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Well, isn't that something. Thanks Dekkadeci! I've seen a lot of your arrangements on the MuseScore website, you're a fantastic arranger as well as composer.
Thanks, Latios, and sorry for the late reply! I really appreciate you taking the time to fix all my bad 16th note rhythms (beaming across rests is a nightmare in MuseScore). I'll definitely be giving that guide a read.

Quote from: Latios212 on April 02, 2019, 06:11:27 PM- Fixed a few inaccurate rhythms and pitches here and there. Overall it's very accurate though, hardly anything important was missed. A few things to point out are the melody in m. 7 beat 3.75 (B instead of A) m. 24 (not the same as 22), m. 33 top layer (should match the LH as C# and then Cn)

I can't believe I missed these, thank you!

Quote from: Latios212 on April 02, 2019, 06:11:27 PM- I don't think the melody should have accents on all the notes; I've hidden them so they still play back louder but for the sake of what's on paper it should be fine without. In place of that if you want you could use a dynamic or other indication to tell where the melody is.

Dynamics in MuseScore are global within each instrument (as far as I can tell), so if you set the top staff of piano 2 to forte and the bottom to mf, the whole thing will play back as mf. :P I considered writing "melody" or something but that seemed clunky/obtrusive.

As for things you may have missed, I'm almost positive I hear a B#/C grace note in the melody's lower voice at measure 9, beat 2, and in the same spot in measure 37. I don't know if I missed it or if you missed it, but it's there in my MuseScore file and isn't in the final submission. The other thing is that I'm pretty sure measure 12, beat 1 isn't actually a triplet—it's some other strange rhythm. I'm well aware that whatever ghastly thing I had notated there originally was incorrect, but unless I'm hearing things, the first note is longer than the second two. Leaving it a triplet seems like the simplest solution, but listening to the original and the Finale file back-to-back, something doesn't sound quite right.

Other than that everything seems great! Would it be possible to put this sheet in the next DPP Official Arrangement Project update? This song wasn't claimed by anyone, which is what inspired me to arrange it in the first place (besides it also being a favorite of mine).
Just updated the submission—the rhythms and accidentals should be a bit less messy now.
Not at all! I'm aware that the rhythm notations are pretty messy. The other thing that I know for a fact needs work are the accidentals (they're very inconsistent throughout the transcription), so if you could give me some pointers on which ones to use where that would be great. I have a solo piano reduction as well, should I submit it separately or link it in this topic?
I used MuseScore to make this, so the Finale file might be a bit weird formatting-wise. Hope that's not an issue!

Request / [SWITCH] Kirby Star Allies - Multiple Songs
January 17, 2019, 07:52:00 PM
Haven't seen anyone request these yet, so I figured I'd do it. Star Allies has some fantastic piano renditions of songs from Robobot (and one from RTDL).

Thanks so much! I didn't realize that project existed, so thank you for notifying me of that as well.
Completed and on site

I can't find sheet music for this anywhere.  It's hands-down my favorite song from Epic Yarn, so anyone who wants to arrange this will have my eternal gratitude.