because I seer'd FireArrow orange last night.

The past two day phases we've been gunning for wolves instead of Monika--speculating on possible teams and all that.  Monika is by far the bigger threat now.  Assuming Monika has marked someone every night since the start of the game, tonight there will be 5 marked, and only 9 alive, assuming that the reviver actually brings Brainy back.  Worst case scenario--game's over the next night phase.  I'm still not super clear on what happened with Olimar's wolfing, since Noc did the whole glitchy text thing, but I'm pretty sure he was Sayori.  If he is, FA is Monika and is the only sensible lynch candidate today.  Wolves, this benefits you as well.

To be fair to FA, his list of potential wolves, given at the start of this day phase, should not be ignored.  My intuitions tell me that his Monika strategy would be to help hunt wolves as aggressively as he does when he's a normal human, so when he's dead, THC, Maestro, and MSF should absolutely be next on the chopping block.

Everyone check out the latest member of NSM

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